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SBC Elites might want to work on their Tone

SBC Elites send message to the People in the Pews

SBC Elites: Let the Right People handle the problems

The Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee meeting kicked off in Nashville with strong messages from SBC President J.D. Greear and SBC Executive Committee President and CEO Ronnie Floyd. The message to the Little People of the SBC: sit down, stop complaining and keep those dollars flowing. Let the Right People handle the issues. The little people don’t need to worry about it.

Dr. Ronnie Floyd offered his thoughts about the controversy swirling in the SBC. Floyd said problems must be addressed and done so now. But there is a catch. Dr. Floyd said,

Whatever problems we have that need to be addressed, they need to be addressed in the right way by the right people, whether that is privately or publicly. Whatever is separating us—and deterring us from the Great Commission—must and needs to be dealt with now.” @ronniefloyd

Right People?

Does that include the little people in the pews?

Does that include the pastors of small churches outraged by the Pastor’s Conference?

Does that include the 3,200+ who have signed up with the Conservative Baptist Network?

Well, J.D. Greear had a few thoughts about the kind of people the Southern Baptist Convention doesn’t want or need.

Hint: concerned conservatives.

In remarks to the SBC Executive Committee, J.D. Greear trivialized complaints roiling the Southern Baptist Convention.

“I grew up Independent Baptist, Fundamental, Sword of the Lord. I’ve seen where this kind of uncharitable, narrow, 4-degrees of separation leads, and it’s not where most Southern Baptists want to go.” – @jdgreear addressing the Executive Committee, according to Baptist 21.

Thankfully, Pastor Tom Buck pointed out Greear’s fallacy.

“I grew up around the same mentality. I can guarantee you that the things we are objecting to at the Pastors Conference (female pastors & sexually charged worship themes) do NOT fit in the category of raging IBF preachers,” Buck said.

If you have missed it, the issues Buck mentions are the scandals involving the SBC Pastor’s Conference. Short version: they’ve invited a woman teaching pastor and some questionable preachers. Here is the longer version:

According to Dr. Tom Ascol, The Pastor’s Conference “lineup that includes a woman ‘teaching pastor,’ a ‘four square gospel’ pastor, and a Southern Baptist pastor whose church has at least one woman pastor alongside him on staff. Oh, and the Southern Baptist pastor (David Hughes, of Church by the Glades), has regularly used sexual themes and innuendo for sermons and evangelistic strategies.”

And here’s a bit more proof about the Satanic nature of the performances.

And this is the crux of the problem in the Southern Baptist Convention: the Good Old Boy Elite Network has led the SBC into this situation and wants to avoid accountability.

So, legitimate concerns about women preachers, sexually charged worship and Russell Moore’s progressive politics are compared to the uncharitable bickering of fundamentalists.

That’s what the SBC Elites think of you—those outside their private club of megachurch pastors and the seminary Ivory Tower.

They might want to work on their Tone.

They also might want to avoid making uncharitable allegations and charges like fundamentalist.

Oh wait, their rules only apply to the Little People.

This type of leadership from J.D. Greear makes the next SBC President even more important. It is why you must reject Albert Mohler as SBC President. He is the status quo candidate.

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  1. As far as the IFB goes, if they can invite non-SBC pastors to the SBC conference, then they could invite IFB pastors technically. Since the SBC elites refuse to repent of their heresies, perhaps they should invite New IFB Pastor Stephen Anderson who preaches that repentance is not part of the gospel, so he can confirm them in their refusal to repent.

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