SPECIAL OFFER: I Miss David Hobbs T-Shirt

  • by ITK

Tired of the malaise of Alabama basketball? Eager for signs of competitiveness again, like back in the good old days?

That’s right. Those of us old enough to remember can recall years of ‘Bama basketball when come tourney time, you weren’t sitting on pins and needles hoping the NIT selection committee would call our name. We KNEW we were in.

There were even two years…TWO…when the Tide was selected for the NCAA Tournament! I know it’s hard to believe, but trust me, it’s true.

In his six years, David Hobbs compiled a 110-76 record (a respectable 59.4% winning percentage). The 117-85 record toted by current men’s basketball coach Anthony Grant in the same span of time has yielded just a 57.9% winning percentage, with NO hope of NCAA appearances and a possible NIT snub…for the 2nd year in a row.

Anthony Grant has single handedly set Alabama basketball back four decades, to the years before C.M. Newton. At least David Hobbs carried the torch, somewhat. Grant is too lazy to pick it up.

That’s why we’re making this special offer. Get your “I Miss Hobbs” T-shirt today, an exclusive CapstoneReport.com offer. Nothing communicates your disgust with the current state of our basketball program like calling for a better mediocre coach from days gone by.

Order your T-shirt today ($15 + $5 shipping & handling). Email itk@capstonereport.com with your size and quantity. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. I mean hey, you’ve waited this long for competitive basketball to return to Tuscaloosa…what’s a couple more weeks for a shirt?

(Note: This is a real shirt and offer.)

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