Tennessee Baptist Convention Resolution denounces Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. Declares CRT to be ‘inconsistent with a Biblical worldview and theology.’

At the Tennessee Baptist Convention’s Annual Meeting, the Summit: The Gathering of Tennessee Baptists, the state rejected the use of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. This is a major rebuke of the Southern Baptist Convention, which approved the use of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality as “Analytical Tools” at its Annual Meeting last June in Birmingham, Alabama.

First reports of the action of Tennessee Baptists emerged on Twitter. And thanks to an adjunct professor at Union University, we have the text of the resolution approved by Tennessee Baptists. (via Matt Stamper on Twitter.)

Tennessee Baptist Resolution against Critical Race Theory
Tennessee Baptist Resolution against Critical Race Theory. Click to enlarge.

The resolution reads, “Whereas, Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a secular worldview used by some in social sciences to analyze marginalized populations by categorizing differences among peoples, especially race and gender, and

“Whereas, intersectionality arises from dialog regarding CRT and focuses on the overlapping categorizations within CRT, and

“Whereas, CRT and intersectionality emphasize the priority of social and scientific analyses of humanity while failing to recognize the validity of Biblical truth in understanding the sinful nature of humanity, and

“Whereas, we acknowledge the presence of structural and systemic racism, pride, greed, and lust existing in societies of a fallen world, and

“Whereas, the Messengers of the Tennessee Baptist Convention are deeply troubled that some are injecting CRT and Intersectionality into theological context, and

“Whereas, Scripture is true and trustworthy and must be the foundation of a Christian’s worldview, therefore be it

“Resolved, that ethnic, gender, cultural and racial distinctions do exist and are a gift from God that will give Him absolute glory when the entirety of sanctified humanity worships Him in perfect unity founded upon our unity in Jesus Christ, and be it further

“Resolved, that Tennessee Baptist Churches and institutions are encouraged to take a stand against all forms of biblically defined injustice and are encouraged to do so in a manner consistent with the biblical worldview rather than unbilical worldviews, and be it further

“Resolved, that the messengers of the Tennessee Baptist Convention strongly denounce CRT and intersectionality as inconsistent with the Biblical worldview and theology, and be it further

“Resolved, that we affirm Scripture as the first and only framework for evaluating the world around us including academia and social sciences.”

6 thoughts on “Tennessee Baptists reject Critical Race Theory in rebuke to Southern Baptist Convention”

  1. I appreciate the sentiment, but to use Saussurean terminology, they have denounced the signifier without denouncing the signified, and it is the latter which should be denounced.
    “Whereas, we acknowledge the presence of structural and systemic racism”
    Until they clearly articulate exactly what “structural and systemic racism” is and is not, the resolution is meaningless. For instance: let “structural and systemic racism” = xyz, and xyz = CRT; then the resolution misses the target altogether. It allows for the simple exchange of signifiers xyz and CRT.

  2. The “structural and systemic racism” bits are seemingly capitulating to the brainwashing of the CRT devotees and professional victimologists indoctrinated in the public schools for the last 30 years. I was disappointed to see that in the wording, but happy to see attempts at countermanding the disasterous R9 passed at SBC19 in June. Incremental steps are good, though I’m still on the #LeaveItToTheGoats side of the fence regarding the SBC. Perhaps one day Rod Martin will convince me to jump back to the #WorthSaving side. 😉

  3. Honest question: What specific ideas and practitioners of Critical Race Theory are oppositional to Christian teaching?

    1. Do some research. Dr. James White has taught on this subject on his podcast, “The Dividing Line.”

  4. More Biblical structure and more “racism” if “racism”
    is opposistion to the Adamic race and Western Cililiation

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