Intersectional Proletariat of marginalized and oppressed are the revolutionary class, according to Dreher.

So, why did the Southern Baptist Convention embrace Intersectionality and Critical Race Theory? Perhaps to create a Revolutionary Class within America’s religious institutions?

The National Conservatism Conference held Feb. 4 in Rome will be online soon. Yoram Hazony promised the speeches will be available and judging from the few excerpts making their way out of the conference—these will be important viewing for those who defend Western Civilization. One important speech was Rod Dreher’s. He’s posted the transcript and it is worth noting how perfectly Dreher describes our current situation.

Dreher said, “The all-consuming ideology among us is not racist nationalism or Marxism-Leninism, but rather a globalist, victim-focused identity politics, often called ‘social justice.’ The revolutionary class is not the German volk or the international proletariat, but the ‘marginalized’ and ‘oppressed’ – the Sacred Victim. Like Bolshevism, social justice is a utopian political cult. It sounds like a political platform, or maybe a therapeutic management system, but the best way to understand it is as a fanatical religion.”


Exactly this. (There is a lot of good stuff in the speech that you can and should read in Dreher’s blog post.)

Social Justice is a religion. It preaches and teaches that some people—the oppressed—have special knowledge unavailable to the rest of us. We must sit down, shut up and allow the Intersectional lottery to determine who speaks and who rules.

It is bad enough to experience this in our social-political life.

However, it is happening in the church.

In June, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) approved the use of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality as Analytical Tools.

Yes, the so-called conservative Southern Baptist Convention approved the use of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality.

Why would the SBC Elites who introduced the resolution and promoted it at the Annual Meeting pursue this course?

Well, Pravda, err, Baptist Press issued an Explainer.

No, wait. This time it is a Q&A and FAQ on the infamous Resolution 9. It is the usual university style non-denial denial that the SBC embraced and promoted the use of the Analytical Tools of Identity Politics.

Whatever the excuses offered, the fact remains—the SBC embraced divisive tools utilized to destroy the foundations of society.

As society focuses on racial division, the SBC follows. At the MLK 50 Conference and T4G conference, grievance politics was promoted. David Platt mangled his sermon Amos and it in conflated disparities with proof of injustice.

As Slow To Write so wisely observed about Platt’s sermon, “I don’t think anyone denies that racial disparities exist in America. But racial disparities are not independently indicative of racial injustice today. In fact, these racial disparities are not unique to America. Racial disparities exist in Canada too, though Black Canadians have not widely experienced systemic racism at any point in the nation’s history. Conflating racial injustice with racial disparities is Marxist, and it is incompatible with a Mosaic and biblical definition of justice.”

History & Shame

Dreher made another important point in his speech—that the Elites seek to make people ashamed of their heritage.

Dreher said, “The globalists try to make the nations ashamed of their heritage, in the same way the communists did to the masses they wished to control. We have to refuse this! We do not have to believe in a triumphalist myth of a golden age. We only have to look around us with eyes of gratitude for the good and beautiful things that our ancestors have given to us – and defend them as our own.”

This is important because any national history will include unjust and dishonorable elements. History is made by man—and man is sinful. For every Henry V there is a Richard III. But the Social Justice myth is that an entire class of people is guilty of past sins and should bear the present shame of it.

And that’s how Evangelical Elite rhetoric works against Southern Christians.

Russell Moore said at the MLK 50 event, “And time and time again, in the white American Bible Belt, the people of God had to choose between Jesus Christ and Jim Crow, because you cannot serve both, and tragically, many often chose to serve Jim Crow and to rename him Jesus Christ.”

Of course, The Gospel Coalition’s Thabiti Anyabwile was even more explicit in shaming Americans and driving a wedge between the past and present. In the aftermath of the MLK 50 Conference, Anyabwile declared all white Americans guilty in the murder of Martin Luther King. He wrote, “My white neighbors and Christian brethren can start by at least saying their parents and grandparents and this country are complicit in murdering a man who only preached love and justice.

And of course Anyabwile, a darling of The Gospel Coalition and a Southern Baptist pastor asserted that white heterosexual men oppress women and homosexuals in the US.

So much for the soul who sins will die. Nope. That is out of style in today’s Woke Social Justice world.

It is all about oppression and group responsibility.

It is dangerous in politics, but now threatens the church.

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  1. Rod Dreher brings so many little vials of poison that one is reluctant to cheer this one but, by God’s good grace, he pinned the tail, here. I wonder how many of his acolytes were caught off guard? Glad he sees this for what it is.

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