The Never Trump Evangelical Christianity Today magazine is promoting the COVID-19, the coronavirus pandemic, as yet another attack on Donald Trump, conservative Christians and good theology. These people are dangerous and we should reject their crazy theology.

Daniel Harrell, editor in chief of CT, writes, “COVID-19 and the fear it generates must not be exploited as a means to marginalize and mistreat. It is not a ‘foreign virus’ but endemic to our common nature as humans and thus a means of drawing us together for the good of all.”

Notice the Social Justice code words? Marginalize?

We warned that certain “Trusted Voices” among Evangelical Elites were exploiting the COVID-19 Pandemic to promote Woke Think.

And here, CT is doing it too. Their words, like marginalize, mean something entirely different to the Social Justice Crowd than to average folks.

Also, CT is using this essay to attack President Donald Trump.

“It is not a foreign virus,” is a direct shot at Trump. Trump correctly pointed out this is a Chinese Virus. The Wuhan Flu. The Wuhan Virus.

The more these Evangelical Elites are upset by the truth—the more we should tell them. This pandemic was caused by the feckless response of China. Chinese totalitarians caused the rapid and global spread. China’s bureaucrats, as was repeated on Twitter yesterday many man conservatives, lied and people died.

Sorry. Trump is right. Evangelical Elites are wrong.

But, why are they so unified in defense of China? What is going on among Elite Evangelicals? 

There are significant theological problems with the essay. One giant warning is that Harrell appears to make a huge theological claim: that death existed prior to the Fall. He appears to base this on science and not any type of exegetical work.

He writes, “But unless God’s creation defies every characteristic of biological reality, bacteria and viruses are not bitter fruits of the fall, but among the first fruits of good creation itself. If the science is right, there would be no life as we know it without them. God makes no mistakes, and bacteria and viruses indeed are mirabilis (from the Latin meaning remarkable, or even amazing or wondrous, adjectives frequently used to describe creation) and part of the plan from the start. Death itself is required for organic life to exist. This is true of eternal life too. Christ died for the sake of new life (Rom. 6:9–11). Better to view creation not as something perfect gone awry, but as something begun as very good only not yet finished.”

So, Science Tells Me So.

Perhaps, the writer is correct and there was death in creation before the Fall. However, that is a significant theological claim that should be based on exegesis and systematic theology—not “If the science is right.”

Also, the view of creation is skewed. Bluntly, it doesn’t make any sense. Creation was “Good” and Adam’s choice led to the Fall of Man and cursing of the earth for our sake. The CT article skews this and muddles the entire narrative of Scripture.

How can a Christian view Christianity Today with its attendant liberalism and Never Trump political agenda as a Trusted Voice during a time of crisis?

You can’t.

Reject these liberals. Call them out for their attempt to mislead the public and the Church.


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  1. If you go back in history all the flus come from China, even the 1918 “Spanish” Flu. MERS and SARS also come from China. Because they eat live animals. Like live mice dipped in sauce and shoved in mouth. That country is an uncivilized savage virus factory. It needs to be counquered by America or a European power and forcibly civilized. To save the planet from its never ending stream of animal derived viruses from them eating live aninals.

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