Russia collusion was a hoax that harmed America’s security.

Gen. Michael Flynn finally got justice from the Justice Department as prosecutors abandoned the case against President Donald Trump’s former National Security Advisor. The AP broke the story and it is huge.

According to the wire service, “The JDepartment said it had concluded that Flynn’s interview by the FBI was ‘untethered to, and unjustified by, the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation into Mr. Flynn’ and that the interview was ‘conducted without any legitimate investigative basis.’”  

In other words, the intention was to confuse, harass and hope to entrap Gen. Flynn in some error that could be turned into a “lie.”

This fits some of what KT McFarland speculated about in her book on the Trump Administration. She wrote, “Maybe his (Flynn’s) denials to the FBI were the result of faulty memory, poor judgment, and sloppy answers. I know Flynn was definitely preoccupied at the time trying to figure out his responsibilities for a job he was ill prepared to undertake. Perhaps he didn’t appreciate the danger of taking a hastily arranged and seemingly inconsequential meeting with FBI agents in his first few days in office.”

Now we know the FBI was working to harm Gen. Flynn.

Harassment seemed to be the goal of the FBI in its attacks on McFarland.

McFarland described her interaction with the FBI as “painful.” She wrote her account of FBI interviews to expose how, “dangerously perverted the system has become.”

It claims lives—both Gen. Flynn and McFarland suffered personally.

And it harms the nation.

The US was denied the experience and perspectives of both Gen. Flynn and McFarland.

America’s relationship with Russia was harmed too.

Russia is not a Western ally, but it does not have to be an enemy. Democratic Party rhetoric sabotaged any chance of rapprochement with Moscow in order to harm Donald Trump. In other words, Democrats put their partisan interest above the national interest.

Now more than ever, America must improve relations with Russia. It must improve relations with Russia to balance the rise of China.

In a report published by the Council on Foreign Relations, Robert D. Blackwill, the Henry A. Kissinger Senior Fellow for US Foreign Policy, advocates a return to sensible relations with Moscow. Blackwill wrote, “As was the case during the Nixon-Kissinger opening to China, over the long term the United States should aim for a better relationship with both Russia and China than they have with each other. To be clear, Washington will have to make concessions in order to improve its relationship with Moscow; it cannot do so while retaining all its current policies toward Russia.” 

Advocating such policy change is much harder today thanks to the Democratic Party and mainstream media’s demagoguery about Russia.

Thankfully, Gen. Flynn finally got justice. Now, conservatives must prepare for even more dirty tricks from Democrats and the mainstream media as we move into the November 2020 Presidential Election season.