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Gus Malzahn to the Cleveland Browns

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by ITK

Gus To ClevelandThe Gus Bus is pulling out of Lee County, at least that’s what many are starting to believe. Reports from Ohio have Gus Malzahn as the leading candidate for the Cleveland Browns’head coach opening, where he would be free to hire his own staff.

Malzahn’s cinderella 2013 season and success in his only season at Arkansas State has raised the eyebrows of many NFL and college programs. His book and instructional video entitled Hurry Up No Huddle: An offensive philosophy has been used by some NFL coaches. Reports have salary talks beginning in the $5 Million range.

Malzahn’s agent Jimmy Sexton has strong ties to Browns general manager Mike Lombardi dating back to Lombardi’s first stint with the Browns in the early 1990s.

Will it happen? The jump to the NFL is always tempting for college coaches, especially college coaches with egos who were high school coaches just a handful of years ago. As is usually the pattern, the 48-year-old Malzahn could make the leap, test his craft, and settle back into a college job if things don’t work out…a pattern that has repeated itself on countless occasions.

As the hurry-up-no-huddle scheme gains ground in the NFL, it’ll be interesting to see how success breeds opportunity (and anxiety) down on the farm. Other candidates exist, but none with the resume that Malzahn brings of instant, add-water-and-win success energizing a Cleveland fanbase hungry for resurgence. (Though that resume is chocked full of its share of complete luck.)

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42 thoughts on “Gus Malzahn to the Cleveland Browns”

  1. The Ohio media didn’t photoshop a pic of Gus in a feeble attempt to create concern in Auburb fans. Face it… your transparent attempt to create something out of nothing only demonstrates your real concern about Gus and the future of Auburn.

    1. Feeble attempts don’t bring barner fans to a Bama site to cry.

      Face it. There is smoke. We’ll know fairly soon if there’s fire.

  2. I, for one, am not concerned about the future of Auburn, with or without Gus Malzahn, pederast freshmen, convicted felons, in-conference drop-outs, hurry-up no-huddle all-disgusting offenses, last-second miracles, bandwagon legion/family, or cankles.

    But I used to live in Cincinnati. I never cared too much about the Bengals, but the Browns fans I know have always reminded me of Auburn’s culture. No matter how bad the Browns are or how good Cincinnati is, they can’t shut up about their jealous underdog rage against their in-state rival.

    And boy, have I been hearing from them about the Malzahn hire story. I haven’t even visited the state in two years, but somehow they’re all finding me because they are so excited and they think I care.

    I don’t care, but they are more excited than I heard from Auburn fans last season when Mazahn was hired there. Well, at least the ones who were fans last season. The Browns, like Auburn, have been awful and need a new coach to get fans excited if not to get the program some success.

    Finally, for all the crap I heard about Nick Saban to Texas, he and everyone at the University of Alabama never ceased to remind everyone else that he wasn’t leaving. Most people didn’t listen, but the difference here is the same thing hasn’t happened at Auburn, and that’s why it’s worth talking about. Malzahn, after all, has been at Auburn longer than Cam Newton was, so don’t be too surprised by the news. Nobody wants to stay there, he’s not playing with his own recruits or players he made promises to, and the good luck of this season is more beneficial as a pay raise and job transfer than hope of a repeat opportunity with the same talent.

    1. There’s so much that is factually incorrect about your post, it’s just not worth the time to point out your errors.

      1. Witty, desperate posts mean nothing when the perception to a program or organization with backing is that your coach can give them the change they’re craving. Sucks, don’t it?

        And, speaking in truth, there is absolutely nothing ‘factually incorrect’ about what Conduit said. Sounded good when you wrote it though, huh?

      2. “not worth your time” because you can’t actually point out anything that is incorrect. That was a lazy post.

        You worried, brah?

  3. Malzahn and Franklin are both on the top of their list it sounds like. But barners make the mistake of thinking that we are somehow terrified of Gus and want him to leave. I just think it’s hilarious after all the BS they have posted over the years about how they all seemed to be in the know about what Saban was going to do and how his mind works and all the “HE GONE” idiocy. I would wet my pants laughing if Gus bolted but I could care less who leads the cow college on to the field next year. They are still aubarn no matter who runs the show.

    1. Reassuring themselves of their prize is what they do best, Niner. They generate our interest in their program in their heads and then come on our message boards to tell us about it.

      Again, I’ll tell you, I have never, ever, visited an Auburn message board. Not once. Ever. Yet I can tell you from my years of experience on this one, the ratio of barner visitors to Bama fans is 1:1. Even in success their obsession…or a term I coined years ago, ‘Aubsession’…with all things Alabama is hilarious, if not incredible.

      So for them to announce that we’re terrified is pretty much on par with their thinking. The only thing that ‘terrifies’ me is that the stars will align in 2014 and the complete and utter luck they have been on the right side of for an entire season comes home to roost again. But as any casino slot player will tell you, you pull a heck of a lot more duds than you do jackpots.

      Which again is why Gus bolting while the “gettin’ is good” makes complete sense. He knows he can’t replicate this.

  4. How freaking funny to see the shoe on the other foot and watch the bastards reactions. Doesn’t matter if the whole story is a fabrication, it’s just so damn funny! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  5. Had to bust out laughing when I heard about ol Gussy going to Cleveland!! Now that’s gotta make some late nite nite talk show!! He’s no more a pro coach than I am! and I’m 70 years old!! What a joke!! At least three of the finest minds in coaching tried their hands at the Pro ranks and bailed out after about two years. I want ol Gussy to stay put rite where he is!..I’m not saying that Gussy couldn’t…err wouldn’t….err… awww hell yes I am… LMAO!! ….. RTR

  6. More “Please, please, please let Malzahn leave” posts from Bama fans.

    The headline here is “Gus Malzahn to the Cleveland Browns”. The article that Bama fans are building their hopes on simply says that the Browns want to interview him, along with other coaches including Vanderbilts.

    Only Bama fans can get “looking to interview” and turn it into “Yay, Malzahns leaving”.

    Malzahn owes you guys some money. He’s been renting space in your heads since the Iron Bowl.

  7. Aww come on guys!! It takes a rare individual to make the biggest leap in his life to go from the collage ranks to the pros and be sucessful. I seriously doubt ol Gussy has that, Now all this is just smoke in the air. ‘Ol’ Pat Dye Inc. isn’t gonna let Gussy get away no matter what, now if he wants to go to Texas, well, thats another story!! Sorta keeps you cow drs wannbe squirming don’t it….. Still LMAO!! … RTR

  8. Hey Auburn fans lets get one thing straight. This Auburn team is a small blip on the radar as compared to the overall strength and success of the Alabama Crimson tide. Auburn has done things this year that defies all reason and logic. It makes folks do a double take and and leave scratching their heads in amazement at the miracles that have been given to the Tigers. If not for those miracles Auburn is a 3 loss team at best( Mississippi State took a end of game miracle as well in). Enjoy it while it last. We will be there again. The jury is still out on you. You need to win just to keep it in the state so don’t let us down. It takes miracles for you to win. Lets see how you do when those miracles are gone.

    1. You do understand that game winning drives are not “miracles”, right? And even taking out the kick return in the iron bowl the game was TIED. it would have went in to OT, which favored Auburn considering how awful alabama was in the redzone.

      1. It was a miracle. Plain and simple. I stand by my comments. It takes a fad or a once in a lifetime player for the Tigers to win. Its that simple. You have never been consistent. Lets see you do it year in and year out. Then well call you good. Until then its just a blip on the radar screen. Bama is 14 pts better than auburn any other day. do you forget the missed field goals , or the dropped touchdown pass. Everything had to come together as it did for Auburn to win. It aint sour grapes as Auburn won and that wont change.. But any other day it wouldn’t happen. As i said enjoy it while you can because the laws of averages shows that you wont repeat it. By the way I like Bama’s chances in a overtime situation. Auburn wasn’t so hot defensively all day either.

        1. Why don’t you worry about your team…..With all those 5 star studs out there…….that got shown up by a bunch of 3 and some 4 star players..OKlahoma,lets see,Texas handles them,,oh yea that team that BYU and OLE MISS whipped up on…Quit whining about our “fad” offense and worry about your painfully slow offensive line and one dimensional offense..Oh yeah, and pick up A schedule that gives your team A little challenge ,that way when they do face an adverse situation,like having to come from behind,or dealing with turnovers,they know how to handle themselves..Worry about who your next QB is gonna be,worry about that overrated ,lazy offensive line,hell just worry about Alabama.We fine at Auburn,,,we dont need you Updykers crying about us being lucky,about our fad offense,about our “illegal offense”,about the big bad referees being mean to Alabama and not calling penalties on Auburn,that you fans at Alabama like to “make up whenever A play don’t go your way” And you really wonder why everyone across the country despises you,it’s not because of your big bad dynasty as you call it,it’s the way you people act.You honestly act and sound like A 3 year old,crying because someone took his toy away..Face reality,your team cant just show up,walk out on the football field,and the other team just automatically cower down and lose to you,in your feeble,deluded minds ,yeah,but in real life,it dont work that way..Grow up,and stop worrying about Auburn,,well,hang on,,yeah,you better be worried about Auburn…OH yeah,I would have loved Auburn’s’ chances in overtime,much better than Alabama’s.I guess you folks are gonna get A petition up for some kind of obnoxious,unrealistic reason as to why the NCAA should make ALABAMMER and Oklahoma play again,because you people have this insane ideal of entitlement.I could only imagine the excuses and reasons you folks would come up with,just like that ridiculous petition that got started to play overtime with Auburn..Good god,listen to yourselves people…And again,you wonder why people across the country despise you,here is A clue,It isnt the National Championships you’ve won,hell it isnt even the team itself,it’s the unrealisric Updykers,that ruin peoples perception of all Alabama fans,because not all of your fan base acts that way,you Updykers are ruining it for the other Alabama fans

      2. Mississippi state was a last second win,Georgia was a gift from god, Bama was a outright once in a lifetime play. So don’t say that these were not miracles. Auburn is a blessed team with a fad offense. The coaches will figure out a way to stop it soon enough. You Auburn fans act like y’all are one big family. Let ole Guss lose a few and you will be on him like flies on poo poo. Heck y’all fired a coach soon after he won a national championship.You won and that is a fact. Lets hope there is another divine intervention in the works. Seems like that’s what it takes for you to win.

        1. Miss St was a game winning drive; no luck, no fluke plays, no questionable calls. That would be like saying if Alabama had made a last minute drive to beat Auburn that they were “lucky” to win.

          Georgia game was a fluke play, but the TD that Georgia got to go ahead wasnt an actual TD. they didnt score. God evened that one out.

          And the Alabama game was basically a punt return for a TD. Your coach didnt prepare; Malzahn did. And even if the play never happened guess what? The game was tied! it would have went to OT. And Auburn would have been favored to win in OT considering how well they performed inside the 30 yard line and how atrocious Alabama was.

          Keep hanging your hat on “luck”. It wasnt luck that beat Alabama. It was good coaching, running the ball down their throats and great special teams play.

          Good luck next year. You’re gonna need it when Malzahn rolls in and takes another one from Saban.

    2. Tony, Auburn is famous for two things: perfecting cheating and getting away with it, and flashes in the pan.

      They have never historically known anything close to sustained success. That’s what make years like 2010 and 2013 tolerable. You always know 2011, 2012 and 2014 are coming.

      1. How about sustaining a block on those Oklahoma defensive ends…..

        Or sustaining a drive without AJ hitting an Oklahoma DB in the numbers…..

        Or sustaining a run without your own OT stripping the ball from TJ…..

        That shit was embarrassing……

  9. Looks like the Brown’s job will more than likely go to the OC from the New England Patriots…….shit

  10. Brian of cleveland

    I live in Cleveland. The moron who wrote this has no clue. The leading candidate is Josh McDaneils.

    It would take just one second to find a little research.

    But I do hear that the Browns are interested in Saban for their special teams.

    1. Imagine Johnny Manziel in Gus’ hands, Auburn fans.

      I guess the Ohio sources don’t know what they’re talking about either. If the story came from me you’d have a point.

      Manziel will announce, and Cleveland can land him with their first pick (#4). The ego boost of having him for success doesn’t hurt a coach’s decision for sure.

      1. Brilliant….Manziel’s hardly even the fourth rated QB in the draft, much less a fourth-overall pick.

        Maybe you guys should hope the NFL lures Bob Stoops away too…

  11. Like the commercial says…..Auburn don’t always win, but when they do you never hear the end of it. Miracle s don’t equal talent. Just saying. CHOP CHOP!!!!!

    1. yea how did that 5 star elite talent,and having the 7 million dollar man “coaching your boys up” work out for you against what you people consider “lesser than ” teams , Auburn,and even Oklahoma…..Worked out great didnt it…Good thing you didnt get paired up with the lowly Central Florida,god ,they may have hung 60 on your elite,5 star,uber talented,team…Wake the hell up people…Quit saying Auburn is lucky and miracle this and miracle that…I almost 300 yards rushing was just lucky..Just realize,you arent as good as you actually think you are…Freakin Updykers,trying to ruin it for the rest of us All because you lost 2 in A ROW……Go ahead Bammer nation and send your full support to the allmighty Seminoles,we wouldnt have it any other way..When Auburn wins Monday night,we dont wanna hear no more Bull!@@@#$ about miracles,luck,poor refereeing,you disallusioned UDYKERS,and for Gods sake,dont go shooting anybody if Auburn wins,,you people are awful….Football isnt worth A persons life….Dont get mad,throw your last Schafer Light Draft at the tv,slap your kids,or threow your wife out the trailer door by the head of her hair if Auburn wins Monday night….

  12. Hahahahaha. Mullets lost. Little Nicky almost had a stroke. Oklahoma proved Bama a sham. Wonder what excuse Pencil neck Finebaum is gonna use tomorrow. He shoul of prepared his team for the Sugar “second place” bowl instead of worrying about commenting on the Vizio NC with ESPN. You mullets truly deserve this. The most conceited “piece of shit” fanbase in America.

  13. For those of you who want to say the last play of the IB was a miracle, maybe you need to ask Phil Savage about that. More than 10 years in the NFL, he said if both teams had the personnel in, that they had at the time, and that play was run 100 times, Chris Davis scores 40 times. Said this on Jox and 99.1 shows. That is no miracle. Plus there is an article on the Wall Street Journal that goes into great detail on the final play. (Phil is the color analyst for the Bama Network for those who don’t know. That would hardly be pro-Auburn. )

    1. Missing 5 field goals means nothing either, right? Nevermind that the Iron Bowl wouldn’t even have mattered without the Georgia miracle. I’m more impressed Auburn got two games to sell-out at home in 3 years.

  14. Georgia miracle would not have been needed, if the refs hadn’t given Murray a td he didn’t score. But they did, and so it was needed. We still had to make the play. I don’t care if it was a fluke, miracle or whatever you want to call it. It counts the same. We left 14 points on the field in the IB with 2 overthrows by Marshall to Louis. We overcame that, and giving you a 99 yard td you should not have gotten, but you did. All year long, they tried to make you look better than you were, and it caught up with you. Couldn’t happen to a better fan base, and if CNS doesn’t learn to adjust when it isn’t working, this will continue. Out scoring you 27-7 to close out the game is not luck and once, if, y’all come to grips with that, things might change. If not, get ready to suffer through a rough year next year.

    1. Now you’re saying Auburn is an outright better team than Alabama and it was Auburn that under-performed in the Iron Bowl?

      I love you guys. Hilarious. No wonder you didn’t go to Pasadena.

  15. I am saying we played better. We improved as the season wore on. You didn’t get better. That is why you lost. The first step is admitting there is a problem. We made that mistake with Saban, thinking we were better than we were. He worked to get better, we didn’t, and the result was what is has been. If UA doesn’t get that, it will be fun for us. So I hope you change nothing.

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