6 thoughts on “A very telling photograph about Alabama Football & the SEC”

  1. what it should have said:

    (1.) SEC

    (2.) ESPN

    (3.) Coach Saban

    because what’s going on at Alabama right now is all about Nick.

    good to see you surface Cap.

  2. Is that supposed to be something legitimate, or just an object of ITK’s artful hand? ‘Cause the totals add up to 101%.

  3. So many people are blind to everything else Alabama has been doing in athletics. It’s a cultural mindset that permeates the university, not just a program or brand.

    1. the fact is Coach Saban has raised the bar. some are equal to the task. others? not so much

      (looking at you Anthony Grant)

      1. The fact is Nick Saban has been more recognizable and profitable for the university as a whole.

        What I’m saying is the reason why we have so many champions at the University of Alabama is the same reason why Saban was such a perfect cultural fit to begin with, evidenced also by how clearly Mal Moore was in his pursuit of Saban. People see Saban, but they don’t necesarily see the University of Alabama. They wouldn’t like what they saw if they did. Roll Tide.

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