ITKFor years we’ve trumpeted the call here that bias in the state media as it relates to coverage of Alabama and Auburn is rampant, blatant and predictable. One of the state’s bell cows is

The latest exhibit? Its coverage of two arrests this week.

First, the arrest of Alabama’s Cyrus Jones. Jones’s arrest was featured on three different spots on the front page: At the top left block of the page, midway down the page and in the sports stories at the bottom of the page.

Now, enter Auburn’s Elijah Daniel. Go find the Daniel story on Go on. I dare you. At the time of this article, you have to have the dedication of a Chilean miner in order to find it.

The Cyrus story was a big red banner across the top. “BREAKING NEWS,” if you will, up all day like a thief in the town square stocks. The Daniel story, an alleged REAL thief? The 5th story down the page.

Bias? You be the judge.

Simply, in the state media, with being the best example of such, Auburn negatives are downplayed and positives are magnified. In contrast, Alabama negatives are magnified and positives are downplayed. It’s been this way for as long as I can remember.

Just further evidence that bias in the state media’s coveage of Alabama and Auburn football is alive, well and unapologetic. It just makes you wonder about agendas, and which program matters most and can stand on its own, while the other needs a boost.

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6 thoughts on “How do you spell bias?”

  1. Another thing about AL.Com (Auburn Live), is the grammar and spelling mistakes.

    These must be low paid “journalists”. Take a random sample of 3 or 4 articles and the grammar and spelling are awful. And I’m not talking about the “nit picking” scholarly scan of the writings….I’m talking about the kind that my 8 year old points out the grammar and spelling errors.

    I read an article about a Bama Basketball player transferring. Didn’t say where he was transferring and the majority of the article read like he was writing on a totally different topic!

    Was really bizarre…. I wonder if he was under the influence?

  2. It’s probably because alabama football has had 4 arrests this spring. Granted the latest one is pretty bogus. But that’s why it gets more news. Also Saban is way more high profile than Malzahn and Bama football is BAMA football so they garner more attention. Take the good with the bad I guess.

  3. once again, been saying this for years.

    i stopped taking the paper after the Shula-to-Saban transition. writers like Scarbinsky (and others) openly advocated keeping Shula. Alabama can’t land a better coach, no sense in looking. not that great a job anymore.

    i still believe some were working at the behest of Ray Perkins behind the scenes to sabotage the search. thank god Mal Moore didn’t listen to them.

    of late, they’ve taken up this “freeuab” mantra. it’s one thing to question the Board of Trustees involvement. it’s totally another for a writer like John Archibald to lob ink bombs at his alma mater.

    as it was years ago, the reality still is if you claim to be an Alabama fan and you send a red cent to this organization, frankly, you’re not much of a fan.

    (and to the horrid diction and spelling, i was told years ago it takes a fifth grade education to be able to read the paper. says a lot when you can’t spell to that level, doesn’t it?)

    1. Nailed it. The free UAB stuff is what’s so puzzling. It’s like mediots pick a story that will have the most impact (and the most head scratching) and run with it rather than look at and report the facts. UAB had zero community support until Watts and/or the BOT did the right thing.

      And I’m like you; I don’t take that news rag unless it’s free, and even then it goes straight to the kindling pile or is used when I need to spray paint something.

  4. That is why guys like Bot started their own blogs cause the bias at au.commie is so ridiculous…there is a Barn Chick in charge @ the commie and she runs it her way…The Barn Family Friendly way…PERIOD…and DO NO get me started on the MODS…OMG…

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