ITKIf you want to listen to the Rick and Bubba Show, that is your perogative. But to do so as an Alabama fan or supporter, do so with the understanding that you are supporting a program that is as orange and blue as the Jordan-Hare student section, with the same approximate alchohol induced I.Q.

The duo like to talk about letting the free market decide the success of businesses. We agree. That’s why we’ve taken exception at the program in the past when it has taken shots at the University of Alabama.

One of those is an ongoing caricature of Alabama fans that host Rick Burgess portrays. Burgess, whose son was on the team at Auburn…a walk-on that Rick hilariously staged an “announcement” for over the airwaves so son could use daddy’s hot mic…uses the character “Dickie Nadmeyer” to express his inner aubie.


This morning the two ushered in the character to revel in Alabama’s weekend loss to Ole Miss, using the personality to poke fun at Alabama and its fanbase yet again.

The show is mildy entertaining, but rarely if ever portrays the University of Alabama, its fans or athletics in a positive light. And apparently Burgess couldn’t wait until a Tide loss to roll out the offensive character again.

In recent weeks, however, segments of the show were devoted to a friend of the show who was presented with a scholarship named in his honor at Auburn. For days it was a living commercial for Auburn University as the two sucked up to someone who supplies them with hunting gear.

The show has seen its best days come and go, and while we’ve seen Rick wear Auburn gear on camera, talk about spending the weekend at Auburn games and promote Auburn in a positive light, I don’t recall ever hearing Burgess, Bubba or any of the cast do the same for Alabama. Bubba does a similar character Burgess will claim is the antithesis of his character, aimed at Auburn. But “Dippin’ Dan” is as impotent as Burgess’ raspy, nails-over-a-chalkboard voice. Compare the bias between the two characters and it’s not even close.

I understand the show isn’t local but regional, and that it isn’t their burden to bear to give both schools equal time. But that doesn’t stop Burgess from slinging venom at the Tide when the opportunity presents itself. Is it possibly because in Rick’s past as a player he was spurned by Alabama, as possibly was his dad, both of which were relegated to playing/coaching at the Division II level? Who knows.

But I do know that as an alumnus of the University of Alabama, I don’t appreciate the humor. And if they want to go down that road, it’s their choice. But Alabama fans need to listen knowing that they’re supporting a show that revels in the missteps of their university. So with that, let the free market do its thing.

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19 thoughts on “Bama fans beware: Rick and Bubba revel in Alabama loss”

  1. a radio duo i just never really cared for. i know they’re syndicated and very popular and conservative but just never clicked for me.

  2. Rick and Bubba’s biggest fans are themselves. Nobody laughs as hard at their humor as they do. Just sit back and listen to who laughs louder at them. Themselves or their small audiences. They’re both two obese has beens that are living in the past. Boycott all of their sponsors.

    1. THIS. They have always been in it to entertain themselves and their audience has gotten smaller and smaller over the years.

      On some level I do kind of like them personally as men of faith, but gave up on their show a long time ago. I’m not a hunter or an Auburn fan so that pretty much eliminates me from their audience.

  3. Bless their hearts. Just bless their little hearts. They try so hard to convince themselves Aubie is, or ever has been relevant. Alabama put southern football on the map. Their accomplishments on the field are second to none. Aubie was awarded 1 NC in 1957 while on probation for paying players and didn’t even play a bowl game. They bought a NC in 2010 with 180K to Newton and 60K to Fairly. They’ve played for all the marbles in an end-season match-up #1 vs #2 only twice in their entire existence. Let them yuck it up now. Karma is a bitch.

    1. You do realize Alabama has been “awarded” NCs while LOSING their bowl games, right? And I believe the last team between the two that was on probation for paying players was….Alabama! In fact, you just fired a coach for paying a player….oops, I mean, giving him a “loan”. And how many players have had to be suspended the last few years for taking money and other things from agents?

      Evidently Auburn is relevant. You guys talk about them non-stop.

      1. Poor deflection once again peachfuzz. The UPI crowned their NC at the end of the regular season in those days. Do you also discount the many teams that claimed a portion of a split tile back then or just Alabama? My point obviously flew way over your pea-brained barner head. Bama has been playing for and winning most games that came down to and end season best vs best game, starting with the Rose Bowl’s of the 20’s and 30’s and continuing thru now. Aubie didn’t even play in their 1st such game until 2010. LMAO@ Aubie football.

        1. Hey peachfuzz, do think Aubie can put together back to back 10 win seasons this year for only the 2nd time ever?

          1. Hey bambimbo, do you think Saban can manage to win his first game against Malzahn? Im doubting it watching that mediocre team thats 4-3 in their last 7 games.

    2. Not sure where you get the 60 k to Nick Fairley from. But DJ Fluker got 45 k from former UA players while in school, and that is paying a player if ever there was one paid. That means you bought the 2011 title, and HaHa got a loan(ahem) from a coach, which is paying a player. Not to mention, there has been at least 3 instances in the last 5 years, where a players scholarship money has been given to him before he was supposed to get it. THAT is paying a player. If you continue to do something, it is not an accident. But you have the best compliance( look the other way) department in the country (cough, cough, sarcasm intended.)

      1. Elite Tiger, you never cease to amaze me with your blindness. It’s truly stunning and never disappointing. Even when presented with contradicting evidence, you still continue to beat this horse and suggest it was the University of Alabama who is to blame (never mind the other schools involved whatsoever in any way, shape or form).

        Cult. It’s what’s for dinner (and breakfast, lunch, fourthmeal, etc.).

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  6. ” Burgess couldn’t wait until a Tide loss to roll out the offensive character again. ”

    He did not have to wait too long. Bama is barely over .500 in their last 7 games. Too bad Arky lost to A&M, or you guys might have actually had a chance to beat a ranked team for the first time in almost a year.

        1. Hey, MSU didn’t even storm the field when Auburn lost. What’s that like? I’m so used to a defeat being a storm-the-field situation

  7. Since every other show on in Birmingham is a “bammer show”, I guess they had to give us something. WJOX is all bammer all the time, so what are you complaining about.

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