John MacArthur on Tucker Carlson: ‘We are the original protesters.’

Spiritual Cost of COVID: ‘Had to go on phone to talk to dying hospital people at the hospital.’

Conservative Evangelicals praise MacArthur’s appearance on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

John MacArthur provided a strong defense of religious liberty on the Tuesday, July 28, 2020, broadcast of Tucker Carlson Tonight. MacArthur said his church is part of the original protesters—and is protesting against lies and deception.

By the way, we are the original protesters,” MacArthur said. “We go back 500 years to the Protestant Reformation. We are still protesting lies and deception for the sake of the truth.”

MacArthur’s brief interview focused on two grounds for why the church rejected the government order: religious liberty and the low risk of death from COVID in California. He referred viewers to a post for an exploration of the theological issues.

“First of all and foremost, it is a first amendment right,” MacArthur said. “This is the United States of America and the government cannot intrude into worship. We stand on that amendment.”

Next, MacArthur transitioned into an attack on the COVID-19 narrative of fear.

“The second thing that makes this so sensible is that in the State of California there are 40 million people. 8,500 of them have died with COVID. That is .002 (percent),” MacArthur said. “So, in California you have a 99.99 percent chance to survive COVID. So why would you shut down the entire state? Particularly, when people are frightened and sometimes terrified that they are going to die, shutdown the church where most of the intense relationships in our society exist? “We have had 21 weeks with no ministry to a thousand little children, to a thousand university students, to junior high students, to high school students to senior adults,”

MacArthur contrasted the hype of the pandemic against the costs including the spiritual costs. In a revealing and shocking moment, MacArthur revealed the challenge of ministering to the sick during the Pandemic lockdown.

“We’ve had no funerals. No weddings. I can’t go to the hospital. I’ve had to go on the phone to talk to dying people at the hospital,” MacArthur said.

MacArthur then told how the congregation began to spontaneously began reassembling.

“Finally, I started preaching in an empty auditorium. I did it two weeks, three weeks and then the people without saying anything started coming back. They didn’t buy the narrative,” MacArthur said. “They kept coming back and last Sunday 3,000 of them came back and they rejoiced. They hugged each other and they didn’t wear masks and they sang songs. They understand the reality of it.”

Positive Reaction from Conservative Southern Baptists

Brad Jurkovich, a leader of the Conservative Baptist Network tweeted, “I grew up in Southern California. Thankful as a teenager I was introduced to the preaching/writing of  @johnmacarthur. Appreciated the heart, passion and conviction he shared on @TuckerCarlson tonight. Praying for fellow pastors across America during these days. Let’s stay strong!”

Compare Conservative Evangelicals with Woke Evangelicals

Judge for yourself: A picture is worth a thousand words and these two pictures are worth at least a few thousand with MacArthur on Tucker Carlson in 2020 during a religious liberty crisis and Russell Moore on MSNBC back in 2016 trying to suppress conservative voter turnout.

Russell Moore on MSNBC in 2016 working to suppress conservative Christian voter turnout.

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  1. Pastor MacArthur should know better. He is giving Martyrdom a horrible name. A martyr is someone who has given his life for his faith not for stupidity of ignoring science. Martyrs suffer persecution for spreading the gospel not some manufactured reason that ultimately pushes people away from Christianity because they cannot believe that people could be so foolish. Pastor MacArthur spend more time spreading the good news of Good Friday and Easter Sunday instead of playing party politics.

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