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Basketball: Were we watching the end of Anthony Grant at Alabama?

Alabama lost to Auburn.

That is never a good line to read if your job is the Alabama coach. It doesn’t matter the sport.

But, if it is a major sport, and if it is on television then woe to the coach.

Wednesday night Alabama lost to Auburn in basketball. The score Auburn 49 Alabama 37.

Horrible. Is this Anthony Grant’s signature game at Alabama?

Alabama led by ten at halftime 23-13.

Yes, Auburn had 13 points at halftime. Yet, Alabama found a way to lose.

Alabama shot 28.6 percent from the field and 10.5 percent from three-point range.

“We got outplayed in every facet of the game,” Alabama basketball coach Anthony Grant said.

No kidding.

That is not a good thing to hear. However, the post-game analysis gets worse for Alabama.

“Their energy in the second half was much better than ours,” Grant said.


Alabama fans must ask is this typical of the Grant era? If it is, why endure another year of this?

Has Grant lived up to expectations?

The answer is no. A trip to the second round of the NCAA tournament is not good enough.

Grant was hired to take Alabama to the next level.—to get deeper in the NCAA tournament and win conference championships. Yet, Alabama continues to languish.

Alabama basketball fans have had little to cheer about since Wimp Sanderson. There were moments of hope under Mark Gottfried, but Alabama has been consistently inconsistent in the post-Sanderson era.

Alabama fans want to be good at basketball. The question is whether Anthony Grant can help in that goal. The second half of the Alabama-Auburn game was not encouraging. As Grant said, the team lacked energy. Furthermore, the games border on unwatchable. It isn’t fun to be an Alabama basketball fan right now.

Even if Grant survives into next season, and knowing how Alabama approaches basketball there is little reason to doubt he will be around next season, this game could become the signature game of Grant’s Alabama career. It will take major wins for Alabama fans to get over this loss to a crappy Auburn basketball team.

9 thoughts on “Basketball: Were we watching the end of Anthony Grant at Alabama?”

  1. Thank God yesterday was NSD because reading
    about the TERRIBLE loss to the cow college I wanted
    to go throw up!! Alabama basketball team is young
    and has no inside player thats makes a difference
    but come on losing to Auburn you have to be kidding!!
    I have CAPITAL NO CONFIDENCE in Anthony
    Grant as coach of the crimson tide!!
    I bet Wimp had a cussing feat watching this game!!
    Alabama better beat the cow college by fifty points
    when they come to T=Town later this month!!

  2. this loss felt like the 40 pointer david hobbs laid down his final season.

    and it felt that way because it IS that way.

    auburn is the “E” on your gas gauge.

    i would remind everyone kentucky went to auburn and won by……….TWENTY FUCKING POINTS!

    this auburn team is one of the worst in recent memory.

    we lost to them because we:

    (1.) can’t lay the ball up.

    (2.) can’t execute an alley oop.

    (3.) can’t move without the ball.

    (4.) can’t throw a pass in a fashion where the reciever might have a chance to produce afterwards. if we pass down low and the receiver scores, it was a lucky shot.

    (5.) can’t take a shot until there’s under 5 seconds on the shot clock.

    (6.) can’t run any semblance of an offense period.

    it’s like our guys are being practiced individually, then thrown on the court, cold turkey.

    and in the end, it is the fault of the coaching staff. just like our situation in recruiting.

    just like our thin bench.

    the embarrassing loss to auburn in ’99 cost david hobbs his job. and rightfully so.

    so it should be for anthony grant.


  3. Think about it this way. How much will YOU earn today?

    TODAY, based on his $2 Million annual salary, Anthony Grant will earn $5,479.45. $38,461.53 per week, if you’d rather.

    So, question: Are we getting a good return on our investment?

    14 points in the second half last night? Long, unexplainable droughts without points? Teams barely able to break 50 points? And one trip to the NCAA’s in his four years (because it ain’t happenin’ this year either.)

    The answer, is no.

    Juxtapose the excellence we see in football at UA with the pestilence we see in basketball and baseball. There are throngs of better coaches, possibly unknowns, who would walk to T-town for half Grant’s current salary.

    He’s got to go.

  4. There is a good amount of talent on this team to get the job done…we’ve seen it in fits and spurts this season. Unless there is some underlying issues with the dynamics or mentality of these players I am coming to the conclusion it’s the coaching. I have been a fan of Anthony Grant in terms of developing players, expectations- the professionalism he expects of the players etc. At this point I think the reins are too tight on players with natural ability and talent that can get the job done. Trevor R., Levi and Devonta were made for the running game but all this offensive possessions wasted passing until the clock runs down resulting in forced shots is digging us into a whole. Light a fire under Nick – and work with Moussa on offensive rebounds for the extra looks- heck take the reins off Levi and Devonta and let them in there for the offensive rebounds- Levi can fly in outta nowhere…he is the most underutilized raw talent on the team. Devonta will be next in that line if the reins aren’t set free and any recruit watching will be afraid the same will happen to them. The talent on this team is being underutilized with a futile offensive process- the coaching staff needs a new plan! The other issue is a lack of quicker action when things are going south-once we get down by 5 don’t let it bleed to 8-10 points… use the time outs, make a personnel change – up the motivation etc…doing the same thing over and over that perpetuates the bleed is unnecessary! There is not one good reason we should have lost that game last night vs. an inferior team of talent….sad to watch!

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