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Baptist Press thinks Democrats & SBC have a lot in common

The Leftward Drift of the Southern Baptist Convention accelerates into Election 2020 with Baptist Press and other key Baptist leaders giving cover to voting for Democrats.

According to painstaking research by Baptist Press, Democrats and Southern Baptists have more in common than you might think! Sure, there are some disagreements but just look at the long list of shared values.

For example, Baptist Press finds the Democratic Platform “aligns with many facets of SBC resolutions on racism, sexual abuse and mental health among other issues.”

Thanks Resolution 9 for approving the analytical tools of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. Now you see the damage in many of the past resolutions—it allowed someone to claim that with a straight face.

Also, “On yet other topics, the Democratic platform and SBC resolutions share common ground without aligning fully. Perhaps most notably, both groups endorse religious liberty,” BP declares.

But the cynical mention of religious liberty deserves special attention.

According to BP, there is point of partial agreement in the area of religious liberty. The article claims, “Consistent with the SBC’s advocacy of religious liberty, Democrats pledged to ‘protect the rights of each American for the free exercise of his or her own religion.’”

If you laughed out loud just now, know that BP walks back that claim. Within the next few sentences stipulating that the Democrats believe nuns and churches should be forced to pay for abortions and that religion is no reason to “discriminate” against LGBT individuals.

In other words, the Democrats don’t believe in religious liberty and Baptist Press just lied.

They lied and it helps the Democratic Party.

Amazing how similar BP’s error is to how the mainstream press errors always flow in one direction—to help Democrats.

Remember, Baptist Press is the same outfit that lied about the connection of George Soros with the National Immigration Forum and the Evangelical Immigration Table—something everyone from Eric Metaxas to National Review to the Blaze reported. Baptist Press was so blatant in its political spin that it quoted an NIF spokesman denying the link to Soros—only the NIF spokesman previously wrote a blog post for Soros’ Open Societies Foundation promoting the Evangelical Immigration Table.

Why does Ronnie Floyd allow these Baptist Press to damage the Southern Baptist Convention with such transparent Democratic propaganda? Why does Ronnie Floyd allow Baptist Press to subscribe to left-leaning AP to publish AP and Religion News Service copy? Those are not conservative news organizations.

What is Baptist Pravda, err Baptist Press trying to accomplish? And why is Ronnie Floyd allowing it?

If you care about the Southern Baptist Convention and defending your freedoms, then you should let Ronnie Floyd know about it. Contact the Southern Baptist Convention and let them know you don’t care for Democratic propaganda paid for by Cooperative Program supported Baptist Pravda, err Baptist Press.

The brazen push to legitimize voting for the Party of Infanticide is truly staggering.

And Baptist Press is not alone in the SBC push to help Democrats. SBC Resolutions Committee Chairman Ed Stetzer retweeted a common pro-abortion talking point.

Notice, Stetzer does not rebuke the view that conservatives only care about abortion. Or, even defend the absolutely necessary primary emphasis on abortion for a Christian voter.

In fact, failure to put the defense of innocent babies at the top of your voting priorities proves one does not have a biblical worldview.

And the one-issue voting of white evangelicals (prioritizing saving babies) was condemned by Mark Dever. Tom Buck’s recent twitter thread exposes this problematic development.

SBC President J.D. Greear famously said it was great if a Christian voted for a Democrat.

This is the point of the Leftward Drift of the Southern Baptist Convention. SBC Elites are working hard to justify Christians voting for Democrats. And they are doing it at a time that religious liberty hangs by the slimmest of threads.

And the best Baptist Press and many SBC leaders can do is churn out Democratic Party talking points. Why do churches give to the CP again?

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