By Hunter Ford

Steve Spurrier once said you can’t spell citrus, as in Citrus Bowl, without UT, as in University of Tennessee.  Back then, the Ole Ball Coach was the coach of the mighty 1990’s era Florida Gators.   The Gators always seemed to knock the Volunteers out of contention for the SEC championship early in the season, thus relegating them to the Citrus Bowl, the equivalent of an “also participated” trophy in T-ball.

These days Spurrier is coaching the South Carolina Gamecocks.  You all know the story on that.  After a failed attempt with the NFL’s Washington Redskins, Spurrier returned to coach a historically mediocre program, which at the time was still one of the newest members of the SEC.  Spurrier has had some success at South Carolina.  Winning the SEC hasn’t been part of that.

At least, Spurrier hasn’t lost his zeal for launching zingers at opponents via the media.  Recently he skeptically reviewed Alabama coach Nick Sabin’s record at Alabama.

“How many SECs has (Saban) won there (at Alabama) in eight years?” Spurrier asked? “He’s won two, three nationals, but he’s only won two SECs in eight years.  Now, if you had the No.1 recruiting class every year and so forth, I don’t know if he has maxed out potentially as well as he could.”,0,7079243.story

Saban has coached Alabama for seven full seasons; this year’s campaign will be his eighth.  Saban has won the Western Division of the SEC three times, the BCS Championship three times, and the overall SEC twice.

Spurrier has coached South Carolina for nine full seasons.  In a division that has been watered down since the decline of Tennessee, Spurrier has won the “Easy East” one time (2010), and got pummeled by Auburn in the SEC championship.  In 2011 Spurrier’s 11-2 Gamecocks lost to a terrible Auburn team.  Last year, his team (another 11-2 season) lost to a mediocre Tennessee squad in a game that essentially cost South Carolina the Eastern Division title.  Spurrier also has a loss to Connecticut on his resume.  You remember the 2009 Papa John’s Bowl in Birmingham? Who needs to be talking about maximized potential?

I’m not so sure about Spurrier’s coaching ability these days.  But it’s good to see he hasn’t maxed-out his potential for smack-talk.  He has a lot of that left in him.

Oh, and he thinks Alabama should play Tennessee as a non-conference game.

24 thoughts on “Spurrier zings Saban: asks ‘How many SECs has he won?’”

    1. That’s lame like Gene Chizik getting fired 2 years after winning a National. BTW, AU almost lost to LAMO, lost to a terrible Arky team the same year, and lost and have an overall losing record to VANDERBILT

  1. The Barnrat’s would do well to shut the fuk up permanently. History is pretty damn clear on what Aubie has achieved, and it’s real damn obvious that their mouths continuously write checks their ass can’t cash!

  2. As an Alabama fan, and a fellow who is fond of the Ol’ ball coach. This doesn’t bother me. In his day from 1993 until 2001 he was the greatest terror of my childhood, winning 6 Sec titles playing in 2 national titles and winning 1. Sadly us Bama fans loved his cracks on Tennessee and Auburn, but get offended when he cracks on us. You take the good with the bad, this is Spurrier at his finest. It’s what he does, by the way what he has done at USCe is amazing. 3 10 win seasons is unreal at that pitiful program. Honestly I foresee Alabama meeting them in Atlanta.

    1. Maybe Spurrier’s right?

      Maybe with all these #1 recruiting classes Alabama should keep winning more national championships?

      That way people can’t complain Alabama isn’t winning national championships, right?

      Wait. Did he really just say that?

      Be careful what you wish for.

      There’s some irony in Alabama’s only SEC title loss under Saban coming to one of the best teams in college football history…at Spurrier’s old school. Of course, Alabama beat that team the next year and won a national championship, followed by two more in the next three years, and the following year was a single field goal away from taking a knee to the SEC title and national championship.

      Oh yeah, Saban’s lost it all right. Roll Tide.

  3. If you read the quote a certain way, you could say that Spurrier is saying that Saban hasn’t “maxed out yet” which means he has potential left to fulfill, and if he’s won three nattys and two SEC, then there are surely more to come.

    But it seems really he is digging more at Saban for having number one recruiting classes every year but only winning the SEC twice, and he even seems to be putting more importance on the SEC title than the national title.

    Spurrier has led SC to three consecutive 11-2 seasons which is the best the school has ever seen. Before we got Saban, I was hoping someone from Alabama would approach Spurrier. Anyway…I think we will see Alabama in the SEC Championship game this year. If Spurrier can beat Tennessee this year, maybe he will be there too.

    1. Interesting fact, Spurrier, like Saban, coaches in a state with no pro sports.

      Spurrier has always made a point to bring up recruiting, like it being east at Alabama “because it’s Alabama” and how much harder it is to recruit when you can only go in three directions.

  4. The Barnturds have enjoyed giving us a ration of shit over a couple of xBama players who have been behaving a bit loose with their NFL millions. But never fear folks, it’s Aubie we’re talking about. They will always cut their own throats and the throats of their Fambuhlie who tries their best to defend them. So now we have a CURRENT Barnrat who is busted, not for fake Pot, but for the Real McCoy! And this is their best DB. Uhh Ohh! Looks that piss poor defense just got worse! Then again at Criminal U they just might overlook it. I mean if they didn’t overlook things like that they wouldn’t be able to field a team! Bwaa Haww Haww!

    1. That’s about what the nation expects from Alabama fans right now; no class trash.

      1. Uummm, not really. That’s just what the Barnrat fantasizers wish the country thought about Bama fans. The truth would come a hell of a closer to Barnrat fans. The only thing other fans hate about Bama fans is our sense of entitlement. But when you’re the best program in history you have a right to feel entitled. Everybody hates a winner who just won’t go away. LMMFAO!

        1. Oh yes, really. After watching Alabama fans kill other fans over a football game, watch them celebrate scum like Harvey Updyke, watch them shoot at their own children after a loss, watch them stab Auburn students before an Iron Bowl, watch them throw batteries at Auburn players after a loss, watch one throw herself at Oklahoma fans during a game, watch them rub their testicles on a passed out fan and now to see one post crap like that after the death of a former Auburn player its EXACTLY what the nation expects out of your fanbase.

  5. No it’s not and I defy you to prove it with a lot more than one valid link. And I don’t mean links from some damn Bsrnturd or Volunqueer or Bleacher Report half assed place. I was in New Orleans Bitch. That same night I saw two LSU fans physicallt attact one Bams fan walking alone with his pennant snd yelling Roll Tide. I saw s grope yhe pussy of an Alabama girl in a mini skirt snd the run. The shit thsy goes on on Bourbon Street during any event defys the imagination. Balls in the face aren’t shit in that plsce. But the other stuff thst went on that night didn’t give butt hurt Coonasses anything to retaliate against Bama with. Same fuking thing in Oklahoma. Way too many of their fans were just as rude snd smartasses mouth as dip shit Stoops was. Your shit head fans do just as much or more than Bama fans. In my opinion killing a fucking tree is not as bad asdesrcrating the statue and defacating on the grave of an honored citizen. And Updyke was not an Alabamian and damn sure not an Alabama Alumnus, you stupid motherfuker. Even s North Korean can be a Bama fan. His actions are not Bama’s responsibility. LSU fans at in State games are the rudest, worst behaved fans in the SEC. Georgia fans aren’t fsr behund. Any Goddamn thing you can claim against Bama fans, I can find someyhing equal against Barnturd’s or sny fsn base. But I’m not about to spend 24 hoursof researce to come up with a stupid assed list the way you did; csuse I’m not a stupid assed obssessed bitch like you. You see dumbass, I’m not with the red headed stepchild program. I’m with the lead dog program, so I don’t have to look at or smell assholes 24/7/365. Nor do I have to fill my life occupied with how, when, or where a Bsrnturd takes a shit. I pity your pathetic life. Now, as for the comment above about this mornings car accident. You by now should know what comes out of that particular persons mouth. You should just consider the source and leave it alone. I’ve had my problems with him in the past. I don’t even read his posts since they sound like someone junked out on acid. (LSD).

    1. You go ahead and find all the examples you can of Auburn fans killing other fans. Go ahead and find examples of Auburn fans stabbing Alabama students. Go ahead and find examples of Auburn fans shooting at their own children. Go ahead and find examples of Auburn fans destroying other fanbases icons. Go ahead and find examples of Auburn fans rubbing their nuts on other fans. Find examples of Auburn fans jumping on other fans during a bowl game. Post all you can. Have at it. These are things ALABAMA fans do. You rarely if ever hear about other fans doing this. Its ALWAYS Alabama fans. ALWAYS.

      1. Things you hear about? You can hear about a lot of things. That doesn’t make them true. I told you Bitch, give me some VALID links. There are over 3 million Bama fans in Alabama. Less than a million Barnturd fans. So it’s over 3 to 1 odds that something stupid will involve an Alabama fan. Nearly everybody that moves here from freaky assed places like up North or California become Bama fans. Most of them don’t even know who fucking Auburn is. Weird motherfukers from out of State like Updyke, and from out of region. 90% of the crime and weird motherfukers in this country comes from outside the South. Bama has no control over who wants to be their fans. Besides that you fuking CuntDyke, I don’t give a shit what YOU think and neither does anyone else on here. You’re a Goddamn Bamsessed Bitch with a pathetic life. Much as your dumbass is Bamsessed, and all the dumbass time you waste looking for stupid shit to flame Bama about; I bet your poor assed husband has to fuck on the side cause you don’t have time for it! Say what you want about Bama. Think what you want about Bama. Quote all the unprovable bullshit you want about Bama. Bama has no control over the 3 to 1 ratio of fans in State and the 500 to a 1000 to 1 ratio Nationwide. Besides, whatever happens to any Barnturd’s, they probably deserved it since your Goddamn sorry assed fanbase is the most loud mouthed, inferior complexed, argumentative and antagonistic fanbase in the fuking country. Say all you want – Bitch – and see where the fuk it gets you. I’ll tell you exactly where it will get you – right where it has for over a hundred years – nothing but an ass stomping in the Iron Bowl a majority of the time. Nothing but the acrid smell of asshole following the lead dog. And nothing but 2 blemished National Championships is over 100 years. So spout off Bitch – and then fuk off!

  6. I don’t want to hear shit about the spelling or other errors. I was driving on a horrible, rough road when I typed it and did not feel like back checking it.

    1. Yeah but it’s no fun to talk about the Dodgers or her own fucking team. If she minded her own business she might have time to fuck her husband – then again she’s a CuntDyke or maybe a BarnDyke and probably hates men anyway. LMFAO!

        1. Nah. I post rebuttals to you and other assholes who come on here for nothing more than to flame Bama. If that includes needint to reference other teams then the blame goes to your asses. I never go to anybody elses site to flame their team. Only if when I get there someone is running their cum hole against Bama, then the shit hits the fan. I really don’t need to talk about other teams. Why the hell does any Bama fan need to talk about another team unless some Bitch is flaming Bama. Bama is the epicenter of the college football universe. Has been most of the time for over a 100 years. Is right now. AND despite a loss to another Brand team once in a while, is going to remain there for the forseeable future. Nobody else has anything to bring to the table. All any of you can do is flame and hope and fantasize. But when the smoke settles it will be Bama still sitting on the Throne. So STFU!

  7. Weird stuff happens. Weird and bad stuff. Who was the woman’s tennis player in the 90s who got stabbed by a guy in the stands during a match?

    As passionate as we are about football, it’s really amazing 80,000 to 100,000 people can attend games together and have as few incidents as we do. When something bad happens it’s like the media covering shark attacks.

    You are more likely to get killed by a falling coconut than suffer a fatal shark attack, but when someone gets bitten it’s all over the news and it makes it seem that it is a more common occurrence than it really is.

  8. By the way Peach Pit, you BarnDyke, here’s something I didn’t even have to go look for, and it was reported by your beloved Next time you want to say something dumbass about Bama fans shooting people, you may want to go talk to Ladarius Phillips, Ed Christian, DeMario Pitts, Eric Mack, Xavier Moss and John Robinson. Oh that’s right Phillips, Christian and Pitts are DEAD! Stupid Cunt!

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