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Conservative Baptists send message to Russell Moore, ERLC & SBC Elites

Conservative Baptist Network

ERLC, Russell Moore should stop using tithes to shame Southern Baptists for supporting Donald Trump, says Conservative Baptist Network.

Leaders should stop attacking Baptists who love their country.

Conservative Baptist Network wants Baptists in the pew to feel represented. For elites to stop talking down and referring to the average Southern Baptist as the ‘Little People.’

Erick Erickson’s attack on Conservatives was ‘Disgusting’ and ‘Gross.’ ‘Shame on that person,’ said SBC Executive Committee member.

The Conservative Baptist Network wants to give the average, conservative Southern Baptist a voice. The CBN sent a strong, clear message to the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) and other SBC Elites during the Todd Starnes Radio Show—the message: Listen to and respecxt the average, conservative Baptist. (Listen here live) (Listen Later: Todd Starnes Podcast.)

Dr. Brad Jurkovich and Rod D. Martin reacted to news that the Southern Baptist Executive Committee created a committee to examine the activities of the SBC’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC). For conservatives, they feel this is good news.

According to Jurkovich the SBC’s action on the ERLC, “Is about making sure our Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission is representing Southern Baptists. I think Southern Baptists had a very very difficult time when leadership of the ERLC was castigating Pastor’s motives in the last election.”

Jurkovich pointed out how during the 2016 Presidential Election, the ERLC was “impugning of motives and character of thousands of pastors.” And this was done “by our own Entity.” An entity funded by Southern Baptist tithes and offerings.

“I think this has been boiling and boiling, Todd,” Jurkovich said. “I’m proud of the Executive Committee saying they are going to look at this.”

Todd Starnes asked about the rhetoric coming out of Elite Evangelicals about Donald Trump. Starnes is concerned that there is an effort to suppress conservative Christian voters during the 2020 election. Martin, who was a “reluctant Trump supporter” in 2016 and who preferred the two Southern Baptists who ran for president in 2016 said:

“If people are voting their conscience to avoid a Marxist takeover of the Supreme Court for the rest of our lifetime and we have seen what liberal judges are doing now. If they could they would padlock our churches. They would strip away our tax exemptions. They would force our pastors to hire transgendered pro-aborts to be their associate pastors. It would be a nightmare….that would have been a majority once Hillary Clinton put her choice into Antonin Scalia’s seat.  The 183 judges that Donald Trump has gotten confirmed to the federal judiciary would have all been her picks.

“The idea that we are using tithe dollars to shame Southern Baptists who thought that might have been a bad idea and maybe they ought to stand up for their pastor and keep him safe—I just can’t fathom it.”

Martin reacts to Erick Erickson’s comment attacking Conservative Southern Baptists

Starnes read Erick Erickson’s tweet on the air and asked for response. Erickson’s tweet: “This whole ‘we’re purer than you’ effort to remake the Southern Baptist Convention in Trump’s image is really nuts.  Trying to ruin good conservative pastors because they won’t hump Trump’s leg reeks of fire and brimstone.”

Rod Martin was blunt: “Well that is disgusting. Shame on that person. That is gross. I would expect that from pagans. I don’t want to make anything into the image of Donald Trump. We are the Church of Jesus Christ. Our job shouldn’t be politicizing everything in the way that our Leftwing friends choose to do.”

Martin explained, he wants his church to do one thing—“I want my church to preach the Gospel,” Martin said.

CBN: Almost 4,000 churches and pastors joined so far

The reaction to the Conservative Baptist Network was swift. The group has almost 4,000 members now and the SBC Elites have attacked the group. Starnes asked about the SBC Elite reaction.

Jurkovich said, “It has been disappointing to see many in the SBC leadership to take these swipes and some were making passive aggressive comments about the Conservative Baptist Network.”

Martin said the SBC’s leadership should stop talking down to the average Baptist.

“We would like very much to have our leaders cease slapping down any Baptist who happens to love their country or have a political point of view that doesn’t comport with Critical Race Theory—that’s a small thing to ask,” Martin said. “I want the Baptist in the pew to feel represented. I want him to not be talked down. I want a former president of the SBC to quit referring to the Baptist in the pew as the Little People. I want some respect for our folks. The folks who get it done. The folks who witness at the grocery store, who write their tithe check every week.”

It is about time someone stood up for the average Southern Baptist.


5 thoughts on “Conservative Baptists send message to Russell Moore, ERLC & SBC Elites”

  1. Erickson has been a bad joke for a while, now. The great thing about Trump is that he has a way, through his personality, of forcing people to show their true selves.

    Erickson is just one of many who have been exposed as a fraud. He is not a man of principled conviction but of conviction based in his own narcissistic vanity.

    Here we have what might be the quintessential president for conservatives who is actually followng through on so many promises that conservatives have wished a Republican president would do yet, people like Erickson -because he is not personally attracted to Donald Trump opposes him. In other words he wants to cut his nose off to spite his face.

    This is what children and even teenagers do but not adults. Adults realize they aren’t going to get everything they want all the time and understand life is about compromises and here is one we have to make but children like Erickson just cannot do that. He is the Fred Flintstone type, e everything must be his way.

    They would rather have a Jeb “Little Lord Fauntleroy” Bush, whom they could admire as our Boy Scout-in-Chief who would be as important as his brother was, to the demise and dispossession of America’s standing and wealth in the world instead of supporting a rakish man who would preserve our country’s well-being in so many ways and help re-establish us as the economic superpower and militarily a nation who can face the growing threat of China.

    No these men insist on a high horse lest they get any mud on them not realizing just how muddy and filthy they were when they mounted their high horse. The hell with what and how it takes for us to remove the garbage they want to live in a fantasy world where they can write on paper what needs to be done while there is a man actually taking the blows daily and fighting for our nation’s best. Men like Erickson are cowards Who hide behind pencils because if he had any answers he be running for office , he has the wealth but he won’t risk any of it but fortunately our president has, much like the founding fathers.

  2. Who is the past president of the SBC who called the people in the pew little people according to Rob Martin?

  3. Baptists’ support for racism and slavery led to the creation of the SBC in 1845.

    Southern Baptists’ support for Donald Trump led to the creation of the CBN in 2020.

    History repeats itself.

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