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America is going crazy. Leading the crazy parade are mayors attacking drive-in church services.

These drive-in church services allow people to attend a church sitting in their car while listening to the sermon and worship music via low powered FM radio. People sit in their cars with their windows rolled up. What could possibly be wrong with that?

Nothing if you try to be fair.

People go to drive-thru restaurants.

People park in grocery store parking lots.

People buy gas for their cars at busy gas stations.

All of that is perfectly fine with America’s tyrannical mayors.

But, not church services.

And now Chattanooga joined the attack on religious liberty.

Mayor Andy Berke announced his tyrannical order against church services held in cars. He made the announcement on Twitter. He wrote,

“We respectfully ask that churches in our area not move forward with ‘drive-in’ worship services or any other kind of public assembly. Allowing people to gather, even in their cars with the windows rolled up, will be considered a violation of our directives…

“This disease is serious – and so our response has to be serious too. Your health and safety matters more to me than anything else right now, though, and I know that this sentiment is shared by every minister, priest, and faith leader in our community.

Matthew Nowlin of Conservative Christians of Tennessee was outraged by the double standard.

“Berke is clearly singling out churches,” Nowlin said. “The drive through in which you sit in your car and interact with the restaurant employees? Not banned. The Walmart parking lot with 300 cars folks are getting in and out of? Not banned. Viruses can spread in these environments. Sitting in your car with your windows up? Banned. Apparently, Mayor Berke thinks that the virus magically becomes more powerful at worship services.” 

This is an important point.

Why are so many different mayors singling out churches?

Why the double standard?

This is an taste of the persecution to come if conservative Christians do not prepare for a battle at the ballot box this November.

In fact, our liberties may be lost by then as would-be tyrants across America rise up to attack the church—even drive-in services.

This is absurd.

This is evil.

This is America 2020.

I never thought it would come to this.

Fortunately, people are taking action. Some are holding services regardless of what local authorities order.

Others are moving the battle to the courts.

That is what the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) announced. It filed suit on behalf of Temple Baptist Church of Greenville, Mississippi.

According to ADF, “The lawsuit came about after members of Temple Baptist Church drove to the church’s parking lot on Wednesday night and stayed in their cars, as the church instructed, with their windows rolled up while listening to Pastor Arthur Scott preach a sermon over a low-power FM radio frequency from a microphone inside the empty church building. Despite the fact that no one left their cars, which numbered fewer than 20, eight uniformed police officers arrived at the service and issued tickets of $500 per person for violating the mayor’s ban, which does not apply to drive-in restaurants like the nearby Sonic Drive-In that reportedly often has more cars present than at Temple Baptist’s drive-in services.”

How did it come to this?

Those lines from Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers seems poignant now:

"Where is the horse and the rider? 
Where is the horn that was blowing? 
They have passed like rain on the mountains, 
like wind in the meadow. 
The days have gone down in the West, behind the hills... 
into Shadow.
How did it comes to this?"

Indeed. How did it come to this?

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