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Gus Bus bound for Cleveland?

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Rumors are picking up steam that the Cleveland Browns are highly interested in Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn as their next head coach.

Malzahn and Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase have been believed to be the front-runners for the position of late. Gase removed his name from the running Wednesday, leaving…guess who?

The Browns are “very intrigued” about the offensive prowess that Gustav Malzahn would bring to the organization, especially with the distinct possibility of landing one Johnny Manziel in this year’s draft. Inserting Johnny Football into “The Gus Malzahn Offense®” would mean instant TV ratings, product sales and public interest…musts for a professional organization…if not immediate wins. At least, that’s how an NFL franchise sees such a proposition.

But would Auburn’s head coach make the jump? Would a coach with a massive ego be tempted by big dollars and the chance to take his craft to the highest level?

Is the Pope Catholic? Does a fat baby fart?

While Gus says he is happy in Auburn (reportedly), currently basking the Tigers’ every-fourth-year flash-in-the-pan success, the Browns could shred his $3.85 Million salary with incentives and guarantees that not even Milton Macgregor could match.

Other candidates are Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine. But just imagine what Pettine could do with Johnny Manziel in his system…

Exactly. There’s a reason why that hiring announcement has not yet been made.

As the planets align for a Manziel/Cleveland marriage, it will be interesting to see if Malzahn joins the ceremony.

UPDATE – 3:30pm cdt
WHEW! The Browns have hired the DC from Buffalo, Mike Pettine. We can now all breathe a little easier. Afterall, Bama fans wouldn’t want Auburn to hire someone in Gus’ place that could actually build the program, long-term.

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50 thoughts on “Gus Bus bound for Cleveland?”

  1. The Cleveland Browns are already the laughing stock of the NFL. A hire like Malzahn would only throw fuel on the fire. I would love to see it , But it will never happen.

    1. ..and Bammer is the laughing stock of college football thanks to IDIOTS fans like YOU and your Bammer Moron bretheren on this site!!

      1. He can’t leave until he recieves a proper beating. The same beating Chizik and Tubberville took. It’s coming. Just a matter of time.

      2. Don’t think so dumbass Volunqueer. Considering we get the #1 signing class and by a wide margin every year, I do believe Bama is actually the most respected program – and the most feared. Just ask your poor curb stomped team from the past 7 years. ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

        1. That’s right Crimsonite, bama gets the #1 singning class by a wide margin every year, and they have “the best” coach in the nation yet bama couldn’t even win their division much less their conference! Talk about ROTFLMMFAO! Maybe bama should try and recruit better! LMAO

          1. And how many National Championships has anybody else had in the last 5 years, asshole? 72-9 you dumb fuck! Oh and by the fucking way 21-0, 21-0, 21-0!!! ROTFLMMFAO at LSscrew! RTR!

      3. Oh I don’t believe it entirely Indy Vol, however, its my opinion, that ol Gussy might be a pretty good COLLAGE football coach, but I think Pro Football is a lot like the Marines, they’re always looking for a FEW good men.who know how to win games,and from my observation point that Gussy just doesn’t have what it takes to make it in the Pros.Those guys would eat him up the first season…… RTR

        1. You mean kind of like Saban couldn’t cut it in the Pros? You can conjecture about Gus all you want but when it comes to coaching in the pros we KNOW Saban can’t hold Pete Carol’s jock! LMAO

          1. Everybody knows that the Coach left on his own terms. He couldn’t get the control that’s necessary to field a sucessful team and if my memory serves me right the owner of the Dolphins was begging him to stay. Thankfully he saw the light and came to the Capstone and…. well…. history is in the making. As for ol Pete Carol … look what he did to USC. Sorta remids me of the slogan… and I quote ‘If you want to get to Heaven and walk the Streets of Gold!! all you have to do is yell ROLL TIDE ROLL’….. uh unqoute RTR

          2. We also know you don’t know shit about anything Cornholer! Saban took over one of the NFL’s worst teams and they were building when he left. I think they were close to .500 his last year. Also your a Corndog who can’t spell for shit. It’s Carroll, and he took over a team that played Pitt in the Super Bowl just a couple of years earlier. Besides the fact that the dumbasses in Miami management nixed Saban drafting Drew Brees! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  2. Thanks for stirring the Goat Fuckers pot. How does it feel shit heads; to have your darling coaches loyalty questioned? What goes around, comes around. That being said, ITK’s credibility has been put into question to even suggest as a joke that an NFL franchise would consider in a drunken stupor, a damn High School coach with 2 years experience. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

    1. God this site worse than the Enquirer,or The Onion for that matter.I’ve never seen more mythical,falsely written trash in my life..Too bad that you have to live with the fact that A “high school coach with 2 yrs experience” beat you.You Gumps are delusional..Your answer to solve your recent “setbacks”is to bring in Lane Kiffin,A man who got every head coaching job strictly due to nepotism,look it up Gumps,I know you have know Idea what nepotism is….Be worried Gumps,be very worried…LOL..Coach Malzahn,no matter how bad you wish it,is gonna be around for A need to be more concerned with your team and who will be under center next year,I would be very worried about that,but you will keep your blinders on and think Lane kiffin is your savior…Face it,your run is over,back to the Dubose ans Shula type seasons for a while

      1. I know what nepotism is. I also know how to use punctuation.

        The problem is nepotism isn’t the sole reason Lane Kiffin got any job. Memories are short. Also, nobody said Lane Kiffin was Alabama’s savior and, just for the record, he’s not the only new coach at Alabama.

        Malzahn’s choice is more important to Auburn fans than it is to Alabama’s success. That’s the difference. We have a lot of Auburn readers here, by the way. That’s what happens when you’re Big Brother..

        But maybe you’re right. Maybe Nick Saban has no idea what he’s doing and he’s just been getting lucky all these years and a two-loss stretch is going to look like a dream come true for the next decade.

        I doubt it, but maybe you’re right. Good luck with your SAT’s.

        1. ITK maybe you should go back and reread all your own comments about Malzhan and Auburn before and at the beginning of his past season, and then you will know what real Delusion is really like! LMAO

          1. Hey Corndog! Have you been reduced to riding Awbies coattails now? Or are you an Awbie using a Cordogs screen name? ROTFL! RTR!

      2. Delusional – fuckface, is thinking a fucking high school coach beat us. Your fucking coach had nothing to do with it. The loss was the product of a kicker having an exceptionally bad day, a TD called back on a bad call for motion, and the luckiest play of the 20th century after time had expired saving your asses from a retaliatory score. You were out gained, out played, and on any other Saturday you would have lost by 35. So fuck off Goat Fucker. RTR!

        1. Crimsonite is that going to be your excuse everytime someone beats bama? Maybe your brilliant coach should try recruiting a decent kicker in at least one of his number one ranked recuiting classes he gets every year! LMAO

          1. Prior to that game he had missed only one all year, dumbass. And you’re goddamned right that’s my excuse! You have first hand experience in finding out what happens in a rematch with Bama when the kicker has a normal game. Same kicker by the way. 21-0, 21-0, 21-0!! By the way shithead, all of Bama’s kickers and punters since Saban have been ranked in the top 5 in high school.Bwaa Haww Haww!

  3. I just plain don’t understand the Cleveland Browns.

    It wasn’t all that long ago that Nick Saban himself was working with the Browns under Bill Belichick. Think about that for just a second. It’s kinda crazy.

    Before Nick Saban was (allegedly) hired by Texas this year, he was hired back by the Cleveland Browns (allegedly). Now the Browns are such a long way from Belichick and Saban that they can’t even get coaches to interview with the team…except Gus Malzahn, that is?

    I haven’t heard of any interviews at the Browns (including Malzahn) except for coaches to say “no,” but I used to live in Ohio. The only place worse than Cleveland is Auburn.

    I’ll take a burning river over litter on a wire every time.

  4. LOL!!

    It is funny watching the Bammer TURDS in jack-off mode happily hoping Gus goes to Cleveland. The Bammer TURDS want to remove anyone who could stick a boot up Nicky Satan’s ASS and Gus has proven he and Auburn can do just that. This is pure and simple rumor, most likely spread by the Bammer MORONS.

    Here’s hoping Malzaun remains at Auburn and puts a boot up Nicky’s and the Crimson TURD’s ASS for years to come!

    “Bwaa Haww Haww!”
    ReTaRded BAMMERS!!

    1. It’s even more fun to watch the fan of a once-mighty program ride the success (and other things) of a team that has more flash in the pan success than any other team in the SEC.

      How ’bout it, Vol? UTn ever going to be a team for you to cheer for again, ever?

      Does it burn your butt just a bit that your former savior is now an OC at the school that brought you to your lowly estate?

      Can’t wait for the third Saturday in October.

  5. ESPN reported at 12:32 today that the Browns are getting ready to name Bills DC Pettine as the new coach. Oops, to your story if that is the case. That would mean they would have to be right, which they are right as often as this site. Which is hardly ever. Nice try.

    1. This story got exactly the response it was written for, from the biggest readers of this site.

      ITK and the others say “Thanks” for adding to the hit count!

      And you may want to get that hook out of your mouth before it gets infected.

      1. If you call 1 reply by a barner ” exactly the response” that ITK was looking for, that is not good. lol At times I wish this site would stick to its own description , and report facts about Alabama football. I enjoy coming here because they allow you to speak your mind , and not be told what to say by moderators. However it would be refreshing to be able to come here and read more garbage about Auburn , Tennessee, and LSU.

    2. I don’t understand the complaint. Everyone was talking about Gus and Cleveland already, but it’s a problem when ITK writes about it? I don’t understand the logic.

      It also only makes sense when short-term memory is called upon to remember that Nick Saban was hired by Texas just a few weeks ago. It didn’t matter what we said here, but now when it’s about Gus it matters? I just don’t get it, Little Brother. *sigh*

  6. If the point of this article was to get hits, I guess it worked. But if the point is the truth, it is a miserable failure. Then again it is from Bama, so the truth is never told. Guess shouldn’t say never, because even a broken clock is right twice a day. That would be twice more than most Bama fans are right.

  7. It is not a complaint, Conduit. I was just saying that I wish we could talk about Alabama sports more. Would be even better if we could block idiot fans from other schools. I am not quite sure why you get so defensive and start to attack people when they do not agree with every word thats posted here. Now since you brought it up , could you provide a link to where “everyone” is talking about Gus and the Browns job? Everything I have read has been about 2 assistant coaches from the NFL that are the leaders for the Cleveland job. My post was targeted towards ITK as to why even start a discussion on this subject. Are we not stooping to the same level of our rivals when we do this?

    1. @Bama334

      I heard the story first from the radio earlier this week when I was in North Carolina and then again yesterday from a friend who pays more attention to recruiting than I’ll ever want to, and again later the same day at lunch I was asked about it. This is all before I read it here, and I didn’t bring it up any of those times. If you’re looking for it elsewhere online, I couldn’t tell you; I mostly only read and ESPN.

      Why talk about it, you ask? First, Auburn fans are a large part of our audience, like it or not. Malzahn is the most important part of their team, but any coaching turnaround as quick as this would be worth talking about regardless.

      Also, the Browns get a very early pick in the 2014 NFL draft. Manziel is a likely pick, and Malzahn is a hurry-up-no-huddle offense guru, the same offense Manziel excels in.

      Not only that, but frankly there isn’t much else to talk about with college football. The season is over, the recruiting trail is mostly waiting for national signing day, and content is important; you have to talk about something, after all.

      As for stooping to the same levels of our rivals, I don’t like to label an entire culture based on what some fans do no matter how bad it is. I’m not going to stoop to a rival’s level because I don’t think any rival’s culture is that inherently bad. Auburn may be Little Brother, but they’re proud of that. It’s part of their culture. I don’t have to like the program for it, but I don’t think talking about a possible coaching change is “stooping” to anything, especially for a coach within the conference and during the off season.

  8. Who gives a shit what level we stoop to? Whatever was written here about Gustave is nothing different than what you griping bastards all in fucking unison said when Cleveland hired Saban and USC hired Saban and Texas hired Saban and ————–. Payback’s a bitch – and a Goat Fucker too. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  9. WHEW!

    The Browns have hired the DC from Buffalo. We can now all breathe a little easier.

    Afterall, I wouldn’t want Auburn to hire someone in Gus’ place that could actually build the program long-term.

  10. I am guessing you don’t watch sports related news, but instead just make it up yourself. Local Cleveland media and other national media outlets such as ESPN and Dan Patrick were reporting as early as 8 am this morning that Pettine was going to be announced as the Browns’ new coach. “InTheKnow” just got exposed as complete fraud if you ask me and anybody that gives this guy any credibility after this is a fool.

  11. And where did all you Barnshit’s credible sources go to after their rheams of bullshit on Saban leaving? You know, the ones whos ass you had your noses so far up that it’s a miracle you all didn’t get pregnant. You know, the same stupid bastards who are so credible that all the Barnshits and Volunqueers and Cornholers will instantly suck their dicks the next time they are 199+% sure Saban is leaving. Your memories are shorter than your dicks. Oh wait, that’s impossible. RTR!

  12. You should change the name of this site to the gaystonereport. Between cantduit’s crush on ITK , and crimsonshit always talking about other males body parts, it is getting a little sweet here. Now lets look at this entire story. There are 2 real reasons that ITK posted this fairy tale report/ One is he is hoping that Gus would leave so bama would have a legit chance of beating Auburn in the next 2 years. The other reason is to get more hits to his site. This is a true desperation move from ITK and CSR. As I have been saying for years, this site is at the bottom when it comes to number of views. You really think the 3-4 Auburn fans that post here help their numbers that much? This piece of shit site can not even get 300 likes on Facebook after being on there for years! How many vistiors did have last month? How many last year? Now before you respond with some inflated number, be ready to explain to your simple bama buddies what that number means You guys notice how your spam has picked up since giving them your email address? They sale your email to other companies also. Thats why I never use my real one. No legit sports website asks for your email, facebook, and twitter account. ITK and CSR do not care if you wear Crimson and White or Orange and Blue. Their only goal is to screw each of you out of what little money they can get. If I was an Alabama fan I would be pissed because not only do they sale your info , but they never deliver any up to date info on Alabama Sports. They usually copy and paste bama news hours, or even days after the REAL sports sites post it.You would think that someone that calls themself “InTheKnow” would have breaking news on a regular basis, and would not have to depend on the real sports sites to post something so he can have something to plagiarize. Ask cantduit, ITK, and CSR why do they need all of your info.

    1. I’ve never understood why you like to post so much hate speech and homophobic slurs. The only thing I know I can be sure of is you will return to do it again. Way to represent your culture, Little Brother.

      Using your email to associate with your comments is only good for maintaining the same name on the site. Almost all other sites require more information to post comments, such as a registered unique name or a Facebook login association. I understand why you wouldn’t want to be identified or accountable for the things you say, but I can’t relate. They don’t “need” all of your info for you to post here, so don’t say that, either.

      However, claiming they’re selling your info, now that I have a problem with. That’s potentially a criminal allegation and it’s libelous, which might explain why you’re so keen on making everyone aware why you constantly change your identity and use names like ours in clever little Little Brother-esque references.

      Not delivering up-to-date info on Alabama sports isn’t accurate either. Look, I get that you hate Alabama. I do. Again, Gus Malzahn has more to do with Auburn’s success than Alabama’s, not the other way around, and trying to pretend nobody else was talking about this before only reflects on the Little Brother cultural mentality you represent. For example, Malzahn just won the Bear Bryant coaching award, so a potential move is, in the simplest of terms, news. Unless you’re suggesting Malzahn is that bad and uninteresting that nobody should bother to report it. Good grief.

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