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Baptist Press lies and denies George Soros connection to Evangelical Immigration Table

Baptist Press published a demonstrably false report today claiming that George Soros did not fund the Evangelical Immigration Table. However, the likes of Eric Metaxas, the National Review, the Institute on Religion & Democracy and a host of other actual Christian and conservatives have reported the truth—that George Soros funded the National Immigration Forum and the National Immigration Forum funded the Evangelical Immigration Table.

It is demonstrably true.

Baptist Press is now Baptist Pravda.

They’ve published a blatant lie to defend Russell Moore and Dr. Moore’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC)’s connection to Soros.

Baptist Press would need to be much improved to warrant being called Fake News. Its so false and so widely known that this obvious partisan lie can’t even be called news.

It is simply false.

And they cited Snopes as a fact check on the story!



The group that fact checks the Babylon Bee.

That’s how partisan and pathetic Snopes is.

But that’s good enough for Baptist Press.

And that’s how partisan and biased Baptist Press is. They’ll cite Snopes despite the fact that no actual conservative believes Snopes.

That’s how desperate they are.

But it raises a host of questions.

Why would Baptist Press publish something so demonstrably false? Did they think nobody would remember the actual money trail to Soros?

Is the ERLC and the Evangelical Immigration Table so notoriously linked to Soros that they felt the need to have surrogates lie like this?

And most important of all, will the Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention and Ronnie Floyd allow Baptist Press to publish such demonstrably false reports like this?

And if so, is the SBC even worth fighting to save?

These are troubling times. The SBC seminaries are in a mess with most promoting Woke Social Justice nonsense. Now we have Baptist Press ignoring the huge story of 100s of Virginia Southern Baptist churches under subpoena in a sex abuse case.

The very foundation of the Southern Baptist Convention is under assault and BP doesn’t report on that—but takes the time to shill for George Soros and Soros-funded immigration groups.

It shows where Baptist Press loyalties rest.

Will Ronnie Floyd show real leadership and fire these partisans? Or, will conservative churches continue to send dollars to help George Soros and Democratic immigration policies?

And things will only get worse as these partisans at Baptist Press prep for the 2020 Presidential Election campaign. Care to guess where their loyalties will be in that election?

Oh, and if you want to read the BP report, here it is.

14 thoughts on “Baptist Press lies and denies George Soros connection to Evangelical Immigration Table”

  1. Wow, I was holding out hope that the SBC was still redeemable but I am losing all faith. It’s a documented fact that George Soros orgs have funded the open-borders Evangelical Immigration Table. This has been documented by dozens of publications. Now the SBC mouthpiece the Southern Baptist Press is just resorting to half-truths and lies and obfuscation? The SBC is in panic because conservatives are becoming wise as to how their cooperative program tithing is going to fund left-wing radicals like Russell Moore, Danny Akin and JD Greear and so now the SBC has just decided to start lying. I’m done. The SBC is beyond repair. It’s now an instrument of Lucifer.

  2. First of all George Soros doesn’t fund anything and he is not responsible for donations by the Open Society Foundations. Soros would not know the Immigration Table from the kitchen table.

    Furthermore, if the foundations provide a grant to an organization and that organization funds an endeavor that you disapprove of, it is irresponsible to claim that Soros is responsible. In point of fact, according to the documents filed with the IRS, most of the grants from the foundations fund a specific project rather than general operating expenses. If someone wants to make a claim then they need to cite the specific contribution and its intended purpose from the form 990.

    Finally, there are timing issues. The most current information available is for the year ended December 31, 2018.

    1. If Soros gave me a hundred bucks, and I in turn gave you fifty, would you be willing to testify before God that in effect you had received no funding from Soros? Do you think the Lord is fooled by such an obvious money laundering ploy?

      And besides Soros, the EIT receives funding from Paul Singer, a vulture capitalist who leaves lots of victims in his wake. Look it up if you want.

      The ERLC and the EIT are in bed with some very nasty, anti-Christ, anti-White, anti-American sociopaths. If you’re okay with that, well, that’s on you.

  3. If you have the expectation that The Southern Baptist Convention is going to remain exclusively, and or principally, the organism of The Southern White Race, and, as well, an advocate of traditional orthodox Protestant Christianity, then you are going to be in for a disappointment, for, most clearly the decision to steer away from that was embarked upon when Dr. Land left and Dr. Moore signed on.

    The SBC is quickly headed the way of the UMC, which, by the way, exists no more.

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  5. This was posted on FB by Baptist Press as a follow up comment as a reply

    “UPDATE: For those who’ve asked about the 7-year old article at the National Review which was the source of much of the misinformation, that article explicitly states “the NIF’s executive director says Soros’s money hasn’t been funneled to the EIT and that it doesn’t endorse any specific legislation”. It confirms what this explainer states.”

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