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Four current Bama players throw their futures away

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UPDATE: Statements from Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban & AD Mal Moore added
UA spokeswoman Cathy Andreen confirmed this morning that four current Alabama football players were arrested Monday night on charges ranging from 2nd degree robbery to fraudulent use of a credit card.

Andreen confirmed the arrests of freshman linebacker Tyler Hayes, 18, freshman safety Eddie Williams, 20, redshirt freshman D.J. Pettway, 20, and redshirt freshman H-back Brent Calloway, 20. They were arrested by University of Alabama Police and were booked in the Tuscaloosa County Jail.

All four were released from jail Monday on bonds that ranged from $5,000 (Calloway), to $60,000 (Pettway and Hayes) and $65,000 (Williams).

Williams, a former five-star recruit from Panama City, FL, was arrested for a separate charge of carrying a pistol without a license on Sunday. He did not play in 2012.

Hayes played in 13 games as a reserve and had 14 tackles, primarily on special teams.

Pettway redshirted the 2011 season before contributing some at defensive end in 2012. He had four tackles for loss and 2.5 sacks this past season.

This is Calloway’s second arrest since he signed with Alabama in 2011, having been charged with second-degree possession of marijuana in Oct. 2011. After redshirting his first season at Alabama, Calloway played primarily on special teams in 2012.

All four players have chosen to look their futures directly in the eye and, rather than take advantage of the opportunities before them, urinate on what could have been.

Under Nick Saban at Alabama, you have tutelage under the best in the business. Even if you don’t make it to the NFL, which is an overwhelming possibility at Bama, you’re in the second most successful degree program in the SEC, and in the top seven in America. You WILL graduate with your degree and with zero school debt if you just do what you’re supposed to do.

Even if you don’t make it in pro football, do ya think the name Nick Saban on your resume will help get you a nod or two if you want to get into coaching?

Forget coaching…ask Jay Barker, Tyler Watts…even Auburn’s Stan White how name recognition and association with athletics helps you in the insurance business.

Ask any former player how being known helps you after football. But instead, what these players will be known for will be vastly different, and detrimental.

But some people just can’t be helped, and these, if proven guilty, will fall into that category…ready to be processed in front of a football team teeming with talent, held up as examples of what can and will happen if you choose to let the thug in you come out to play.

When dealing with 18-22 year old young men, stories like these are inevitable, but they never stop taking your breath away. These players needed Alabama far more than Alabama needed them.

As former player Josh Chapman tweeted this morning:

Josh Chapman ‏@The_Boss61
I just dont understand the decisions these boys make, now days. Free Scholarship, free room and free food.Why would they even take that risk?

And Will Lowery:

Will Lowery ‏@jwlowery29
Praying for safety of victims and also for the young men.They probably just threw away the biggest opportunity of their lives for some chips.

There simply are no words when one comes face to face with stupidity.

UPDATE: Alabama head football coach Nick Saban suspends arrested player. Here is his statement:
“The young men charged are indefinitely suspended as we continue to gather information and talk to the appropriate people. The University and football program have strict guidelines regarding issues of this magnitude. This behavior is unacceptable for any student-athlete at the University of Alabama and not representative of our football program.”

UPDATE: Alabama Athletic Director Mal Moore released the following statement regarding the arrest of four Alabama footbal players:
“This is a very serious matter and we are very disappointed in the actions that have resulted in the charges against these student-athletes. In this type of situation, the Athletics Department works in conjunction with the University. We will have more to say at the appropriate time.”

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47 thoughts on “Four current Bama players throw their futures away”

        1. No, its still called the “Fulmer Cup”.

          Actually, I think these arrests will amount to about 30 pts toward the Fulmer Cup tally.

          Who won it 2012? Florida? Auburn?

  1. You stupid bammers! You all piled on when Auburn had the four trouble makers. Isn’t it “IRONIC”! And if they needed Tuscaloser more than midget nicky needed them, then he sucks as a recruiter and evaluator of talent. They were all 4 and 5 stars and they’re gone! Ha Ha! The “GUS BUS” is coming! Bring a flashlight and pack a lunch, you dumb bammer bitches.

    1. You idiot, nobody here is saying anything but… you do the crime you do the time… has anyone here asked that these guys be spared anything but whatever comes their way. If a student athlete chooses to do something stupid, they should be punished just like the 50 or so were from your pathetic excuse for a program.

    2. Yep, lost some 4 and 5 star losers.

      Who do you think is going to replace them? What, some 2-stars? Or some 5-star players with even worse tendencies to be stupid?

      Weed out the bad apples AND set an example, all while opening up four extra scholarships, and the whole thing happens before spring training even begins?


      Roll Tide

    3. Yeah RG !! send that ol ‘Gus Bus’ down here!! Those types of guys would fit in nicely with Aubie and friends at the stock yards in Lee County and don’t forget you Aubies are ‘all in’ and being ‘family’ doesn’t hurt a bit!! LOL and RTR

  2. Robert, gather up your crayons and your coloring book and sit down. Standing at the window with your tongue stuck to it is not a good look.

  3. Well Gerrard, at least they didn’t do it at gunpoint like the Aubies and Viles. But can you imagine the utter stupidity? Could they think they could beatup and rob students on campus and walk? Are they retarded? What the hell were they thinking? Just goes to prove you can get ’em out of the Hood, but you can’t get the Hood out of ’em. Damn! On second thought it was probably all part of the Process. Get ’em thrown in jail and off the team to make room for the new recruits. ROTFLMAO!

    1. Whether it’s by gunpoint or not makes no difference. It’s four idiots who have chosen to throw their futures away over petty theft. As I said, some people just cannot be helped.

      The difference is, this has been a rare occurance under Saban. There’s a big difference between four idiots on one night and four years of chaos at Auburn. Eric Smith darn well almost killed a man and was on the field the next year. These guys will never play again.

      1. While I am very disappionted in this news,these young men deserve the punishment that the court feels fit for their actions and I hope that they can learn from it. We all know this is not the norm for ANY college athlete.

        1. It’s not, and in all honesty has been a rare occurance in Tuscaloosa since Saban took control of the program in 2008 (and everyone began buying in). I’m sure it breaks his heart as much as any.

          But no one can make you do the right thing. You have to do it on your own, and these young men chose very unwisely. No one can save them from their consequences now.

      2. ITK, you’re trying to say the incidents at Auburn were different from those at Alabama simply because of an unrelated incident from nearly two years before involving Eric Smith? That’s also really funny that you say Smith “darn near almost killed a man”. In what parallell universe did he almost kill someone? He got in a fight in a parking lot, punched a guy, and was charged with a misdemeanor. The supposed “victim” in that case was also arrested by the police at the same time. You make it sound like he was charged with attempted murder. At least he got suspended for it, which is more than what happened to Rolando McClain when he laid out some little frat boy that was half his size.

        The players involved in the Auburn robbery were idiotic thugs, and the players involved in the Bama robbery were idiotic thugs. Your unsubstantiated attempt to paint a contrast between the two incidents as a rare and isolated event at Bama and a common event at Auburn is ridiculous. You conveniently forget about Jimmy Johns getting busted for selling crack and Jeremy Elder getting arrested for armed robbery during Saban’s tenure. If there’s a pattern of felony arrests anywhere, it’s in Tuscaloosa.

        1. Look we’ll end this debate here: A criminal is a criminal whether he plays football at my school or your school. And that individual (or individuals) should pay dearly for their crimes, as should any criminal.

          But if you want to try and tell me there’s been more discipline and criminal activity in Tuscaloosa the last five years than there has in been Auburn, you’re a bigger idiot than we believed you to be, and that’s saying something.

          Both instances you cited took place in 2008, when Saban had barely been on the ground in Tuscaloosa. It’s been silent on the arrest front in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012, with very few exceptions. The frat boy incident took place when a drunk punk took it upon himself to call McClain a nigger over and over. I would expect him to do the same thing.

          There was a problem, but it’s been fixed under Saban. Kids are buying into the process and lives are being changed, a huge selling point for parents who continually send their kids to play for Saban. You can’t help a rogue thug who decides to let it loose.

          But comparing Alabama and Auburn to discipline and arrest issues is almost as ludicrous as you saying they’re equals in football accomplishment.

          Now quick, bring on the bullshit. You’ve had plenty of time squandering in Auburn irrelevance to think up plenty.

          1. Wow, profanity and personal insults. I didn’t expect such a visceral response.

            I don’t know how you concocted this arbitrary line wherein a perod beginning five years ago and ending this past Friday is the only relevant period for determining a program’s discipline. When you examine the multitude of arrests that have occurred on Saban’s watch and the dates on which they occurred, I guess it becomes pretty clear why a Bama fan would want to draw such a timeline out of thin air. There were 8 arrests in Saban’s first two years on the job, with charges ranging from drug dealing, to armed robbery, to beating up a security guard at bar. You’re suggesting that Saban had no responsibility during the time of these arrests because he hadn’t been on the job for at least two years? (Of course, that same rationale didn’t apply to Chizik when Eric Smith was arrested 7 months after being hired at Auburn “for darn near killing a man”.)

            I agree with you on one point. It is ludicrous (ludicris?) to compare arrest issues at Auburn and Alabama during the Saban era. There is no comparison. There have been way more arrests during that period at Bama than there have been at Auburn.

            1. “Multitude” must have a different meaning to you than everyone else on the planet.

              But I guess one must alter reality in order to deal with the team you despise owning Auburn, along with the landscape of college football.

              And coming from someone within a fanbase who acts like football didn’t exist before 1982, you accusing anyone of picking a timeline is downright comedy.

              Oh I forgot, Gus bus, and all.

              By the way, welcome back julio. I’ve missed you.

      3. At least they didn’t do it at gunpoint? Really? I think I would rather have someone point a gun at me and take my things leaving me unharmed than having 4 or 5 people beating me unconscious to take my things. And the crappy part is these guys will get LESS time than the Auburn players because they didn’t use a gun. How stupid is it that you can get more jail time for pointing a gun at someone and robbing them, leaving them unharmed than if you gang-beat someone unconscious and rob them putting them in the hospital.

        This will be Sabans second Fulmer Cup, right?

        1. Well, the bigger issue is, they’ll face civil charges, which they’ll lose, and have meager means to pay those penalties because they threw the most meaningful financial opportunity they’ll have in life thru UA down the drain.

      4. Good read Crimsonite!! and I would add, that after reading some of the ‘tweets’ posted elsewhere, I find it unbelieveable that there are some ‘bleeding hearts; out there that say these guys should be given another chance! nothing about the victims, just that these guys deserve another chance! I still say that if you are old enough to enter into college, it should be a safe assumption that you know the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong, and how to conduct yourself. RTR

      1. Yeah, exceptions. Again, this will be Sabans second Fulmer Cup. Guess how many schools have two. None, until this one is given out.

        1. So you’re holding out hope for a ficitious award “to be given out” to help you with your hatred and anger of what scares you most…Nick Saban and Alabama?

          Let me know when the Easter Bunny rides up on the purple unicorn. I’m sure you believe in them too.

          1. It wasn’t so “fictitious” a few years ago when Auburn won it. Alabama fans went on and on about it then. Its amazing to see the hypocrisy coming from Alabama fans on this one. Ive even seen where some Alabama fans are trying to blame Auburn for these players actions.

            And this is just the tip of the iceberg. If you think this is the only criminal activity coming out of that football program you’re going to be shocked over the next few weeks when the rest comes out.

        2. I think the “Fulmer Cup” has been given out to every school at least once in the SEC, except Vanderbilt.

          I do know Saban will be working on his 4th National Championship this year!

    2. This was Calloway’s second transgression. Saban sends players to Bradford Treatment Center in Warrior and Madison, AL on a regular basis. Second chances are given out by midget nicky consistently. Ex: R.C. from Macon GA who was a WR, but is now gone. He might have spent a little time in Madison a couple of years back. At the same time, another bammer player might have been in Warrior. Just saying….. I’m sure ITK knows who I’m speaking of. Point is : All of you inbred bammer retards have a coach that hands out second and third chances all of the time. DON’T GET IN FRONT OF THE GUS BUS OR YOUR FAT ELEPHANT ASSES WILL BE ROAD KILL TRAILER TRASH!

      1. There really is nothing funnier than a fan of an irrelvant team like Auburn hurling empty, hate-filled accusations that they can’t substantiate. It’s like a mouse throwing tiny little stones at a T-Rex.

        The only thing more satisfying than hearing your belief that a coach with one year of college head coaching experience can take down four-time national champion Nick freaking Saban is hearing a gay phrase like “Gus Bus” used in the context of that belief.

        And if what you say is true, praise God that he would care enough about his player to help them get help and treatment. It’s called altering the lives of young men who, left to their own devices, will undo themselves. It’s called leading off the field, as well as on.

        If only someone had helped you like this before it was too late. Instead, you’re just a special kind of stupid.

        1. And any Human Resources specialist will tell you that you can no longer just get rid of or fire someone with an alcohol or drug problem. It’s now a disease, and must be treated as such (welcome to the 21st century, Garrard). Someone having to go to Charter or Bradford is no different than a kid with a broken ankle going to the orthopedic surgeon – they’ve got a medical problem that needs to be treated medically. I’m sure down on the Plains they just turn ’em over to the guys in the white robes and let them “take care of it”. Pathetic.

          1. And, Garrard – you might be a little more careful how you throw around other people’s private medical information. That’s against the law, and whoever you are hearing it from can be fined anywhere from $50k and up for each violation. You can also be fined for just revealing it to another person. I’d hate to see your idiot face up there along with the Four Felons having to answer your way out of that in the jackass court on the Plains.

            1. Garrard can’t help but be a little excited. I mean Auburn sucks so bad (and probably for years to come), that this is the closest thing he can get excited about.

              But he is funny…The “Gus Bus” running over the 2 time defending National Champions? He HAS to be joking…

    3. These four young men just ruined their lives. I wish that I had had a chance like these young guys had. I don’t think Calloway will get ANOTHER chance. RTR

      1. You’re right, DES. Even if they didn’t make it to the NFL, they’d have a fully paid for degree with ZERO school debt, and name recognition in any interview, sports or non-sports related.

        Most want to go into coaching…imagine being able to interview with a coaching staff at any level saying you just spent 4-5 years under Nick Saban. Instead, you throw it all away.

        The waste in this story is just unimaginable.

    4. I’m still astounded by utter stupidity of these 3 idiots. I mean why go around campus beating up other students? Why didn’t they go down in the hood and put masks on? Or even to Northshore or Bessemer? WTF???? Didn’t they know they would be recognized? Didn’t they know there would be consequences? And using the stolen cards – Jesus Christ! It’s like they were asking to be caught. Maybe they had all been in the doghouse before. You know how secretive Nick’s punishments are. Maybe they all knew they were out the door when the new recruits arrive, snd they wanted to do something to embarrasse the University. Sounds stupid – but then consider that they are stump jumper stupid. RTR!

    5. There is nothing about this story that is even the slightest funny but when Garrard refers to the “gus bus” I cannot help but bust out into an almost uncontrollable laughter. Please whatever you auburoids do PLEASE continue to refer to the mickey mousezahn O as the gus bus. That will go down as classic!

      1. I pray every day that phrase catches fire and sticks. Truly one of the gayer things to come out of Auburn, and that is really saying something.

    6. ew – seemingly good dude-would be shocked if psychotic breakdown not chemically induced – still drugs etc no excuse – death penalty for ew – life for th and dp….

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