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Jonathan Taylor experiment proves some can be helped, some can’t

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The arrest and subsequent dismissal of former Tide defensive lineman Jonathan Taylor following his 2nd domestic abuse charge overnight has left many critics of Nick Saban and the Bama football program hungry for social media zingers and chit chat board one liners. Whenever a program takes a risk on a player whose actions place him on the wrong side of the law, that program becomes an easy target for such Internet fodder. And rightfully so.

For instance, Auburn’s last two starting quarterbacks were dismissed from their respective schools (Florida and Georgia) for similar thuggery, and Bama fans had fun with it. Nick Marshall went on to get a citation for possession of weed, yet was permitted to commandeer the Tigers to their 2014 campaign.

Several undeniable factors come into play when stories like Taylor’s come into the light. First and foremost, most fans have an unhealthy preoccupation with college athletics…their team in particular, followed closely by their rivals. So when a misstep happens, rushing to conclusions (and Twitter) is just too easy. But nobody can blame them. When the only way you can beat your rival is when God intervenes, the game of perception is all you have.

Critics will always say, predictably, that a stellar athlete shouldn’t get a second chance when their school is on the wrong end of the decision. But those same fans would be strangely silent had Taylor chosen their school and recorded three sacks and a fumble recovery in the Iron Bowl.

The 335lb. gorilla in the room is that there is a young man in Tuscaloosa who has a problem at best, and is a potential threat to society at worst. People will always question whether or not a second chance is in order, and in some cases people make good on their opportunities and turn their lives around. But when they can’t learn, it’s time to do the right thing, which is what the University of Alabama did in dismissing Taylor hours after his arrest.

The University released a statement saying Taylor was issued a zero tolerance policy regarding future infractions. If the facts are what they’ve been presented to be, Taylor will now get what he deserved.

But had he turned the corner and made good on the risk Alabama had taken on him, the argument can be made that he would have also gotten what he deserved. After all, we’ve all been young and made mistakes, and for many of us, thank God there was someone there to lead us to the right path. That’s what leadership is for.

Taylor apparently didn’t want to be led, so after just five practices in a Crimson uniform, the Jonathan Taylor experiment is over. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be future experiments, at Alabama and elsewhere. And when there is, the predictable, lazy assumptions will be made. Depending on where that player goes, of course.

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31 thoughts on “Jonathan Taylor experiment proves some can be helped, some can’t”

  1. “For instance, Auburn’s last two starting quarterbacks were dismissed from their respective schools (Florida and Georgia) for similar thuggery”


    Cam Newton was NOT dismissed from Florida. He was suspended and then decided to transfer to Blinn College. At least get your flames right when trying to deflect Alabama’s shameful scandals onto Auburn.

    1. Peachy – we’re winners – and winners get to do whatever the hell they want.

      Go make a hot daughter for us to enjoy. We’re tired of ur bull….

  2. And its funny how this site was bashing Auburn when they thought this kid was going there, praising Saban for taking him when he ended up at Alabama and now tries to deflect this mess back to Auburn after it predictably failed.

    Here’s the difference:
    Malzahn runs a clean ship and can set players on the right path. Its easier to do so when the environment is so stable. 2 total arrests in Malzahns tenure as head coach at Auburn.

    The program in Tuscaloosa though is nothing but thugs running rampant. This makes 14 arrests in just the last two years; by far leading the SEC and the nation in that time frame. And that’s not even counting the player that was busted with a crapload of drugs that seems to have been swept under the rug. And you have coaches giving players “loans”, players getting paid by agents, players that participate in the beating and robbing students that are allowed back on the team.

    Right now in this state we have two major programs. One is doing things the right way. The other one is Alabama.

    1. Ooo, I’m sowwy somebody can’t beat big brothuh unless the stars align, so they have to cling to off the field issues to find puhpose.


      1. The stars have aligned 9 of the last 15 years (Auburn 9-6 in the Iron Bowl since 2000).

        Auburns 18-17 the last 35 years in the Iron Bowl.

        Stars seem to be aligning pretty well.

        Im sorry Alabama cant seem to beat any Auburn teams that win more than 8 games.

        1. Cherry picked stats. Go back to 1989 and Bama leads 13-12. You’re using stats when Bama stunk. Since you guys want to start college football in Dye’s second season (1982), we’ll start in Saban’s 2nd season (2008). Therefore, Bama leads the Iron Bowl 5-2.

          1. Here’s a cherry picked stat for you:

            All the years before Bryant Auburn lead in the Iron Bowl wins
            All they years after Bryant Auburn leads in the Iron Bowl wins.

            The only reason Alabama has the lead is because of Bryant. He flat out owned Auburn, no doubt. But minus that one coach Auburn leads Alabama in the Iron Bowl.

  3. Yo ITK. Please explain what you meant by this…

    “But had he turned the corner and made good on the risk Alabama had taken on him…”

    What risk did Alabama take?

  4. How can you compare what this wife beater did to Cam Newton or Nick Marshall? Buying a stolen item and having a few grams of weed is simlar to a 350 pound man punching and choking a girl TWICE?!?! You sir are clearly a product of the disgusting crapstain of a school you love so much. Only a Alabama homer could equate those offenses in such an obvious denial mechanism. You are pathetic just like this cesspool of a website. Simply disgusting all around. Wife Beater U!

  5. “The 335lb. gorilla in the room is that there is a young man in Tuscaloosa who has a problem at best, and is a potential threat to society at worst.”

    That’s absolutely hilarious. Tells me exactly what value you place on the individual player. It was just an experiment with a GORILLA.

  6. GUS M runs a clean ship??!! Are you effin kidding me??!! Mike Dyer, the trailer park 4?! He took a thug from UGA too, PLUS he tried to recruit Taylor. The Auburn fan who said GUS, the fraudulent Christian, runs a clean ship ought to be shot

    Cam Newton was about to be expelled from FL before he conveniently transfered. Have you forgotten his academic impropriety for plagiarism?

    1. “Have you forgotten his academic impropriety for plagiarism”

      Yes, we have… Given that it never existed! LOL You must enjoy making nonsense up and then acting as if it is the truth. Get a clue and quit with the lies. Your boy Saban condones domestic violence, that is now recognized fact. Wife Beater U FTW!

  7. Not only is this “article” incredibly sexist, it is also clearly racist. 335 lb. “Gorilla”? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? Of course someone in Alabama would think this ignorance and bigotry to be ok.

    1. “Gorilla” = racist ? “Sexist” article? Please explain…because I think you have officially cornered the market on ignorance.

      If you can, please provide the definition of the word “Racist”, THEN tell me how this article fits that definition.

      Ironic that you end your comment with this prejudice remark..”Of course someone in Alabama would think this ignorance and bigotry to be ok.”

      Another example of how our public schools are failing the country.

      1. Ok let me spell this out for you as simply as I can….

        Yes, it is racist because he specifically called a large black man a “Gorilla”. No, the word itself isn’t racist, but when it is used in the wrong context (like this) it is obviously racist. Black people are not animals and should not be compared to such. Simple and obvious.

        Yes, it is sexist because the author equates beating multiple women to buying stolen merchandise and having a few grams of weed. In what world are those offenses similar? I think woman have more value than that, clearly the author does not. If you don’t see how comparing these things is sexist and trivializes violence against women then I feel sorry for you.

        No, my remark about people from Alabama being more obtuse is not prejudiced, it’s a fact. Alabama is dead last in virtually any ranking that involves intelligence, bigotry, school systems, or racism. I am sorry that your state struggles with these issues, but my pointing those facts out does not in turn make me prejudiced.


        1. I actually asked you to look up the definition of “racist”. NOT your definition, but the ACTUAL definition.

          Plus, if the player was white and the term “Gorilla” was used in the same context, would it be (using your definition) a racist remark?

          I think you are confusing opinion and fact. Is there actually a bigotry ranking and Alabama ranks last? How is this ranking calculated? You said it was a fact, so it must be easy to validate….

          You may think you are smart….but isn’t that really an opinion and not fact?

          Alabama doesn’t get everything right, but I’m sure the state you hail from doesn’t either.

          Why are so many in this country moving to the south? Why are Northern populations decreasing? Maybe, since you are so enlightened on everything, you could spread your intelligence so that we may all be better informed. I’m trying to give you every opportunity to enlighten the people from Alabama, but it looks like your aim is to strictly insult them. Not a good way to make a difference…


  8. Holy crap Bama just had their THIRD arrest in 4 days. What a thuggish program. The nation is laughing….

      1. Auburn players were the ones that got shot, not the ones doing the shooting. Just another morally bankrupt piece of shit trying to spin the story to make the CrapStrain look better. Go beat yor wife like your football team does you backwoods trash! Row tide! Wife Beater U!

        1. Hey Dumb Ass:

          If the Auburn players wouldn’t have bullied the thugs, they would still be alive. Plus, the last Auburn trash that perished was found to be a drug addict. How about Mike Dyer? I would beat your sorry redneck ass in public, you fake Southern hypocrite

          1. “the last Auburn trash that perished”

            You epitomize the University of Alabama and all that it stands for. You are lower than garbage. You are nothing more than human filth. A total blight on humanity. Keep up the good work, I am sure your family is proud of the great things you say and do.

      2. Auburn players didnt shoot up anything.

        And Alabama had their own players robbing students, or did you forget that? And Alabama players not only robbed them, they beat them too.

        But here’s the main difference between Auburn and Alabama; Auburn cut all ties to the players involved. Alabama let one of theirs come back to play on the team. THUGGISH!

        1. Chizik would have allowed them back on the team if they wouldn’t have been expelled by the Prez of Cow Town U before his pea brain could make a decision. How about Mike Dwyer. He gave those bastards the gun to rob the Students, you white trash piece of shit

          1. And where did Mike Dyer end his career?

            Face it, when it comes to thug players Alabama takes the cake. 15 arrests the last 2 years. All 3 of the arrests this past week have been repeat offenders that Alabama kept around.

  9. Something tells me these hay seed Auburn inbreds on here are big Church members. Typical Old South Auburn. Hypocrites and pieces of shit

  10. Peachy,

    They ALL count. Pre and post is being childish. The Iron Bowl wasn’t played for 40 yrs and when Bryant got there, it had only been renewed 10 years. Auburn ppl were FRIGGIN hypocrites then, and when Alabama has decent coaching, they either dominate OE hold even with Auburn. Ray Perkins (2-2), Stallings (5-2), DuBose (2-2), Fran (1-1), Saban (5-3). The big losers after Bryant could not beat Auburn or anyone else for that matter (Curry and Shula combined 0-7). STOP CHERRYPICKING

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