The Southern Baptist Convention leader who attacked Southern Baptist church member Todd Starnes by calling him a “Shock Jock” and comparing him to deranged Leftist MSNBC host Rachel Maddow resigned as Provost of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS). No reason for the resignation was given in the official report from BP. In February, Ashford smugly tweeted, “Shame on you, Todd. You’re a shock jock. You sensationalize things and make an enormous amount of money doing it. Just like Rachel Maddow. So cynical. Pockets lined with cash.  If the swamp ever gets drained, you’ll be one of the first to go down the drain.” What a model of Christian leadership! And Southern Baptists pay for this type of disgusting attack on conservatives! Ashford’s juvenile name calling is typical of SBC Elites. They respond like petulant teenagers when anyone points out their Woke errors. And Ashford sure seems to have embraced the Woke cultural moment. Ashford has a long history of promoting George Soros backed immigration reform plans. The resignation was announced by Pravda, err, Baptist Press. Thankfully, BP provided this helpful note about the incestuous power structure of SBC Elites. According to BP, the new acting SEBTS provost Keith “Whitfield’s wife Amy is associate vice president for convention communications with the SBC Executive Committee.” Amazing! Back to the Ashford’s twitter attack on Starnes. Ashford mentioned draining the swamp. Well, the SBC really needs to drain the swamp of denominational bureaucrats. How long will Southern Baptists pay to have these Evangelical Elites insult and attack us? This was a question first posed in 2016 by Mike Huckabee over the insulting and Leftist attacks on conservative Southern Baptists launched by Russell Moore. Russell Moore continues to lead the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention. And the SBC endorsed the use of the godless ideologies of Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Intersectionality as “analytical tools” in a Resolution at the last SBC Annual Meeting held in 2019 in Birmingham, Alabama. With leaders like this, is it any shock that the SBC has not rose to the occasion to stand for Christian principles as violent mobs riot in America’s streets tearing down Western Civilization? At least Ashford is no longer provost; however, BP said that Ashford remains a professor at SEBTS. So, Southern Baptists you are still paying for Elites to insult you. It is time to fix that problem by increasing the pressure on the SBC Elites.

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