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BREAKING: Southern Baptists take steps to control Liberal ERLC

Southern Baptists appoint Study Group to evaluate ERLC.

Study Group to report before right before November 2020 Presidential Election.

Southern Baptists take firm stand on Pastor’s Conference.

Southern Baptists expel church.

The progressive tilt of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) could be hurting the bottom line of the Southern Baptist Convention as churches exit and redirect dollars. The Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention adopted a motion to study if the ERLC under the leadership of Russell Moore is harming the work of the Southern Baptist Convention.

This is huge.

The motion adopted at the February 18, 2020, session of the Executive Committee recommended: “That the task force review the past and present activities of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission in the fulfillment of its Convention-approved ministry assignments and; That the task force assess whether the actions of the Commission and its leadership are affecting Cooperative Program giving or the further advancement of the Cooperative Program.”

The motion establishes a seven-member Study Group.

According to the adopted motion, “That a task force be created consisting of the now-serving Executive Committee chair (who will continue serving until the task force concludes its work) and six Executive Committee members appointed by the Executive Committee chair.”

The motion calls on the Task Force to report back to the Executive Committee “at or before its September 2020 meeting.”

Not to put too fine a point on that, but September 2020 is right before the November 2020 Presidential Election. That’s putting Russell Moore and his ERLC on notice not to insult conservative Southern Baptists like he did throughout the 2016 Presidential Election.

In other words, Ronnie Floyd and the Executive Committee are taking strong steps to repair the damage done by Russell Moore and the progressives over the last few years.

Pastor’s Conference put on notice

The Executive Committee took action on the Pastor’s Conference controversy. According to one report from the meeting, “It appears the lineup for the Pastors Conference will have to change to match SBC parameters or the space will not be offered to the Pastors Conference.” More to follow on this story.

The Southern Baptist Convention kicked out a church over its employment of a sex offender

According to the meeting notes from the Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee, the EC expelled Ranchland Heights Baptist Church of Midland, Texas.

According to the EC, “The EC has moved to disfellowship Ranchland Heights Baptist Church in Midland, TX, because of its employment of a lifetime registered sex offender as pastor.”

6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Southern Baptists take steps to control Liberal ERLC”

  1. Franklin D Robinson

    What has taken so long to addressed what so many of us have been praying for and crying for this once storied body of believers to live out the Scriptures within the very halls of SBC? The question that has to be asked, has the infiltration of liberal theology and or the silence of standing for the Word of God borne irreparable harm? I pray this committee can stop the exit of many(churches) who have no faith/confidence in SBC leadership to live according to Scripture after these many years of Russell Moore openly embracing sin and the world’s relativism. If this wasn’t enough, SBC voted in a liberal president, whom in his short tenure has too, acquiesced to another gospel.

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