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Could you afford to attend the SEC Championship, a College Football Playoff semifinal game, and a CFP national championship game?  Alabama fans are known for travelling well, but if the Tide plays in all three of these contests it would cost a small fortune just for tickets.  Factor in gas for the Tiffin Motor Home, food, and other expenses, and you would probably need to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to make it to each game.

The upcoming playoff is historical and exciting, but there is something to be said for the old days.  For the average fan it was far more feasible to go to a few home games, hopefully the SEC Championship, and then plan one trip to a bowl game.


Here is an interesting article about the struggle for the five major conferences to set their own rules.   There are hundreds of schools involved in Division I college athletics.  Only a small percentage of them, mostly schools in the so-called Power 5 conferences, generate substantial revenue and keep the whole enterprise of big time college athletics afloat.


How far do the big schools have to bend over backwards to make things “fair” for the little guys?  There are tons of rules regulating everything from the size of media guides to apparently, how much icing can be put on a cookie cake.

It would suit me fine if the Power 5 broke away from the NCAA completely, which may happen one day.


Finally, the news that Philip Lutzenkirchen was legally intoxicated at the time of the car crash that killed him comes as no big surprise.   The insanely high level of blood alcohol content he registered is.

The driver of the vehicle had a blood alcohol content of .17.  Lutzenkirchen, who was a backseat passenger, had a BAC of.377.  The legal limit in most states is .08.  Two other passengers survived the crash and were not tested for alcohol.

The passing of a beloved football player, who was known as a good teammate and upstanding citizen, is still sad despite the circumstances.  It should serve as a cautionary tale that one single lapse in judgment can be fatal.


15 thoughts on “Around the Web: Expensive playoff tickets, Lutz’s BAC released, more”

  1. Hammah:

    There, but for the grace of God, go I.

    I would prefer to talk about the upcoming game against West Virginia. Or have a meaningful discussion about the consumer aspect of college football. Anything but talking about a young man in his prime dead.

    Be careful out there!

  2. Ditto Hammah!! and that goes for smoking that Mary-Ju-Wanna crap too!! Roll Tide Roll!!

  3. it is written 2014 National Champions Bama being Bama-semi’s in the Sugar slow 3-0 behind 3-3 then Notre Dame style blowout….Barn will Barn with a generous 8-5

  4. I would like to see an Alabama vs South Carolina SEC Championship, a semi against Oklahoma and a Championship game vs Fla State RTR season is almost here!!!

  5. if the mid-majors want to continue to be a part of the process, they’re gonna have to give up power.

    the days of the welfare programs (UAB) telling the makers what to do needs to end.

  6. Yeah, the .377 is playing real close to the edge. Nearly 50% blood and 50% alcohol. He was close to dying before the wreck. Poor guy, but Jeez. Probably didn’t even feel it. As for your worries about small universities and such – just forget it. The Power 5 conferences coupled with the O’Bannon ruling has pretty much made the insignificant schools — well, insignificant. And I just love it. You see I was here when all this NCAA parity shit started with scholarship restrictions and elimination of athletic dorms – all aimed at Bama – and I’ve wanted to Nuke the NCAA ever since. Bama and Bear almost saved us all from 30+ years of this horse shit when they tried to form the CFA. You can thank the bastards at Notre Dame for the 30+ years of pain we’ve had, since their refusal to join was the factor that caused it to fail. And I’ll guarantee you if the CFA had succeeded, long before now there would have been some better living conditions for athletes. There would be no need for O’Bannon or the Power 5. There would also be a hell of a lot less BS in the papers about athletes in trouble with the law – if they were living in athletic dorms.


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