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UA SGA does the right thing, misses UA-AU game

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Like the rest of the world, I didn’t watch or listen to the Alabama-Auburn basketball game last night. Truthfully, I only vaguely remembered they were even playing late into the evening, and by then figured I’d save something for my day on Friday.

As usual, Alabama sputtered and lost under Anthony Grant. I read this quote from Grant this morning…

“AU’s energy from the jump was difference. The energy we couldn’t match.”

So Anthony Grant is admitting that his ball club can’t match the energy of another team that will make neither the NCAA’s nor the NIT. Perfect.

Auburn has won but twice in its last 23 SEC games, both over Alabama.

Making David Hobbs look like a better coach by the day….Anthony Grant, ladies and gentlemen. Anthony Grant. Every day this man has a job at UA screams loud and clear that Alabama doesn’t care about basketball.

But the side story was the University of Alabama SGA not showing up for the game citing travel issues. Of course, their reason for being there, the annual halftime IDK trophy ceremony presenting the trophy to last year’s Iron Bowl winner.

Some have been critical of this move, including the Tuscaloosa News’ Cecil Hurt, calling travel concerns a “lame excuse.”

I’m sorry, I may have just woken up, but did we not just have arguably the worst winter weather incident in our state since 1993? At least in terms of scope and overall impact on our area?

The “travel issues” could’ve meant folks still stranded in places other than Tuscaloosa, for a myriad of reasons. Cecil, normally spot on, needs to shut his trap on this one. These are kids, and as a parent, which I don’t think Cecil is, I wouldn’t authorize my kid to drive any distance following the last three days in this state.

But let’s not pretend for a minute that the AU SGA would’ve been there had the tables been turned. Puh-leeze. As proof, count on them not showing in Tuscaloosa when the Tide demolishes the Tiggers and the trophy is returned. There will be some cheap, petty excuse presented as a “shot across the bow” in return for last night’s real travel concerns. Remember, this is the school who concocted Reuben Foster’s statement about de-committing from Alabama and committing to Auburn to be word-for-word with TJ Yeldon’s statement when he did the opposite.

Auburn is the most petty fanbase, school and program in the land. And this morning, as I sip my morning coffee, that Alabama’s SGA chose not to be part of their halftime cult-worship of their football team makes me smile.

After all, it appears the real officials to last year’s Iron Bowl…the ones that wouldn’t have missed THREE illegal blockers engaged downfield on the tying touchdown…had travel issues too.

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24 thoughts on “UA SGA does the right thing, misses UA-AU game”

  1. Call me clueless, but in all seriousness, what happened to Anthony Grant? Sorry, I know it’s a little off-topic, but I remember being excited when he was hired and I liked the way he represented Alabama’s cultural identity. But his teams have gotten worse every year to the point where they’re one of the worst in the league. I’m not crazy, am I?

    As for the refs, that’s one of the distinct advantages of the hurry-up-no-huddle; it’s explicitly designed to confuse and disorient everyone, including the refs. It’s by design. You have to play past it because the rules aren’t going to change to put more refs on the field any time soon to accomodate the change in speed and misdirection, albeit that’s not the outlying reason for the loss. Still, it makes me sick. Criss Angel should not play football.

  2. The team made the trip to Auburn and made it safely, but the snotty nosed SGA could not? Yeah ” wink wink” ok. Just another case of bammer class. The new AD at bama better watch his back. Loses to Auburn in Football , ladies basket ball, and mens basketball is not a good trend. Bwaww hawwww hawwww

      1. Yeah, imagine a team retroactively adding titles from decades ago…
        Surely only Auburn would do something like that…

        1. 4 Rose Bowl Champions won on the field of play. 10 BCS,AP,UPI titles. Nothing retroactive about 14. Hate on. Your team pales In comparison. Always has, Always will..

    1. You’re right. I agree with you that osses to teams as bad as Auburn’s football team are unacceptable. Bill Battle better watch his back is right. That, or beat Auburn.

      Wait, sorry Mr. Battle, you don’t have to watch your back; take the easy road and just beat Auburn. Simple.

      Also, I love the comment of the SGA’s lack of class representing their university by a guy who epitomizes the definition of Auburn’s Little Brother cultural mentality. Talk about class. I’m not sure where you live, but here in the south east there was a winter storm this week including fatalities and a total infrastructure breakdown. I have to assume you didn’t hear about it, otherwise you wouldn’t say something so unsympathetic to suggest anyone not traveling in the storm equals a lack of class.

  3. Maybe if you say little brother enough, you might start to believe it yourself. So going off your ” winter storm theory ” The entire Athletic program at bama should be fired for putting those young mens lives at risk by forcing them to drive to Auburn in such conditions? Maybe we should fire Saban for going out recruiting and putting those pilots life in danger during such weather as well. Hell I like that idea! Great job candoit! Fire them summabitches!!! I will give you credit and say that you are one sunshine pumping bastard for sure. You will try to spin every story you can in a positive way for bama nation. Keep up the hard work sweetie!

    1. Say what you want about how empty your glass is, but it’s not hard to be happy with Alabama. I don’t think that makes me an optimist; even an outright realist would paint a pretty picture. I’m not sure how pessimistic securing five times as many top-ranked recruits as any team in the conference could ever sound.

      But that’s ok, don’t listen to me; listen to anyone else’s diagnosis of Alabama’s future. Fill us in on all the doom and gloom.

      Um, one more question, where are you saying Saban flew during the snow storm exactly?

      Look, I worked during the storm, too. That doesn’t mean anyone who didn’t travel in it is classless. Calling the SGA classless for not taking that risk is outrageously incompassionate. It was illegal to be on many of the roads and highways this week unless neccessary due to a state of emergency. Classes and class functions were closed, for example.

      Also, it’s spelled, “The Conduit.” It’s not that hard. Spelling and grammar are useful tools, let alone prerequisites at good schools such as the University of Alabama.

  4. So now you are claiming you went to Alabama? I am sure that you could provide proof of that too? You sure do like to poke your chest out , and claim a lot of accomplishments on a ” sports” site. Author, millionaire, sports writer, travel the globe following the bama sports program, etc. You are yet to prove any of them. Besides,why would a fan of rival program know so much about you? Is your life so pathetic that you have to come to the internet to live out your make believe life , so you feel like you really are not the loser that everyone knows you are? Even dumb ass ITK keeps his personal life personal. And yes the SGA made a very classless move. Maybe not to the Auburn athletic program and it’s fans, but to the bama athletic program , and its fans. Why is it ok for the Basketball team to travel in the weather, but not him? To be honest , I could care less what gump made the trip. I am just responding to another useless , garbage story posted by ITK. I am responding in the same way that ITK did. In a way to piss off gumps. To get a response out of their ignorant fans, and cult members. You ( once again) are just the dumb ass to take the bait. Maybe if this piece of shit site gets more readers, you will not be the first dumb ass to respond everytime. bwaww hawww hawww

    1. @Can’t spell or write

      Following the Alabama sports program isn’t the reason I I travel the globe; traveling is part of my business and, for what it’s worth, most of it is in the USA, particularly in the South East and Midwest.

      But then you called me a liar again. I’m not giving you my street address to my house on St Helena Island, but even if I did it wouldn’t prove anything to you. My life isn’t make believe. The honest truth is I can’t relate to what it’s like to be you and feel compelled not to care about what I can do to support my own program but to go out of my way to chastize another, even if it is an alleged rival.

      Then you say you don’t care, and that your entire response system is based on a goal to “upset” Alabama fans. You don’t have your own goals, and if you do have your own opinions we wouldn’t know what they are since you’re saying these comments of yours aren’t meant to represent what you think but to insult and upset, all the while calling Alabama fans classless? What a way to represent Auburn. I would really never expect anything more than that.

  5. So the alabama SGA refuses to come, your own Cecil Hurt says that was wrong, you write an article about it but its Auburn thats being petty?

    We dont care that your SGA wasnt brave enough to come. We know when Auburn beats Alabama its hard for you guys to come back out from under your rocks. We’re not shocked or surprised at this.

  6. Our Cecil Hurt????? He’s not our Cecil Hurt. He’s a reporter who just happens to work for Tide Sports. As for Tide Sports, I have no use for them. They got mercenary and sold out to Rivals. Now they charge for their Bama news. What’s worse is that it isn’t as good as what you get free from al – err,

  7. You know what? This clown 2ll’s and his alter ego peaches are two of the dumbest sons of biches on the planet…They BOTH epitomise BARNER STUPIDITY at it’s highest level…Jimmy Taylor said we sent them a damn tape congratulating their LUCKY ASS IB win and the SORRY Bastards CHOSE NOT to play it…How the HELL is that BAMA’s Fault??? Only in the mind of a goddamn Chicken Science Major at COW U…You IGNORANT PIECE OF SHIT…Your own damn Golf Coach died the night of the game in a WHAT??? A CAR WRECK…What an IMBECILE and CLASSLESS ASSHOLE YOU ARE…Now get your ass back out there in your Momma and Daddy’s 600 foot chicken house and throw out the dead ones before they start to stink… dumbass…What are you 16 years old or something? You sure as hell ACT like a PUNK ASS 16 year old…Talk about being CLASSLESS…I think you win that prize…Numb Nuts…Talk about hiding behind a keyboard…You the king of that shit CLOWN FACE…
    Protect America, Build Submarines
    PS Sorry for the foul language but this guy brings out
    the worst in me

    1. Love it Ganger. Couldn’t have said it better myself. This site is like a magnet for tbe diahrrea of Bama’s rivals. LMFAO! RTR!

    2. Yet the Alabama team, coaches and trophy ALL managed to be there. Your sorry ass SGA just didnt have the balls to do what he’s supposed to do. I guess having to do it so much (8 of the last 12 years) really wears on them.

      1. @peachy

        I guess pushing “play” on the video from Alabama was too much for Auburn then?

        Auburn’s golf coach died in a car wreck on those same icy roads the day after. Grow up.

        1. And the report just came out that alcohol was involved. Again, the team made it, the coaches made it, the trophy made it. But the SGA……coward.

          1. Wow.

            This is the new standard for Auburn class.

            Thanks for representing the Tigers the way you do, peachy. Unbelievable.

          2. The standard is for your SGA to make the trophy presentation. When you lose you guys act like babies and refuse to be a part of it. But again, having to do it so much (8 out of the last 12 years) must really wear them out.

          3. Refuse to be a part of it now? How many times are you talking about here? Because if you’re saying the deadly weather isn’t an excuse it only would have worked this year regardless. Come on peachy.

  8. Hey DUMBASS Barner bitch!!!! WE DON’T GIVE A FUCKING SHIT!!!! Now bitch, waste some more time and bytes with your fucking drivel!

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