By Hunter Ford

Auburn quarterback Nick Marshall led the Tigers to an SEC championship and a BCS title game appearance in 2013 and was set to be a featured player at SEC Media Days next week.  So, to prepare for his big moment, he went cruising around in Georgia smoking some weed.

Reports state he had less than an ounce of the wacky, which seems to be very important because it is noted prominently in headlines.

According to reports, the Auburn quarterback was pulled over around 1 p.m. ET for a “possible” window tinting violation.  He was given a citation, but not arrested.  Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn is very disappointed.

Marshall is an upcoming senior at Auburn and is touted as a Heisman Trophy frontrunner for the 2014 season.  He began his playing days as a cornerback at Georgia but was dismissed from the Bulldog’s program after his freshman year for undisclosed violations of team rules.


39 thoughts on “Auburn QB Nick Marshall cited for marijuana possession”

  1. Whew! That thread you linked already has over 2000 posts. Damn it must hurt when the worm turns. The bigger question is since he was alone and the officer smelled Weed – why wasn’t he arrested for driving under the influence of a controlled substance? You cannot smell for certain 9 grams of herb in a bag. If he smelled it, then it had been smoked and therefore DUI. Is this the second strike for the famous robber of other students? Inquiring minds want to know!

    1. I know right? This was close to his hometown so maybe he’s getting some home cooking. Maybe the cops in Georgia are more lenient or the laws are more lenient. I have known people in Alabama to get jailed with a quickness just for having some tiny roaches in an ashtray.

      1. hunter, i wish you would call the finebaum show occasionally. there is no bama fan that can talk with the eloquence and sophistication that you would bring to the table. with your knowledge and objectivity it would shine a positive light on the tide nation.
        i enjoy your reads,.

        1. Well, thank you. I can’t pick up Paul’s show in Troy, Alabama….I would love to represent Alabama on his show. Something o think about. Thank you for the kind remarks.

          P.S. Can’t pick up Paul on regular radio. I know I have other options. But, I miss the days of AM radio

  2. Free pass again boys! This guy won’t get any punishment. WAit and see. It’s the barn way. They even named their field after a know NCAA crook.

    1. I know Saban would come down hard. Its not like he would allow a player that participated in the beating and robbing of other students back on his team…..

      1. @Peachy

        Yeah, you keep coming back to that. We talked about that before, several times. It’s like you accentuate what you don’t know happened and leave out what you know did happen. It’s weird. It’s obsessive. It’s very little-brother-esque, even though you’re supposed to be an LSU fan. Strange.

  3. Come on u guys can do better than that. Same old name calling. Getting boring fellas. Try a little harder.

    1. I would not suspend Nick Marshall He should go to MEDIA DAYS and explain what he was doing. This will be interesting. I want to know what music he was listening to. Hey Nick! What is up?

  4. Jump on the Gus-canna-Bus. The bong water is fine. Let’s see if Mushmouf shows at Media days. Racist Reese is another shining example of the land called Barner Lee that will be there.

  5. This is another reason why Auburn will not sustain any success. They tend to rot from the inside. Auburn discipline is an oxymoron. It would not surprise me to see them win 8 games this year and even less the next. That has been their MO for several years now.

    Mediocre…Great (extremely lucky)….Mediocre….Suck……Great (Lucky)

    I put my money on mediocre this year for the barn. You can’t have that kind of luck year after year, like they had last year.

    I’m not even that confident they can beat Arkansas. Auburn’s defense will suck and the offense will lose the rabbits’ foot, horseshoe, 4 leaf clover, and the favor of the God of Unbelievable Fortune.

    And yes, Alabama will destroy them again in Tuscaloosa….just like last time.

    1. Agree. Auburn will lose to LSU again and lose to Georgia and Alabama. Possibly will lose to one of the Mississippi school

      1. Not going to happen. We won’t go undefeated but we won’t lose to Georgia Alabama and LSU. And we surely won’t lose to MSU and or OLE Miss. The cupcake schedule you guys have will be in your favor again. No Georgia or South Carolina again this year. Must be nice. We have them both within one month of each other. It’s tiring to hear alabama fans feel so entitled and yet play a middle of the road schedule. Play ours and see how many games u win. I say 10 at most.

        1. Yeah, it’s a good thing Alabama doesn’t have to play the hardest team on everyone else’s schedule…which is Alabama.

          Maybe we’re lucky the team that’s beaten Alabama more than any other team in college football history isn’t yet back up to caliber. Same with Florida, but I don’t hear you getting upset about Florida, either.

          The problem is “WE WANT BAMA.” You say “cupcake schedule,” but every team plays Alabama harder than anyone else. Beat Alabama, you don’t just keep your job as a head coach, your school gets a hundred million dollars in rennovations and you get a raise rather than losing your job. Think Will Muschamp doesn’t know this?

          It’s one thing to say Alabama’s schedule is easy because they get to play so many lousy teams like Arkansas and Auburn, but it’s another thing to say we can’t tell who the best team would be to play against, say, Georgia or South Carolina in the SEC title game, anyone else in the playoff, and the runner-up in the national title game, no matter how many games Auburn loses.

  6. I am so pissed that Nick Marshall took away a good debate about the O’Bannon case……

  7. Super bummed Kenyon Drake won’t be playing against West Virginia. Ducking a police line when they told him not too. Thought he was above the law.

    1. Don’t try to deflect you dumbass motherfuker. Stupid ass T-town police. I’d go get my damn car too if the bastards sealed it in. There was no need for an investigation. A guy killed anotger guy and the pokice killed him. Nice and clean. Clear as a bell. Nothing to investigate. Stupid ass police think somebody is gonna hitch hike for a fucking week while they beat theur meat for nothing. Fukem.

        1. Drake was wrong for thinking he’s above the law.

          Nick Marshall is right for thinking he’s above the law. He doesn’t ever get arrested for his crimes, while Drake gets arrested during an investigation of someone else’s crimes.

        2. Nope! You, (being a dumbass Barnrat) are on a Bama blogsite running your cum hole and spewing hate against Bama. It is open season on you and all of your kind. I just call it like I see it. You’re motherfukers. Now, did that answer your dumbass question? Furthermore, let me enlighten you on cursing. Curse words are 100% a cultural invention. They mean nothing more than what some dumbass purist wants them to mean so that he will have something to bitch at ‘bad’ people about and make him feel better about himself. Over 50% of modern curse words, just a short while ago were standard acceptable words in the English language, either here or in England. To wit: Faggot, Queer, Gay, Pussy, Cock, Dick, Screw, Ass, Bitch, Bastard, Suck and the list goes on. I don’t play by society’s dumbass rules. If the purists want to fuck with the language and give me more curse words, which in reality don’t mean shit. – well that’s ya’lls fuking problem. Bwaa Haww Haww!

  8. According to Tuscaloosa one AL DL was arrested on a DUI charge. But those pesky police got it wrong I am sure.

    1. Was the DUI player a repeat offender like the God Nick Marshall?? Apples and oranges loser.

    2. At least Alabama players get arrested for the crimes they commit. That’s the difference.

      1. In Georgia, possession of less than 1 oz of marijuana is a misdemeanor and not an offense necessarily subject to arrest. Marshall wasn’t arrested because there was no reason to arrest him. In fact, he very likely will not even have to pay a fine if he meets certain conditions. In some states this will would not even be news. He did violate team rules and will be subject to the penalties of those rules which penalties do not include the loss of playing time if a first offense.

  9. Figured some Bama fan on here would say something like that. Your right though. Just one DUI shouldn’t make a difference. I agree. Let’s just act like it didn’t happen. Good call.

  10. Auburn: 2 arrests and 1 citation in 2 years

    Alabama: just had their 11th arrest yesterday in the last 18 months.

    I think we can see which program is out of control.

    1. I’m not sure what it would take to arrest Nick Marshall. Theft, illegal drugs, robbery, apparently none of that is enough for even an arrest. Did they even take the weed away?

      But yeah, it’s Kenyan Drake who’s the problem, right? Unreal. Never stop. You are seriously hilarious.

  11. I love the headlines..
    “Nick Marshall was teary eyed and “very regretful” when police cited the Auburn quarterback for carrying less than one ounce of marijuana in his car Friday.”

    Teary eyed and very regretful? I should stop looking at “Auburn Live”.com. The bias is blinding. Reed gets a DUI and there is no sugarcoating it…and that is how it should be.

    I guess at Auburn, its okay to do drugs as long as you regretted it. Like I said, no discipline at Auburn. You can bet Saban will teach Reed a lesson…and of course will try to put it in the worst light possible.

    1. will it be the same kind of discipline he had for DJ Hall? Suspended a game unless they’re losing and then suddenly unsuspend him?

      1. No; he’s 22, so he could get weed legally in Colorado, and you can carry up to one ounce, which they were very clear to make sure we all knew he had “less than one ounce” in Georgia.

        It’s still a violation of team rules, though, not that it would matter.

  12. Bryant had a great record v/s Auburn. The rest of your coaches are a combined 23-29-1 v/s Auburn though

    1. Well, Bryant was at Alabama for 25 years….

      Interesting stat that you took time to look up. Doesn’t mean anything, because at Alabama we care more about counting Championships than selective stats about our opponents.

      I know this may start the whole National Championship debate (“1941! 1941!”), but we count SEC Championships too. Have you researched that?

      1. Just responding to Crimson Hannahs post. And you guys usually dust off that “we don’t care about Auburn, we care about championships” during years you lose the Iron Bowl. In years you win we never hear the end of it. In years you lose it doesn’t matter because you don’t care about that stuff.

  13. Here some easy research for Peachy (since he loves to do it)…

    Between Alabama and Auburn…
    1. Who owns the overall series?
    2. Who has more National Championships?
    3. Who has more SEC Championships?
    4. Who has the record for most wins in a decade?
    5. Who has won more games overall?
    6. Who has the most players in the College or Pro football hall of fame?
    7. Who has the most coaches in the College Football Hall of Fame?
    8. Who played in the most bowl games?
    9. Who has won the most bowl games?
    10. Who has the most 10+ win seasons?

    Should I stop or do you need time for you research? Because, I got some more stuff you can look up when you are finished with the first 10.

    Let me add a bonus…Which team has more NCAA probations?

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