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Sighs of relief heard in Alabama as Browns shun Gus, hire Pettine

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Blind Squirrel

It almost happened. Well, not really. But in the minds of many, Gus Malzahn was almost swooned away from the plains after just one season.

It was a ridiculous notion, really. That a 2nd year college coach who depends on smoke, mirrors, and the kind of luck that would make a leprechaun say “what the heck?” would be tapped to take over an NFL franchise.

Both sides of the Alabama – Auburn rivalry are relieved at the hiring of Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator Mike Pettine. The man has seven years of head coaching experience…at the high school level. A career coordinator, Pettine was who the Browns organization truly wanted over the man Auburn fans like to say was responsible for their lone national championship since the Eisenhower administration.

While the Auburn cult gets to keep their idol for now, Alabama fans are also happy. Far more destructive would be a coach in Malzahn’s position with a history of building and establishing a program. Instead, Bama fans face a foe with zero history of doing such a thing.

You’ve heard it before, and it may be old to some, but it bears repeating on sheer, undebatable truth alone. Had the two Georgia defensive backs swatted Auburn’s last gasp away, in lieu of committing a Three Stooges type blunder, Gus Malzahn’s name would’ve never made it past the receptionist in Cleveland.

Alabama fans do not fear Gus Malzahn. Sorry to ruin your fantasy, barners. But blind squirrels find occasional nuts, as did the Tigers in 2013. And good for them. Suffering through three National Championships in Tuscaloosa had to be unbearable, and 2013 was a respite from their suffering.

But sustained success is something else altogether. It’s something no Auburn fan you know can ever say they have enjoyed. And while Gus may be the sexy soup dejour, so once was Terry Bowden.

Remember him? 11-0 his first season, winning his first 20 games until the wheels started coming off. He was a genius. He toppled Bama’s string of immediate success in the early 1990’s. Then Auburn fell off the face of the planet.

Remember Tommy Tuberville? 14-0 with nothing to show in 2004. A few years later, run out of town on a rail.

It’s the Auburn way. Flash in the pan, unreal season…then nothingness. Not strings of years of contention. Just a brief hoorah, then years of wearing the same t-shirt and savoring the same bumper sticker.

So what will the future hold under Malzahn? Who knows, but if history repeats itself, expect a Music City Bowl bid soon. All because the Browns did the right thing.

Thank you, Cleveland!

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50 thoughts on “Sighs of relief heard in Alabama as Browns shun Gus, hire Pettine”

  1. Good lord,you people will make up stories out of thin air,just to keep the delusional Gumpers short attention spans occupied,their fingers out of their noses,and their hands from pulling their soiled drawers out of their cracks for 5 seconds…This stuff isn’t even realistic.Browns shun Gus? There never ever was a Gus and Browns whatsoever.For A high school coach with 2 years experience,you all sure want to see him gone awful bad..You downplay your concern about him with these fake stories.As much as you deny,your concerned,and you need to be..If Lane Kiffin is your solution….maybe Saban will hire Monte to stand on the sideline and hold his little boys hand……

    1. @jnm

      It’s hard to dignify any of your rant with a response. Your eyes are clouded and your judgement is based only on what you see here on a conspicuously-labeled Alabama site.

      Lane Kiffin is a coach, not a solution, nobody said otherwise here. But if you weren’t worried about Gus leaving for Cleveland, good. Congratulations. Ignorance is bliss, and hopefully other Auburn fans will stop asking me about it now because they sure wouldn’t stop asking me the first half of the week before anything showed up about it here on where you’re saying it was made up “out of thin air.”

      But to keep ranting about how bad Alabama fans want Gus to leave Auburn is simply Little Brother-esque. The truth is we sincerely don’t care, but the harder truth is there are better coaches in the conference, even in the division, such as Les Miles. Let me know when you see people here begging to get rid of Miles. Here’s a hint; you won’t.

      Good grief. Tell your parents to get a babysitter tonight. They’ve earned it.

      1. keep on Gumping it up.If your not worried abt Gus ,then why the imaginary article about him going to Cleveland,I guess it was to incite the hopes of the Gump faithful..I get A kick out of just how ridiculous these “stories” are on here,and how blindly A Gump will follow or believe something,just because they read it n the internet..!!!BW I also think it’s pretty shitty the way your fanbase is acting toward Vinnie Sunseri,now all of A sudden,he is “not that good”,or “too slow”..Why would you wish ill on A former player..We all want to see our teams players that enter the draft early stay,but,it is their decision,not the fans,you praise your fan annointed “Savior” Lane Kiffin now,after years of trashing him,and you will revert back to it the second Alabamas offense makes one mistake in the first game….RGR.. Roll Gumps Roll

        1. You are completely blinded by your hate for Alabama. I can’t relate to that. Then again, that’s not what my university teaches.

      2. Yeah, you simply dont care. 2 of the last 3 stories on here are about Malzahn and the Browns. But yeah, you dont care….

    2. Nice run-on sentence, jnm. Glad you are trolling Bama football sites in hopes of defending your high school coach against any and all poor-mouthing, even though that’s what rival schools do.

      Oh, and by the way – Fish, meet hook.

  2. Just curious ITK, what do you seek to accomplish by talking so much shit about Auburn on an Alabama football site?

      1. But i feel like it’s not just pointing out facts, it seems like you’re doing it in such a way so as to illicit angry responses from auburn fans. Am i right or am i just stupid?

  3. If you’re a Bama fan then you’re just confused. If you’re a Barnturd, then yes, you’re STUPID! ROTFLMAO! This site has more rival posters than Bama fans. And most of them are born again assholes who vent their hate here. Sounds like an excellent forum to write inflammatory threads against their ashole teams if you ask me. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  4. So what if i’m a Georgia fan? Because that’s what i am, i just followed a link on Facebook to get here…

  5. Ok, then all I did was explain why we’re so caustic here. If you’re passive then you’ll be alright. If you’re a Barn Rat then beware. RTR!

    1. Beware of what exactly? More fairy tales with cute cartoons from you? More homosexual lust from cantdoit? More lies from crimsonshite about the mexican mafia? You know it is not smart to threaten 1 of your 10 readers. Do not want to take that 2 cents away from the CSR……

      1. Beware, Shithead, because we’ll bust that fucking bubble you call a brain. After reading the comments on here you will finally understand what you actually are in living, descriptive color. You just might want to take your own life after that. You see Dick Breath, we might have screwed the pooch just a little this year – I mean after all 2 loses to Bama is a disaster, but to you dumbasses 2 losses was the “epiphany” of your miserable lives. Just like three losses was a disgrace in 2010. The fucking problem you Dipshits have – and it’s a problem you’ll never get rid of – is that sandwiched in around those two seasons were 3 gleaming National Titles and 72 wins. That MF’s is something nobody can ever take from us, something Little Brother will never ever accomplish, and something that may never be done again by anybody – but Bama. So fuck off with your negative bullshit.The only ones living in a fantasy world here is you! ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

        1. Settle down fucktard. Do not get mad because NO ONE believes your bullshit about being involved with the mexican mafia. Anyone with half of a brain knows that a true member would be killed for running their mouth as much as you do. It is truly sad watching people like crimsonshite and cantdoit live their life through a college football team full of kids 17 – 21 years old. As I have told you before , I say what I do to piss you gumps off. I do not hate Alabama. Why would I hate a bunch of kids? What I do hate is the insane part of the fan base that people like ITK and the CSR thrive off of. You are a bunch of weak minded sheep. Now back to cantdoit. What lies do you have for us next? You claim to travel the country, and write books, and was a millionaire that use to call Ono island home. How the fuck do you do that when you are playing secruity guard for CSR and your boyfriend ITK 24/7? I am surprised your ass could even spell Ono. Now go back and explain to the rest of the world why your crimson tide is showing it’s true colors again , and screwing another Black QB out of a chance to play at bama.

          1. Ono Island? I’ve never heard of it.

            My beach house is in St Helena Island, near Beaufort, SC. That’s kinda weird that you remember, but thanks.

            Also, traveling is the best time to read and write. I don’t think traveling a lot makes me unique, though. Frankly, I don’t know when I’d read and/or write if I didn’t spend so much time in the air.

            I’m confused about the black QB part, though. First, you’re the one frequently making racial and homophobic hate speech here, not me, not the writers, and not the University of Alabama. I’m pretty sure a black starting QB wouldn’t make you happy regardless, but Alabama (among other schools and pro programs, by the way) has had plenty of black quaterbacks.

            I’m only responding to the statement because you aren’t crying for Chinese running backs, for example. Here’s a scary thought; Jameis Winston didn’t want to sit an extra year behind McCarron, but would you be happy if he was next in line at Alabama? I think you’d be terrified, but I’m farily certain you wouldn’t be happy.

            And yeah, you hate Alabama. Nice try, though.

            I’m sorry for your loss. Roll Tide.

          2. Do you know who I am motherfucker? Do you know how to find me? Do you fucking think the Cartel is over here monitoring fucking Capstone Reports. Did I say which Cartel? There’s a dozen or more. Did I mention my Brother In Laws name? And I’m not a goddamn member. Neither is my wife anymore. She quit shortly after she shotgunned a whole enemy family to death. However, I can call in a family favor. Hell, I could even send my wife after your ass. What was your IP address again? And thanks for the Gulf Shores hint. My family was one of the ORIGINAL settlers of Pleasure Island. I played on ONO when there was nothing there but me, Rabbits and Seagulls. I believe I can find you. Run that fucking mouth some more. Bwaa Haww Haww!

      2. @”Cant spell roll tide without 2 L’s”

        I don’t understand why you continue to post racist and homophobic slurs here, but I do understand why you change your name so often and why you choose to represent Auburn the way you do. It’s just disgusting, that’s all. It’s the 21st century. Wake up. Hate speech isn’t ok, no matter how much you love Auburn.

        1. Uh yes , you did say you use to live on Ono Island. When I brought up a while back that you could come hang out on our deck and watch the beach here in Gulf Shores, you fired back with one of your made up stories how you use to live on Ono Island. A lie like I expected. Now the reason I bring up how Black QBs are treated at bama….Please list all of the Black QBs that have ever started a game for bama. Now list how many have been forced to transfer because they found out the fairy tale they was sold by the bama coaches was nothing but lies. Guess I see why you are a bama fan now. Lies on top of lies.

          1. I had never heard of Ono Island before today and certainly never said I “used” to live there.

            I’ve never lived in or owned property at Gulf Shores and I’ve only visited a handful of times. One of the reasons I bought my house in SC is how close it is to the beach; you can’t build new houses as close. The boat stays in Tuscaloosa, though.

            But calling me a liar, now that I have a problem with. Coming from a guy who frequently changes his name, rants homophobic and biggoted slurs, spouts libelous allegations and loves representing Auburn’s culture as such on an Alabama fan site, it’s kinda hard to take any of it seriously.

            It’s no fairy tale; if you’re the best on the roster, you’ll play, and the competition is very high at the University of Alabama. That’s one of the reasons Alabama has so much positional depth.

          2. Shit for fucking brains, Bear Bryant shit canned the Wishbone offense for a West Coast offense to fit Walter Lewis’ talents when fucking Weagle was still castrating Black men and hanging them from bridge railings. Guess we hate Wop’s too and so we ran off that little Italian midget Fanuzzi. God help us if we ever get a Latino QB. Oh and I guess that’s why our Samoan can’t break into the starting rotation either. You retarded dog fart, Star Jackson couldn’t even get playing time at UT Chattanooga and finally quit. Phillip Simms was given a shot at Virginia and totally screwed the pooch. They had to fall back on his backup. He finally gave it up I heard. AJ, the greatest QB in Bama history, beat out Star and Simms, cause they just weren’t good enough; and this Sims is even worse. What color are you anyway asshole? You asked any Black men lately if they need your faggot ass carrying the cross for them? Can’t wait for the fucking IB this year. Want to see a defense built by SSS, Saban, Smart and Steel take that Aubie ass apart and and make Marshall wish he was back under his Limpopo Tree. ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

          3. Excuse me. Star played at Ga St on their 1st ever football team, and could not win the job. Much, much worse than UTC.

  6. If y’all want my opinion i think that everyone here takes football way too seriously. Football is something that is meant to be enjoyed, and when you find yourself getting angry/ talking shit about it i feel like that is a sign that it’s become much more than that to you. And to the writer of this article “ITK” here’s my advice: you are a good writer, so show it by not trying to attract cheap reads by pissed off auburn fans and instead write classy, well researched articles. You yourself have admitted that auburn fans make up the majority of your readers, and if you spent the time to actually write a decent article (you are good enough to) you might change this. If you do this you might actually attract readers who care about your writing, in this case Alabama fans to whom the sight is geared. Look at ESPN, Bleacher Report, Rivals, and any other major and highly visited sports writing site. You don’t see them constantly talking shit about another team in order to get cheap reads from pissed off people. Thus if you would like to rise out of mediocrity and become a site of major caliber with a wide reading base, I feel as though it would be a good idea to change your course of action. Don’t think that i’m saying this to offend you because i have no reason to. Just trying to give you some advice. Have a good night sir

    1. Obviously you don’t understand the mechanics of a rivalry like this one. Nor do you understand the mentality of the Common Barn Rat. It wouldn’t matter how professional the threads are written here, they still would come (If you write it they will come). LMAO! They only live to find the smallest thing to blow out of proportion to harrass Bama about. If there isn’t anything, they will make something up. And don’t give me that shit about National media outlets. This is not a National media outlet. It is a sports blog. And surely you jest about Bleacher Report? They publish just as much predjudice crap as Capstone, minus the allowed cursing. I know because I write for BR. And what fucking difference does it make anyway? Do you never read the posts to any college football threads on ESPN, CBS, Si, Rivals, etc? I don’t give a fuck how professional it is written, the posted replies look no different than they do on here, including my very graphic ones. You need to stay off sports blogs or get with the program before you go giving advice to far more experienced peers. RTR!

      1. In regards to the first part of my message i feel as though you are proving my point, you take this sport way too seriously. Let me ask you this Crimsonite: if Alabama won every championship from here until the end of time, the pinnacle of what a football team can accomplish, how fulfilling would that actually be? Sure you may enjoy Alabama’s success, but how does Alabama’s success improve your quality of life? Do you play for the Tide? Coach for the Tide? The truth of the matter is that at the end of the day, after you’ve finished bragging about all Alabama’s accomplishments, they are still only that… Alabama’s accomplishments. At the end of the day you are bragging about someone else’s accomplishments, not your own. Do you understand how foolish this can seem to others? Again please do not misinterpret the meaning of this message, I fully understand how easy it is to make you angry and that is not my goal. I just want to better understand why people like you are the way that they are. My apology for the confusion though, the later part of that message was meant for the writer of this article not for you Crimsonite. Also i wasn’t telling him how to run his blog, i was just saying that if he wanted to get more readers that maybe changing the “tone” of his articles would be beneficial. Because he seems to be a good enough writer to do so. Oh and just curious, which articles have you written for BR Crimsonite? I’d be very interested in reading them. Thanks and have a good afternoon.

        1. Alabama’s accomplishments are absolutely massive, though. And yes, they do benefit more than the players alone. If you think the accomplishments of the football team (never mind the golf teams, softball team, gymnastics team, or any other team that wins championships) mean nothing to the university, you’re wrong. The revenue doesn’t simply support the coaching salaries alone, and the university and its students and alumni all benefit, which is particularly important at a school like the University of Alabama that has a learning hostpital, just as an example. Frankly, it’s why I love college football more than the NFL.

          Calling someone out to support the school where a person is financially, intellectually and historically invested is one thing. I do those things. Lots of us do. Suggesting talking about anything else as being detrimental to those goals, particularly in the off-season, I don’t really get that part.

        2. Sorry but it’s under another pen name and I don’t need any of these assholes coming over there and pissing me off. It’s hard enough to keep it clean as it is. I’m not going to try and rationalize the Bama-Barnturd/Corndog/UcheaT relationship with you. I can tell from the things you say that either you don’t really have football in your blood, or you’re a damn lier. If you were a REAL football fan you would be just like us if YOUR team, whoever it is, could boast of even half what Bama has done. Either you or friends of yours would be our mirror images. Any and everybody would be. That’s what sports are all about outside of the actual athletes reasons for competing – PRIDE. It’s what pays the bills. It’s what gets $1500 for a ticket. So let’s don’t get all hypocritical here ok.

  7. To call Malzahn a flash in the pan shows the writers ignorance of Malzahns history. He’s turned around programs at every stop he’s made. He went to an Arkansas programs coming off a 4 win season and turned them into a 10-4 team and SEC West Champion. He went to Tulsa and won two division titles back-to-back. He then went to Auburn and won the West, the SEC and the NC. Then he took over an Arkansas St team that had the fewest returning starters in the country and won ANOTHER conference title and even INCREASED their scoring from the year before. THEN he takes over an Auburn program that had one of their worst seasons EVER and not only beat their two biggest rivals, he won the West, won the SEC and was minutes from winning ANOTHER NC in just his FIRST season as head coach.

    To think he’s a flash in the pan is beyond ridiculous. His record says he;s anything BUT.

    1. I agree with you peachy.

      But it’s Auburn’s success that’s the flash in the pan, not Malzahn’s. He’ll share it now that he’s the head coach at Auburn, but I just wanted to make the distinction, what with all the capital letters and all.

        1. Alabama won 3 NC’s in the last ten years and produced NC contenders for the last seven years in a row. Winning more than one would have been more than a flash in the pan. Time has shown it, and we’ll see again this year.

          And I’m sorry for your loss.

  8. Actually we have been NC contenders 4 of the last 10 years, and were awarded MNC’s in 2004,2010, and even in 2013. Collie and Massey(2 of the computers for the BCS) awarded us their titles for last season. But unlike UA, we will not claim it, nor should we. Titles claimed after losing your last game are bogus, no matter who does it. We were also in the discussion in 2006 till a late season loss to Georgia. Had we won that one, we would have been ranked second in the BCS.
    We will see about this year, but I will be surprised if we don’t finish with a better record than Bama. The name calling starts in minutes, so go ahead. But here is a novel idea for this site: debate with intelligence, and not hatred. I don’t think most of you can, or will do that.

    1. Sorry, I’m still going to say it’s ok for Alabama to claim all of the six national championships I’ve seen them win in person. Let’s leave it at that then, shall we? No debate, just six national titles. I’m pretty sure at least one of the ones before then should still count, but hey, I didn’t see it.

      Auburn was in the discussion in 2006? So was Alabama, just like 2007 through 2013. I don’t get it.

      I’ve never called you any names, just for the record. Novel idea, indeed, but it doesn’t make what you say right. You’re still the Auburn guy who writes more on an Alabama page than ever contributing to Auburn as a university or a culture anywhere else. I don’t understand the allegation or the punctuation.

      1. I contribute more to Auburn than you know. Not sure where you get that from.And it would be a novel idea for debate on this site to be intelligent, and without hatred toward others. The responses to my last post proved that.

  9. Are you some kide of fucking idiot or what? Colley and Massey don’t fucking award or name National Champions, dumbass. They are part of an averaging system for the BCS. None of the BCS entities operate autonomously, stupid Barn Rat. You didn’t win shit in 2004 either. The BCS decided not to award the title to anyone after the NCAA striped USC. And you dumbasses talk about Bama’s fantasy Titles. Bwaa Haww Haww! Stupid fool! At least Bama was awarded each and every one of their 15 titles by at least one legitimate authority of the day, always deserving or not. RTR1

  10. And another thing, Goat Fucker. If Colley and Massey somehow ended up with a damn 2 loss team ranked ahead of the undefeated team they lost to – they need to take that program and shove it up a goats ass, which is what they should have done with all the fucking BCS computer programs from day one anyway. RTR!

  11. We were awarded all 9 of the ones we could claim. And as the responses proved, you(Bammers) can not discuss without trying to shout down, call names, and curse the person who is presenting facts. As I have always said, the easiest way to confuse Bama fans is give them facts. In 2004, we were awarded 3 titles by recognized selectors, and not a single one of them was the BCS. And if a 2 loss team over an undefeated team is bogus, then you are admitting that 1941 is bogus for you. As I said in my first post, no Auburn fan is going to claim the 2 that awarded us the title, based on whatever convoulted and secret formula the computers use. That was one of the problems with the BCS, and most years, they got it wrong. 2006,2009, and 2010 was the only years recently where it can be said they got it right.
    I didn’t say all would call names, but some of you proved me right. Never understand when someone says something, if it didn’t pertain to you, why you get mad about it. 2007 bama wasn’t in the discussion at anytime just for what it is worth. Bama was awarded each of the titles you claim. Half aren’t worth the recognition, because someone else deserved it more, but the same groups have awarded Auburn 9. It is amazing the hyprocisy of Bama fans who think yours is legitimate, and Auburn’s is not. I don’t begrudge Bama fans for claiming theirs, and think they should claim those that will stand up to scrutiny. In the 9 years we can claim, our record is 98-2-2. Just because some of you don’t want to accept that, doesn’t change the facts.

  12. I didn’t get mad about the suggestion that all Alabama fans call you names, but you were responding to my statement (hence the response that I don’t call you names) and then said not to call you names? This is all coming from the guy that calls Alabama fans on an Alabama site “Bammers.”

    Yes, Auburn got hosed in 2004. Get over it. They didn’t win the BCS, but that doesn’t mean they would have won and Alabama isn’t “claiming” 2004 regardless.

    Nothing is going to make you happy, but you continue to come here to make people aware of that and you do nothing for Auburn anywhere, either. But you say half of the six titles I’ve seen Alabama win in person aren’t worth recognizing and now Auburn has or should have 9 titles? Then you call me hypocritical?

    I think we’re done here.

  13. What would make me happy, is for Alabama fans to have the same standard for Auburn, that they do for their own team. That isn’t asking too much. If Bama was awarded a title, it is counted by you. As it should be by fans. But when Auburn claims what we were awarded, ours doesn’t count according to Bama fans. That is hyprocisy. I am sorry if that makes some of you mad.
    As far as the original story, did a Google search on Gus and Cleveland. No articles were posted anywhere for 10 days. So the premise many were talking about it, well that is just not true. Will we contend for it all this year? I think it is highly probable, but we will see. Sorry if Bammers is so offensive. I don’t mind being called a Barner , just not some of the other names I have been called.

    1. I’m very confused.

      You already said at least half of the six titles I saw Alabama win in person are probably illegitimate, then you argue that it’s Alabama fans who perpetrate the myth that Auburn hasn’t won so many national titles and therefore we’re hypocrites?

      Then you call me a liar again. You’re conditioned to hate Alabama, then you come here to act like you’re our salvation into manifest truth. That’s a cult-like mentality. “What are your crimes,” immediately comes to mind.

      For example, yes, I heard about Malzahn’s possible move on live air in NC and in person before I read it here. You couldn’t find it on a Google search so you say we were all lying instead? It makes just as much sense to say since we were the only ones you could personally find reporting it online that we are on the bleeding edge of information reporting.

      You call Alabama fans hypocrites for not recognizing Auburn’s nine titles. I’ve seen Auburn win one with my own eyes. I’ve also seen them lose one and I didn’t see the 1957 title in person. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt, just for argument’s sake, despite 2010 being Auburn’s first consensus championship. Let’s add one more for good measure and say they were simply robbed in 2004.

      But I don’t know any fan of any program that would say Auburn has more than four times that amount. Something tells me you don’t spend a lot of time on Penn State or USC sites calling them hypocrites, either.

      1. It doesn’t matter what fans of another program say about how many titles anyone has. As I have said numerous times, you have 15, we have 9. Both of those are facts that are not disputable.Now how many of those of either team can stand up to scrutiny from others, is a whole different discussion? And for the BCS being the only recognized title, if that is the case, why did Frank Beamer of Va. Tech campaign for the AP Title in 2004, until we beat them that is? And unless I heard wrong (which i didn’t), wasn’t it Nick Saban saying the AP should consider Bama the best team ,because they were in his mind? And he had some of the talking heads on ESPN, keeping up that mantra for most of the game. That was till you got beat by Oklahoma. Even with the BCS we could have a split National Title. 2003: LSU- BCS Champs; USC- AP Champs. And both of those are recognized.

        1. Auburn has nine national titles that can’t be disputed?

          I had no idea they were so good.

          I don’t think anyone else anywhere else did, either.


        2. No they are not. They are only recognized in the minds of those who desperately need them. It matters not what spin Saban or Beamer or ESPN wants to put on something for their own benefit. They know the BCS rules. Everything else is pure bullshit from disputers.

  14. You must be the dumbest Son Of A Bitch in Auburn. No way that stupid shit you just said came out of the mouth of anuone over 8 years old. Motherfucker, all of the FBS schools joined the BCS system of their own free will, and all are bound to honor the BCS rules and results. I don’t give a damn what other circumstances are involved, the winner of the BCSNCG is the undisputed Champion. No other poll counts. They are all bullshit if they are different than the BCS. Period. Nothing but argument makers. Period. Tere is only one authority voted as such by YOUR school. When Bama won the titles 75 years ago that you like to dispute there were about 20 authorities and no school was bound to any one of them. But regardless, asshole, Bama lost to 2 SEC schools, neither of which was in the national title race. Bama was chosen against teams from other areas. You, dumbass, lost to the other team in the National Championship game. Game, set, match, over fuck fart. And that’s besides the BCS rules which are irrevokable. You are such a dumbass child. Don’t make me feel like I need to find your ass, Gulf Shores.

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