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Shocker: Auburn pursuing another player with a criminal past

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Auburn University’s football program is at it again. The Tiggers are once again actively pursuing a criminal for their football team.


Thug U. may soon be the new home for Jonathan Taylor, the former Georgia defensive lineman kicked out of the Bulldog program after being arrested and charged with aggravated assault/family violence.

Taylor is in junior college now, and while second chances aren’t anything new in college football, the number of castoffs (if not criminals) finding sanctuary at Auburn is downright humorous.

We all remember Cam Newton who was suspected of stealing a laptop at the University of Florida, only to flee to junior college and emerge wearing orange and blue.

Of course, current Auburn QB Nick Marshall did the same, suspected of stealing from teammates while at Georgia. After a brief stint in JUCO, ta-dah! Tiggers, you gotcha a QB.

One of the latest castoffs was former Georgia defensive back Tray Matthews, charged last spring with “theft by deception.” Matthews accepted an offer to play for Gussy Malzahn, and now wears orange and blue.

The bottom line is, Auburn will go after any criminal they think will help their second tier, hayseed program. And if you could measure the prayers sent up when Jameis Winston was under legal fire…any of the times…you could bet most of them came from our orange and blue clad little brothers. They know the drill.

There’s nothing illegal about the serial practice of going after criminals. It’s just comical how often Auburn does it. And even more comical how delusional their cult, err, fan base is about the wholesomeness of that program.

Auburn has no shame. And come on…it’s just funny.

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