Former State Exec. Director blasts Kevin Ezell and says NAMB ‘couldn’t be trusted.’

The North American Mission Board (NAMB) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is facing growing criticism for its treatment of the Randy Adams led Northwest Baptist Convention. Adams announced that Kevin Ezell, president of NAMB, informed the Northwest Baptist Convention that it would no longer cooperate in funding church planting efforts. Instead, NAMB is starting its own church planting network in the Northwest bypassing the state convention.

Of importance here: Ezell is the former pastor of SBC presidential candidate Albert Mohler. Adams is challenging Mohler in the 2020 election. It raises a critical question: Is this a political retaliation for Adams challenging Mohler?

The news of NAMB’s decision drew fierce criticism from Southern Baptists.

Bobby Gilstrap said, “This should never occur. NAMB should be a partner, NOT competition. Since GCR, in conventions that NAMB has not taken over, they are now withholding funds & placing competing missionaries. Extremely poor stewardship. We should not support such a power grab.”

Gilstrap also said, “We have significant documentation of other instances of Ezell’s retaliation. Reminds me of a child who says he’s going home with his toys. Not willing to play together.”

And Kevin Ezell is a “Christian” leader.

Pastor Tim Rogers reacted by pointing out the similarity between Ezell’s treatment of Will McRaney and present NAMB actions toward Adams and the Northwest Baptist Convention.

Rogers said, “Wow Randy. This is the same thing that happened to @willmcraney Watch out because NAMB will make a back door run with your President and other church leaders to get you out of the way to continue keeping the $$’s rolling in. Praying for you brother.”

Gilstrap responded with an even greater insight into how Kevin Ezell runs the North American Mission Board. Gilstrap said, “There’s one significant difference between what happened to @willmcraney, myself, and a few others. Randy has been vocal early on & realized NAMB couldn’t be trusted. We dealt honestly, trusting they’d be cooperative even in disagreement. We discovered that was not their intent.”

Gilstrap has experience in dealing with Ezell. Gilstrap is a former Executive Director of the Michigan Baptist Convention.

Let that sink in for a moment.

Notice a trend?

Ezell acts like a bully to state conventions.

Peter Lumpkins asked a simple question on Twitter. Politics?

That’s the question on everyone’s mind. Why stop funding a convention that has increased baptisms, increased church plants and increased Annie and Lottie offerings?

I’m sure we can all think of a reason or two.

Did I mention Adams is running against Mohler for SBC President and Ezell is very close to Mohler?

Pastor Byron Williamson asked a question about the ballooning church planting budget and the declining number of churches planted. He asked, “Is this in part because many of the chosen Send Cities are extremely high cost of living w/ very limited long-term viability?”

That’s a good question.

Of course, NAMB and other SBC Elites don’t like questions. The Little People are there to provide funds.

The SBC Elites will do the thinking.

And if you get too uppity and challenge the status quo, then look out! They’ll make sure you know your place.


4 thoughts on “NAMB faces growing criticism over attack on State Conventions”

  1. NAMB insists that Al Mohler be the SBC President because he is the candidate most likely to add the missing LA to their name.

  2. I’ve been in only two meetings with Kevin up close and personal. In both meetings, Kevin literally “screamed” at people he disagreed with across the room. Screamed in anger. I’m not surprised by this action. I only met Randy a few times. He seems to be a fairly Godly man with good integrity, which others who know him better have told me as well. I can’t say I’ve ever met anyone who trusts Kevin.

  3. The SBC should never have existed in the first place and all God-fearing churches should depart from it. Such a thing as a denominational organizing body is not found in Scripture, and the SBC’s repeated controversies have demonstrated time and again why it’s an awful idea.

    Instead of pursuing God’s Will, SBC churches are tasked with and distracted by additional, outside matters. Why should a church have to spend any of its time dealing with wolves in sheep’s clothing from without? And how does an SBC church explain certain things to its community, such as all the things said and done by the likes of Russell Moore and his sorry ilk. Why should any self-respecting White man want to be a part of a denomination that does the bidding of anti-white devils like Dwight McKissic. All churches should be independent of other churches and other people, and solely dependent on the Holy Spirit and Scripture. It doesn’t matter how much one doesn’t like the current state of the SBC, if you remain a part of it, then you share in its sins.

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