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Commentary: Not shocking, but Auburn fan confused about what is morally corrupt

With a morally corrupt, but exceptionally good football coach, things will only get tougher—Track ‘em Tigers.

Morally corrupt? You must be talking about Auburn an not Alabama coach Nick Saban. See, it was Auburn that hitched its wagon to that piece of crap Cam Newton. You remember him. The guy that was on the verge of being tossed out of Florida for academic fraud (a story yet to be refuted, despite what Auburn liars on the Internet like to say.) That guy was a laptop thief (a story that Auburn liars on the Internet like to spin by saying he wasn’t charged. No kidding Sherlock, he entered a pre-trial diversion program just so he wouldn’t be charged with a crime. See story here.)

Auburn erected a statue to one of the most notorious and disgusting players ever to play college football in the modern era.

Yeah, the morally corrupt one resides in Auburn and not in Tuscaloosa.

But the Auburn nonsense doesn’t end there.

The Track Em Tigers author complains that Auburn did not receive the attention it deserved after the 2010 national championship.


Auburn got what it deserved—public scorn for associating itself with Cam Newton and his daddy.

But the price was more than public scorn.

As the Greek playwright said and was quoted by Paul in 1 Corinthians, “Evil company corrupts good morals.” Alternatively, this proverb works too, “If you lie down with dogs, you will get up with fleas.”

If Auburn wants to look at the culture of its football players it would find more than a little that is morally corrupt. Cam Newton was just the tip of the iceberg if you pay attention to court testimony about what was going on in the lives of Auburn football players.

Morally corrupt? Physician, heal thyself! Track Em Tigers needs to clean up its own morally corrupt program before it tries to smear others.

We won’t hold our breath. Track Em Tigers is all about winning and will ignore the consequences of Auburn’s own morally corrupt choices. Track Em Tigers shouldn’t be shocked when the rest of college football continues to view Auburn as a program under a cloud of suspicion.

45 thoughts on “Commentary: Not shocking, but Auburn fan confused about what is morally corrupt”

  1. A Thayer Evans story with no named source, no evidence and nothing to back it up needs to be refuted? Really? There’s less evidence there than in the T-Town Mens Wear story, yet you dont believe any of that. And morally corrupt would probably apply to a program thats been on probation for about 75% of the last 2 decades. A program that has celebrated its last 2 National Championships while under NCAA sanctions. Alabama’s own football players go on to violate the law themselves, including marijuana possession and child molestation.

    1. A real journalist at a major media organization with real journalistic standards wrote that about Newton. Why didn’t Newton demand a retraction?

      Unlike the Auburn-fan led Birmingham News that does everything to prop up Auburn, this real journalist reported news about Auburn’s biggest hero since Bo Jackson.

      You ignore it because you cannot refute it. There was no retraction….that says a lot about the quality of the story and the source behind it.

      Sampson, here is the ultimate point. Auburn has plenty of trash in its program. Like most of the teams in the SEC, there are problems. Alabama has its problems too. I wouldn’t call Alabama or Auburn morally corrupt. What I do call morally corrupt are hypocrite fans that fail to see the beam in their own eye that condemn others for the speck.

      So, when you clean up your program, then talk to Alabama or anyone else about cleaning up their program. Until then, I can speak for everyone when we will continue to mock the cult that believes Cam Newton wasn’t a piece of trash.

    2. Toomer's Tree is Dead!

      Free Sociology class credits >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Textbooks.

      Let’s not forget about the Terry Bowden tapes, jetgate and point shaving! Or the fact that *ubarn leads the SEC in NCAA sanctions.

      And regardless of what you think, $cam Lootin’ was paid. You don’t solicit up to almost a quarter of a million dollars from one school, and send your child to another school for absolutely nothing at all. You’re the only fans in America who believe otherwise.

      Even Pat Dye’s daughter recently implied on Facebook there was a coverup. Tim Hudson’s brother, Keith, also posts on BamaMag and even said Tim KNEW $cam was paid.

      And what about T-Town Mensware? What evidence do you have to show any violations took place there? If that’s the case, what about the jewelry store in Opelika that had autographed photos of $cam Lootin’ and a few other players with the store owner INSIDE OF THE STORE during the 2010 campaign? By *ubarn logic, there must be something shady going on there, right?

      What about the photo of Reese Dismukes at a party with Tigerette Hostesses WHILE ON A RECRUITING VISIT? Or AUPilot1984 offering cash to Geno Smith on Twitter? Or every *ubarn player on Facebook uploading photos of their brand new cars shortly after signing day (when half the Alabama players don’t even own cars)? Or uploads pics of themselves flaunting thousands of dollars worth of cash? Or receiving VIP treatment at an ATL club after you guys bought the 2010 NC? There’s photographic evidence of all of that, yet you goathumping, Wire Road AU-tards continue to turn your heads…

      As far as Jay Coulter is concerned, he should know morally corrupt. His brother Sammie, is a dope-head that lives (last I know at least) in a single-wide in Smiths Station. Why isn’t his brother in prison right now? Because their father is the Mayor of Phenix City. Talk about corrupt, you should know, right Jay?

      1. Toomer's Tree is Dead!

        I should also note Jay Coulter suffers from a severe case of inferiority complex. It’s almost deadly!

        He finds a way to incorporate Alabama into everything he writes. It’s sad, but also humorous.

        If you can find me one Jay Coulter article that doesn’t mention anything affiliated to The University of Alabama, I’ll change my allegiance to the barn immediately.

  2. Yep – marijuana possession (by a former player…that was dropped) and child molestation (by a former player)…current players committing armed robbery, your former RB star claiming that the football players consistently smoked spice, etc. etc. etc. You see, sampson…we all have players and former players that do wrong things. Auburn fans just try to ignore it and compare it to our players’/fans’ wrongdoings. Same thing with probation and NCAA sanctions – both schools share in that glory more than we should. Just recognize that no matter where you graduate from/play football for/root for, you can’t control everyone 24/7 just to protect your University. Roll Tide!

    1. You are correct to a large degree, just because you attended or graduated from University U. doesn’t make you a model citizen as I have stated before…………. RTR

  3. What the fuck is wrong with you? Is your self-worth so fucking tied into your college football team that you have to go off on self-righteous tangents calling a rival team’s former player a piece of trash, thug or thief?

    Grow the fuck up. You’re a disgrace to the Alabama fanbase.

    1. I just tell the truth and point out that a self-righteous fan base worships a laptop thief and then tries to paint a rival coach as corrupt.

      I hate hypocrisy.

      There are plenty of things wrong with every football program. Only the myopic refuse to see it.

      1. Thats just what I have been saying the past year and a half. Like having it’s own thieves and armed robbers and on campus drug dealers but too busy trying to look in somebody elses window for dirt.

  4. No story about the destruction of the crystal trophy? I thought you Bammers would be more careful trying to fondle and hump the trophy!

    1. I accidentally kicked over the trophy… sorry… please don’t tell Harvey where my trees live…

    2. Hey Idiot Vol, Bama has so many trophies lying around in Tuscaloosa people are tripping over them. I guess we could display some in Neyland stadium, since Bama owns that place too.

  5. I maybe dreaming about this but I read that CN turned in some kind of papers to get a grade. That he did not do. Was another students work. Now this could have been someone just starting “junk” on a blog. Does anyone think he’d stoop that low? RTR

  6. My source at the NCAA has told me that AU is constantly under the microscope now after the Cam Newton debacle, and the way Chizik tried to embarrass Julie Roach with his hypocritical, pretentious verbal assaults at last year’s spring meetings in Destin.

    All we have ever asked is for Auburn to clean up their own backyard. If they would do that, I would stop investigating and reporting on them. However, until Auburn takes the high road, they leave me no other choice

    1. LMMFAO. Thanks for the laugh RC!!! Investigating and reporting huh….bwaaaaahahahahahaha. Oh shyt hang on, let me catch my breath… Damn that was funny. My question to you is, how in the hell does a bbq pit boy at Jim and Nick’s have a NCAA “source”? Still, thats some funny stuff there, boy.

  7. It’s 2012. That was 2010. You lost. You’re bitter. You’re obsessed. You won last year. Apparently, that wasn’t enough. Therefore, on behalf of the Auburn Nation, by the power vested in me, I hereby forfeit the 2010 Auburn- Alabama game in which the real 2010-11 National Champions, the Powerful Alabama Crimson Tide, blew a 24 point lead to an inferior team (there, do you feel better now?).

    Get over it. We have. By the way, has Shane reincarnated? Your drivel sounds a lot like his drivel.

    1. Whatever. I find it fascinating that Auburn fans don’t see the hypocrisy in calling Saban morally corrupt.

      1. Don’t put us all in the same Fiesta Bowl as the other deranged fans, AU & UA alike. Corruption is like a pack of M&M,s you can find it wherever you look. Saban Tuberville, Price, DuBose, Franchione, Bear (OH NO! DID I SAY BEAR!), Dye, Bowden, Petrino, Paterno, they all have worn the same hat of shame. Sad, the only ones that didn’t live in corruption (Curry, Shula) were losers.

        1. I really don’t think most coaches are morally corrupt. Most coaches, even when doing something shady, aren’t really corrupt.

          That is why I think the whole casting stones thing that Track Em Tigers did was wrong and why I pointed out the drug problem and the character issues surrounding Cam Newton.

          Everyone has problems in their football program. How we approach it says a lot about who we are. There are too many myopic fans on all sides who see their side as the only true moral football program. Those are the ones that are sad.

    2. How did that last 24-7 deficit work out for you? (hint your answer should actually ignore the question and come up with some “well how did so and so work out for you?” )

  8. I will stop investigating and reporting Auburn when their fans have the moral fortitude to demand a clean football program from Coach Chessup and the athletic department at Auburn. That is not asking much

  9. The intriguing thing about the crop facility is this: anytime anything positive is written about Bama, whether on ESPN, SI, or whatever, the crop facility fanatics turn out in droves posting, “…but so-and-so happened in 1967 or such-and-such happened in 1992,” just trying to smear and detract from it.

    But woe unto the poor soul stupid enough to print something negative about the crop facility. Then, the very same bunch wants to hang the guy and take sledge hammers to the presses.


    Yah think?!

  10. Yeah Kenny Stabler sure was an upstanding citizen and it looks like Rolando Mcclain might have shot a guy. Chill out with the criticisms.

  11. That the best you can do dumbass? Snake was a backwoods redneck growing up and he’s still a backwoods redneck, except he’s famous and has money. He got in just as much trouble in high school as he has all his life. But he never shot anybody. He never robbed anybody. He never kicked anybody on the ground half to death. He never dealt drugs. And he never shopped himself to the highest bidder when he went to college. I grew up with Snake. I know him very well. He was one of the greatest QB’s in history. Some of his pro records may never be broken. The only reason he’s not Hall of Fame is the corrupt system. His personal life should have no bearing on his accomplishments in pro football. I’d hell of a lot rather have a Super Bowl winner for my QB, than a Goody Two Shoes failure like Pat Sullivan. Dumbass. RTR!

  12. That’s fine if you want “a winner for my QB” rather than someone who is a “goody two shoes”, but if that’s the case don’t start talking character or morality because that’s just hypocritical.

    1. Hypocritical kind of like Auburn fans calling Saban “morally corrupt” and then erecting a statue to a morally corrupt quarterback.

      I think that is my main point here. Every school has problems, but to pretend that Alabama has a problem and Auburn doesn’t is the lunacy of too many fans in this state on both sides of the divide.

      1. Well you were an Auburn fan blog getting that info, what else would you expect? Most people don’t think Saban is morally corrupt. He’s kind of a jerk, but nothing more than that. He’s a good father, good husband, and good coach. Chizik is the same. He’s kind of a douche but he’s a great family man who sets a good example for his players.

  13. FBJ,

    Yes, Auburn has had its own campus football drug suppliers for years. Think Tray Blackmon and Eric Smith. Cam Newton screwed underage girls too, but you guys looked the other way on that too.

    As far as my profession, let’s just say I’m in a position to make your life very uncomfortable if I so choose. I offered you the opportunity to settle this last year, but you soiled your panties without meeting me in person. The opportunity is still there. Do you have the guts? Or, are you like all Auburn pussy QB’s?

    1. We can go tit for tat with both of our schools troubled players all day long, if thats what you want. That isnt what concerns me. I have laughed your dumbass off several times about your internet threat to me and the promise of a gang rape for my girlfriend. I actually think thats kind of funny. However, you keep on spewing the threats, and I must admit I am growing quite tired of them. My problem isnt a Auburn/Bama problem. My problem is with you RC. Look around….do you see me threatening anyone else on here? I have had my battles with most everyone here, for the most part in good fun. Then there is you. Let me give you some advice RC, and I really hope you take this to heart. Enough with the bullshyt tough guy threats of personal harm to anyone. Disagree with me all you want to, thats what this is for. Have fun on here, thats what this is for. But I will tell you one last time to stop with the threats, before I have had my fill of it and put your retarded ass in a body bag.

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  15. Your lame retort did zilch for me RC. You are falling off your game, oh wait, thats right….you had none to start with. I know exactly where you work RC, and like I told you, keep on with what you are doing. Calling me names getting your dick hard, boy? You are not going to do anything to anybody on here, we all know this. Yet, you still run that pole smoker like you are lmfao. If talking a little smack with fellow fans drives you to threaten harm, as well as rape, you might want to check into getting some help. I am a sane human being here. I would never “meet” someone for a fight over football teams. Only those that have no life would actually do that. What I WILL do is hunt down a loudmouth c@cksucker that threatens me or someone close to me with harm, and I will show you what FBJ means. You might think you are Bruce Lee or some shyt, but you would never have the chance to lay a finger on me, and that I PROMISE you. Whats RC stand for anyway…..Rectum Craver???

  16. FBJ sounds like a “rectum craver” especially talking about “hard dicks” and such. I know who you are too LANCE so watch your step, boy. This isn’t child’s play, boy. BTW, the fact that you responded with erections and such talk tells about the character you have, and the fact that I live inside your head.

    The offer stands. Do something

  17. You know who I am because I told you who I am. Thats my guts for you. I prefer not to hide behind a screen name like you RC. You are really pushing your luck with this thing boy. Better make sure you have all your loose ends tied up before you let your mouth lead you into a 6 feet deep hole. You want to talk about living inside somebodys head? LMAO I KNOW Im in yours son.

  18. WEEEAAAK Free Blow Job (FBJ) Lives:

    Typical response from some pimple faced faggot. I’ve given you a location and directions. It’s not that hard a concept. Only pussies use guns and beg ppl to visit their Facebook page (?). BE A MAN. ACCEPT MY CHALLENGE

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  20. Aaaaaaah, FBJ,

    “I’m more of a man than you will ever be, but please visit my Facebook page, and I won’t fight you.” OK NANCY. Also, anyone who’s ever been through the training I’ve been through both in the military and in college is much more than some dumb fuckin hayseed Auburn fan who trolls rival blogs on a weekend

    I will continue to investigate and report cheating at Auburn University. It’s my job, and it’s also the oath I took when I accepted my position. That is to report the truth and to publicly scorn those who impede my investigation

  21. One more thing, Faggot Blow Job (FbJ) Lives:

    You do NOT have a girlfriend to begin with, so stop acting like anyone was legitimately in danger. Sock puppets and inflatable dolls are NOT girlfriends

  22. Hate to burst your bubble RC, but yes, I do have a girlfriend…..I am surprised your mom hasnt told you about me yet.

  23. Lets continue this beef on a more recent blog shall we? Fun as this is, it’s become annoying to scroll down weeks worth of news just to give you your daily Capstone Bitch Slap.

  24. Only a Little Queenie like you could deliver a Bitch Slap while a REAL MAN like me continually goes for your jugular. Speaking of mom’s, your mom has some nasty snatch

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