In a video published by The Gospel Coalition Russell Moore said the 2020 Presidential Election should not be viewed in apocalyptic terms for Christian voters. In other words, Dr. Moore deprecates the belief that 2020 represents the most important election in our lifetime. Dr. Moore is president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC).

“For a long time now in American life at election time everything becomes apocalyptic,” Dr. Moore said. “This is the most important election in our lifetimes. We’ve heard that every four years. And so it always seems that way because there is a lot at stake in these things. So having a sense—recognizing that sort of entertainment basis of political life is not something that we’re called to as Christians.”


Hold on.

Democrats are persecuting Christians. Democrats are closing churches, threatening fines and arrests to keep churches closed.

Democrats want to put John MacArthur in chains for preaching.

But, this election is not the most important of our lives?


It is.

It is the most important election of our lives.

If the Democrats gain power, they will press the attack on churches. They will attack individual Christians.

Democrats will demand you say there are more than two sexes—excuse me, genders.

Democrats will demand you say 2+2=5 and that to claim 2+2=4 is racist.

Democrats will demand you say there are five lights instead of four.

Democrats will take your child away unless you indulge in their transgender feelings. According to Dr. Robert A. J. Gagnon, “Do you know what ‘transgender rights’ mean for 8 year olds? It means that if you as a parent of such a child don’t buy into the self-dishonoring, Creator-denying delusion, state social services can take your child away from you. That is what it means. Biden’s position is stupid and immoral child abuse. Biden is completely in the tank with the ‘transgender’ agenda delusion and will treat any who disagree as ‘indecent’ ‘virulent’ bigots who belong to ‘dregs of society.’ How can any faithful Christian be so foolish as to fail to cast an effective vote against him?

That is a good question!

Some life-long Democrats and others masquerading as evangelicals urge other action on conservative Christians. They declare the Culture War over.

Yet, no amount of Neville Chamberlain like ERLC appeasement or David French style of existing as a cheese eating surrender monkey will satisfy the looming Big Tech-Big Business-Democrat-Technocratic-Totalitarianism.

So, pardon us, this is the most important election of our lives.

The choice is the defense of our faith and our liberties or submission to petty tyrants. Tyrants who in full display promise to pack the courts—an attack on the rule of law and our democratic norms. Tyrants who promise to enforce

There was a time when Christians knew that to love their neighbor they must fight for liberty. The great preachers of old were willing to say that “self-defense in a justified war fulfilled the law of love rather than violating it.”[1]

Yet now, even standing up for one’s God-given rights at the ballot box is maligned by Big Evangelical Elites.

How many of your rights and liberties to worship God are they willing to compromise to win the approval of the Cultural Elites in New York, Washington, and San Francisco?

In the video, Dr. Moore allows there are important things at stake. However, viewing the election as critical to our liberties is entertainment?


Nobody is entertained by watching Democrats trying to put Christians like John MacArthur in jail for worshipping God and standing against the rise of godless ideologies.

Dr. Moore once again failed Southern Baptists, all Christians and Americans by downplaying the threat to our life and liberty.

Southern Baptists deserve better than Russell Moore.

[1] James P. Byrd, Sacred Scripture, Sacred War, p. 77. Here, Byrd examines the sermon of Samuel Davies during the French & Indian War.

4 thoughts on “Russell Moore: This is not most important election of our lives?”

  1. This kind of ridiculous hyperbole is exactly what Moore was referring to. This is just laughable.

    1. It is not ridiculous. Democrats are trying to arrest John MacArthur. They’ve sent spies to a Catholic church. It is a concerted effort against churches. But, just go on sticking your head in the sand and pretending all will be fine.

  2. “Yet, no amount of Neville Chamberlain like ERLC appeasement or David French style of existing as a cheese eating surrender monkey will satisfy the looming Big Tech-Big Business-Democrat-Technocratic-Totalitarianism.”

    I really, really love the sentence above. It’s well written and hits the bullseye. Within our society, we are debating the kind of socialist totalitarianism that we fought world wars over in the previous century. Why would anyone diminish the significance of this moment?

    1. Thank you!

      And it is bizarre that so-called Christians would embrace an atheistic socialist view of politics.

      But, here we are. What hath Russell Moore wrought?

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