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A friendly note to Ronnie Floyd: You’ve got a problem in the SBC

Dear Ronnie,

Gone are the days the Good Old Boys of the Southern Baptist Convention could keep things secret. Today, blogs, social media and major news outlets are holding the likes of liberal Russell Moore and the liars at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary accountable.

This is a good thing.

One wonders what you are doing to hold SBC leaders accountable.

You released a friendly recommendation on social media that Southern Baptists keep our disagreements out of the spotlight. While you are right to remind us to be careful in our conversations, can you really say that all the SBC entities are faithful?

Sorry. But asking quietly hasn’t fixed the ERLC. Many pastors and churches were ignored.

That’s been the route used for years. It doesn’t work.

Russell Moore continues to run the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission—a group that employs rabid Never Trumpers and platforms Anti-Trump Research Fellows like Thomas S. Kidd.

Only yesterday, Kidd suggested Donald Trump wasn’t good enough to attend the March for Life.

Thankfully, major media figures like Todd Starnes commented on this evil attitude. In a tweet, Starnes said, “It may be easier to become a Christian than find favor with the Southern Baptist Convention’s ERLC.”

Why is the ERLC allowed to platform such Anti-Trump Elites?

And I thought you supported President Donald Trump!

Aren’t you on his spiritual advisory team?

What are you doing to prevent Evangelical Elites like Kidd from insulting our President?

This is reaching a crisis for the SBC. Churches are leaving the Southern Baptist Convention.

And still other churches cease giving through the Cooperative Program.

Just last night, renowned Apologist Alex McFarland said his church is withholding money as long as the ERLC continues as a liberal, progressive voice. He tweeted, “That ERLC is still a line item in SBC budgets is bad stewardship.  The church I now pastor is withholding Cooperative Prog. giving until ERLC is changed (or eliminated). Other SBC churches should do the same.  Crony-ism & progressivism are killing a once-great denomination.”

This isn’t a situation caused by a few troublemakers on blogs.

Ignore the lies told by Southwestern about Bobby Lopez. But, that will be harder. See, that story received major media attention in December and even this week. Dr. Lopez was on the Eric Metaxas Show exposing the liars at Southwestern.

The SBC Insiders and Evangelical Elites can’t hide the truth about the Southern Baptist Convention.

Those days are gone.


The people have other ways of finding out how Evangelical Elites are playing politics with Southern Baptist tithes and offerings.

Rank-and-file, pew-sitting Southern Baptists  look to blogs, the Evangelical Dark Web, social media and conservatives like Eric Metaxas, Todd Starnes, Janet Mefferd and American Family Radio for the truth.

You might want to fix that.

Start by getting rid of Russell Moore. That’d go a very long way to restoring faith and confidence in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Your Pal,


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