ITKLast Saturday the Tide scrimmaged for the 2nd and final time before the August 30th opener with West Virginia, and the million dollar question was how the quarterbacks fared.

Everyone wants to know stats. Everyone wants to hear numbers that will make them breathe easier heading into the post-AJ McCarron era.

Unfortunately, Nick Saban knows something we don’t. Unlike almost everyone reading this post, Bama’s 4-time National Champion head coach, the longest tenured head man in T-Town since Paul W. Bryant, isn’t ready to divulge that information.

“Both guys played an equal number reps with the ones today,” Saban said. “Both guys had their moments doing good things. I also saw inconsistencies with those guys.”

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And that’s what we got.

We live in a time where we go to war as a country and we’d like a nightly presser indicating what happened that day, and what’s going to happen next…like our enemies don’t have access to airwaves.

Ours is a generation where heating something in the microwave for more than 1:00 is just too dang long. We want it ready, and we want it now.

But apparently, the man closing in on 200 college football wins isn’t ready to take that info out of the oven.

He did share this, however.

“I do think that Blake probably is playing faster right now. He’s been in the system a little longer. Has a better understanding. Has a little bit more rhythm. I think sometimes Jake is still trying to feel his way.”

Blake Sims is a fifth year senior that has done everything asked of him in his time at Alabama. Until this coming season, my favorite Sims moment will be him taunting the LSU fans following T.J. Yeldon’s last-second touchdown in Baton Rouge two seasons ago. That favorited memory will likely be replaced this year.

Sims is an athlete. He is fast as a cat, but built like a running back. And he can throw it a mile. If he can hit anything at the end of that mile remains to be seen, but one of the brightest offensive minds in the game seems to believe he can use what he’s witnessed, at least situationally.

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But that’s not to say Jake Coker is out of the picture yet. The transfer was wearing garnet and gold this time last year, and though he took part in summer reps, has worn Crimson just three weeks. Asking him to step in and be the magic savior at QB may be a little too much.

But then again, this is Alabama we’re talking about, where 11-2 or 10-3 is considered by some to be a down year.

Still, thankfully ours isn’t a high school coach transplanted to the college level entering just his third season. He is a master. The master in the game today, a fact this isn’t up for debate. And maybe, just maybe Alabama head coach Nick Saban knows what he’s doing.

“He (Coker) made some real significant strides in practice this week. Had some really good practices,” Saban went on to say after the scrimmage. “That’s still going to be a competitive situation. Until somebody clearly wins the job, we’re not making a decision.”

The fact is, a decision really isn’t needed until September 20th. Bama has warm up games against West Virginia, Florida Atlantic and Southern Miss to get someone ready for the gauntlet that will later come. Or to get someone(s) ready.

From my sources, I’m of the opinion both signal callers will be used this season. And with a stable of running backs, not much will be needed, frankly. T.J. Yeldon, Kenyan Drake and Derrick Henry is the 1-2-3 punch Alabama hasn’t had at that position since the 2009 season. Ingram, Richardson and Lacy were great, but the trio suiting up this year may be just as good.

And that season? There was a newcomer under center named Greg McElroy. All he did was lead the Tide to a 14-0 season and a National Championship win over Texas.

But at Alabama, that doesn’t seem to be good enough. We strive for excellence. We see through Lucky Charms wins and want substance. We’re a higher breed of football fan, listening past the cotton candy “sayings and slogans” other fanbases intoxicate themselves with in favor of the truth.

Thankfully we have Nick Saban. And thankfully he’s chosen to put up with and make his home with us. Thankfully, he’s got this. Something he’s seen from the two main options at QB makes him confident heading into 2014.

And even more thankfully, Nick Saban understands the rules of war. The enemy doesn’t need to know what’s going on at the quarterback position right now. And frankly…gasp microwave generation…neither do we.

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19 thoughts on “2nd scrimmage points to the next Bama QB”

  1. 2 losses this year. Sims just isnt a good QB. Couple that with the least experienced O-line in Sabans tenure at Alabama and a new OC and this offense is going to struggle early. Luckily they do continue to play one of the softest schedules in the country but Florida’s defense is going to cause some TOs and could very well pull out the win.

    1. Nope. If there is anyone who hasn’t a clue what they are talking about in regard to Bama’s QB situation, it’s you peachy.

      Bama won’t need much from the QB position this season, but will get all it needs from Coker, the eventual starter, and Sims, who will play situationally. The only point in the Florida game where the Gators will be within two touchdowns of the Tide is in the first quarter. That goes for the Iron Bowl as well.

      1. Bama will need a lot from the QB. Your offensive line is the most inexperienced that Saban has ever had at Alabama. For the ground game to work you’re going to have to have a threat at passing.

        Alabama will struggle offensively. They struggled last year, especially early, with a much better offense than the one they’ll have this year.

        1. OK, I know they haven’t played yet, but a better offense last year?

          You mean the year they nearly three-peated?

          I’m confused—–I get losing McCarron (but you always were critical of him regardless?), and yet Cooper, Drake, Yeldon, Howard, Henry, White, Jones, et al return, right? Did they get worse? Maybe Henry will get benched? I don’t know what you’re trying to say, it’s so vague and seems to contradict logic.

          Wow. Maybe all we need then is some Lucky Charms.

          Maybe this will be Auburn’s second ever back-to-back 10-win season?

          It’s interesting the defense wasn’t mentioned. Interesting, to say the least.

          1. Their defense will be fine though the secondary could struggle early. Most important pieces of an offense are O-line and QB. Alabama has major question marks on both.

          2. @peachy


            I remember when Greg McElroy was a giant question mark. I believe he was a 3-star recruit. Everyone said he was passable, maybe even decent, but the O-line was unproven and inexperienced. Next thing you know, he wins a national championship his first year as a starter.

            I remember when AJ McCarron was a giant question mark. I believe he was a 3-star recruit. Everyone said he was passable, maybe even decent, maybe not as good as Phillip Sims, but the O-line was unproven and inexperienced. Next thing you know, he wins two national championships his first two years as a starter. I wouldn’t exactly call him terrible in his senior year, either.

            The QB is a giant question mark yet again, only now the QB’s up for the job this season sound better than anyone ever thought of McElroy and McCarron before they were starters, don’t they?

            Are memories really that short? Everyone remembers 1941 but nobody remembers 2009? It’s very confusing.

            Look, in all seriousness, I’m more critical of Alabama than most, and frankly I don’t know how they’re rated so high before the season starts.

            But I don’t go to little brother with my doom and gloom.

            Then again, I don’t have to, do I?

            It’s silly, that’s all. I know you hate Alabama, but it’s hard to argue we don’t have reason to be more excited than terrified.

            Next thing you know you’ll be complaining about the schedule again, including Florida. Good grief.

          3. I dont think you remember those past seasons very well. 2009 O-line was much more experienced than this years. You can get this information from Phil Steeles site. In fact, Alabama’s whole team was much more experienced in 2009 than this year. The 2011 team had 3 TIMES the amount of returning starts on the o-line that this years does. And again, that team had much more experience overall than this years team.

            Do i really have to school you on your own team?

          4. Peachy!

            You are hilarious! I love your sense of humor and vulerability.

            “Do i really have to school you on your own team?”

            Yep, I guess so. I’ll listen.

            That was almost smooth of you to deflect again and leave out the QB part completely this time, but yes, Alabama has replaced lots of guys on the line, both sides, as they seem to do all the time.

            But instead, you compare this year’s line to one of the best lines in college football history?


            I’m not as into Alabama stats as you are, but do those sites you read say anything about Alabama’s new linemen or Alabama’s inability to develop them?

            I mean, last time I checked Alabama’s o-line roster the freshmen alone averaged over 315 pounds and 6’4″, but I can’t for the life of me remember if Alabama is good at developing their o-line (never mind any of the returning upperclassmen whatsoever). I wonder if Auburn’s entire line combined (including non-freshmen) averages 300 pounds? I don’t think it does, but I don’t care enough to read—-go on and let me know if you find out.

            Look, I’m not saying Alabama doesn’t have young guys on the o-line roster (I didn’t say that, by the way, just sayin’), but when don’t they? 2009-2013 aren’t the answers.

            Tell me more about Alabama football. School me. Just don’t tell me you’re not obsessed. Unbelievable.

  2. absolutely the offense will explode first 3 games…gators will be a challenge and both qb’s will be ready

  3. correct rb’s won’t need much to run it down anybody’s throat and then woop play action

  4. The nice thing is we can look forward to having Coker again next season, that is unless he ends up being the starter this season and then goes pro… but he does have two seasons of eligibility left. Sims has been in the system a long time. I’m confident Alabama will be fine at QB position whether we end up with a true starter or have two QBs split time.

    1. It’s even weirder (I don’t know what other word to use) when you look at the QB depth chart and the incoming QB recruits. Bateman, Cornwell, Barnett, et al

      I can’t help but think of Tebow in his first year switching out as QB against tOSU in the national title game a few years ago. I don’t know if Alabama would ever do that, but with the arguable talent between these two (and the relatively low arguable talent given to McElroy and McCarron), it’s more exciting than crazy to think of them sharing snaps.

      1. I agree completely. Two QB systems are sometime seen as being disruptive of an offenses consistency. But Florida did use Tebow effectively in that 2006 championship year. Having two really good QBS is a nice problem to have. Alabama will be fine

  5. Well, I see the same bunch of miscreants are still the force du jour on the blogs again.

    I love the way people back track and try to obfuscate the “facts” they stated at an earlier time. And it’s just as funny when the butt scratchers of the media try to rationalized their earlier wrongs with a “scenario” that leaves them credible.

    NOT!!! No, not at all. All of the puissant crowd that bought, hook, line, and sinker, the Jimbo Fisher “Jake Coker” garbage, are now trying to cozy up to the likelihood that “Coke” will be in his familiar place again this year: Baseball cap turned backwards, clipboard in hand, headset on to get plays and relay them to the field. And he is great at it! He led the clipboarders in FSU combat 4 years in a row, so he should, certainly, be the leader in T-Town! As I said when the “Fish” stank up the airwaves with this “he’s the most talented QB Alabama has ever had” crap, I he were that good, little Julie Fisher would have had a bed mate to try to keep him “Coke” in town.

    Blake Sims, like it or not, is the next Alabama QB to lead them to a natty in his first season as a starter. This kid has all of the tools to run the offense Alabama is used to, and all of the moxie to run the offense that Alabama is morphing to. He will run on pure option plays, and read the defenses to mandate the best plays in “normal” mode. This guy is going to be great.

    Then, as now, you toe-toes are going to be scrambling to find something you can say to “prove” that you knew this all along. I’ll just sit back, and enjoy the ride.

    See y’all at the natty!!!

    1. I don’t agree with everything you said, but I’ll highlight a nugget.

      Coker is good. He is. Don’t discount Coker just because he hasn’t won the starting QB job at the University of Alabama.

      And yet Sims hasn’t lost the job to him. I don’t think he will, either.

      So what does that say about Sims nobody seems to have thought of for themselves?

      Roll Tide.

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