Baptist Press, the official news agency of the Southern Baptist Convention, published an Associated Press (AP) report on its website Tuesday. Why is Baptist Press publishing a mainstream press report?

Isn’t Baptist Press supposed to focus on—oh, I don’t know, the Southern Baptist Convention?

But there it was this afternoon the AP headline blaring: Cities erupt in more violence as Trump decries ‘lowlifes’.

The story asserted Trump’s demand for law and order with the promise of federal troops was “stunning” and “rarely seen.”

No kidding.

How many times have we witnessed this level of lawlessness? I needed Baptist Press to post this widely distributed story to gain this keen insight.

Thanks. I guess.

But, the AP asserted, “Sending the military into the states would mark a stunning federal intervention rarely seen in modern American history. It drew comparisons to 1968, when Richard Nixon ran as the law-and-order candidate in the aftermath of riots following the assassination of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.”

The AP conveniently forgot to mention George H.W. Bush sending in federal troops and Marines to quell the Rodney King Verdict riots in LA. Oh well. Oops.  

I guess the SBC Elites think Southern Baptists need to read even more negative stories about Donald Trump from mainstream outlets.

What happened to the usual Baptist Press posts? Where are those glowing reports of how CP dollars are rising, and everything is super swell even as baptisms tank?

It hasn’t been a good year for Baptist Press. In the last few months, Baptist Press lied about George Soros’ connection to the Evangelical Immigration Table and the National Immigration Forum. The guy they quoted saying there was no connection, wrote a blog for Soros’ Open Society website about immigration.

You can’t make this stuff up.

What’s wrong with these guys?

Now Baptist Press is turning from a news service into another site spreading mainstream media talking points.

How do you like that spending of your Cooperative Program giving?

In the old days, AP content wasn’t cheap. But, even if free, is it wise to mingle the Baptist Press with the Associated Press?

But there was one bright spot in the AP report.

Notice this last line in the story: “Federal law allows presidents to dispatch the military into states to suppress an insurrection or if a state is defying federal law, legal experts said. But some state officials asserted that the president does not have a unilateral right to send in troops against the will of local governments.”

If nothing else, Donald Trump made federalism great again. I’ve never seen so many progressive tyrants defending the Tenth Amendment.

However, people can read AP content anywhere and pretty much everywhere. Why is Baptist Press now publishing the AP too? And how much, if anything, is this costing the Southern Baptist Convention?