UA SGA does the right thing, misses UA-AU game

  • by ITK

Like the rest of the world, I didn’t watch or listen to the Alabama-Auburn basketball game last night. Truthfully, I only vaguely remembered they were even playing late into the evening, and by then figured I’d save something for my day on Friday.

As usual, Alabama sputtered and lost under Anthony Grant. I read this quote from Grant this morning…

“AU’s energy from the jump was difference. The energy we couldn’t match.”

So Anthony Grant is admitting that his ball club can’t match the energy of another team that will make neither the NCAA’s nor the NIT. Perfect.

Auburn has won but twice in its last 23 SEC games, both over Alabama.

Making David Hobbs look like a better coach by the day….Anthony Grant, ladies and gentlemen. Anthony Grant. Every day this man has a job at UA screams loud and clear that Alabama doesn’t care about basketball.

But the side story was the University of Alabama SGA not showing up for the game citing travel issues. Of course, their reason for being there, the annual halftime IDK trophy ceremony presenting the trophy to last year’s Iron Bowl winner.

Some have been critical of this move, including the Tuscaloosa News’ Cecil Hurt, calling travel concerns a “lame excuse.”

I’m sorry, I may have just woken up, but did we not just have arguably the worst winter weather incident in our state since 1993? At least in terms of scope and overall impact on our area?

The “travel issues” could’ve meant folks still stranded in places other than Tuscaloosa, for a myriad of reasons. Cecil, normally spot on, needs to shut his trap on this one. These are kids, and as a parent, which I don’t think Cecil is, I wouldn’t authorize my kid to drive any distance following the last three days in this state.

But let’s not pretend for a minute that the AU SGA would’ve been there had the tables been turned. Puh-leeze. As proof, count on them not showing in Tuscaloosa when the Tide demolishes the Tiggers and the trophy is returned. There will be some cheap, petty excuse presented as a “shot across the bow” in return for last night’s real travel concerns. Remember, this is the school who concocted Reuben Foster’s statement about de-committing from Alabama and committing to Auburn to be word-for-word with TJ Yeldon’s statement when he did the opposite.

Auburn is the most petty fanbase, school and program in the land. And this morning, as I sip my morning coffee, that Alabama’s SGA chose not to be part of their halftime cult-worship of their football team makes me smile.

After all, it appears the real officials to last year’s Iron Bowl…the ones that wouldn’t have missed THREE illegal blockers engaged downfield on the tying touchdown…had travel issues too.

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