Gus Bus bound for Cleveland?

  • by ITK

Rumors are picking up steam that the Cleveland Browns are highly interested in Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn as their next head coach.

Malzahn and Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase have been believed to be the front-runners for the position of late. Gase removed his name from the running Wednesday, leaving…guess who?

The Browns are “very intrigued” about the offensive prowess that Gustav Malzahn would bring to the organization, especially with the distinct possibility of landing one Johnny Manziel in this year’s draft. Inserting Johnny Football into “The Gus Malzahn Offense®” would mean instant TV ratings, product sales and public interest…musts for a professional organization…if not immediate wins. At least, that’s how an NFL franchise sees such a proposition.

But would Auburn’s head coach make the jump? Would a coach with a massive ego be tempted by big dollars and the chance to take his craft to the highest level?

Is the Pope Catholic? Does a fat baby fart?

While Gus says he is happy in Auburn (reportedly), currently basking the Tigers’ every-fourth-year flash-in-the-pan success, the Browns could shred his $3.85 Million salary with incentives and guarantees that not even Milton Macgregor could match.

Other candidates are Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine. But just imagine what Pettine could do with Johnny Manziel in his system…

Exactly. There’s a reason why that hiring announcement has not yet been made.

As the planets align for a Manziel/Cleveland marriage, it will be interesting to see if Malzahn joins the ceremony.

UPDATE – 3:30pm cdt
WHEW! The Browns have hired the DC from Buffalo, Mike Pettine. We can now all breathe a little easier. Afterall, Bama fans wouldn’t want Auburn to hire someone in Gus’ place that could actually build the program, long-term.

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