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Warning to Auburn fans: Terry Bowden looked great too

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Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn
Auburn fans probably won’t read this; reality isn’t their style.

But amid the gloating and celebration following one of the most improbable regular seasons in Auburn history, let this be a word to the wise:

Like Gustav Malzahn, Terry Bowden looked fantastic for a year or two.

Bowden came on the scene in 1993 following the crumbling of the Pat Dye Empire. Shortly after words like “Keep it down home, cuz” were uttered by the udder-loving brethren of Lee County, Tiny Tot waddled from Samford to Auburn an apparent Savior.

Bowden rescued the Tiggers from the strangle-hold placed on it by that mean, Bear Bryant-like Gene Stallings, and immediately a rivalry was renewed. Bowden, the snot-nosed son of a legend, took the Tigers to 11-0, following a miraculous…sound familiar…improbable Iron Bowl win over the…sound familiar…defending National Champs. In Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Again I say, sound familiar?

Heck, insert whatever name you wish. Tommy Tuberville. Gene Chizik. These looked great for one shining moment in time. But all were evaded by something the Auburn football program has never known.


Not a flash in the pan, as we’ve come to know the Tigers to be time and again. But year in and year out dominance. Something these Tigers will likely never know.

So when you think of Gustav, and all the miracles that had to fall into place in order for 2013 to occur, think Terry Bowden. From an oddsmaker’s standpoint, he will soon reside in the same abyss.

But please don’t remind your Aubie friends of the astronomical improbabilities of this kind of year happening again. Or that the man they now worship most likely won’t be there within the next three years.

Let them relive history on their own. It’s just better that way.

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50 thoughts on “Warning to Auburn fans: Terry Bowden looked great too”

  1. “But Malzahn is an offensive genius!”

    I agree with the “offensive” part, but 5 near-misses is hard to recapture regardless.

    “Except Malzahn is signing a huge contract extension!”

    And he’s also signing a crippling payout for not having continued success. Besides, if contract length is so important you can simply stop the Saban-to-Texas talk.

    “At least we’re selling tickets now! I almost bought one myself!”

    That’s all Auburn really cares about. As soon as that stops (plus one puke season for good measure) Auburn will get another coach.

    “Malzahn is recruiting so cool! He even got that Bammer recruit to switch to us! Neener Gump!”

    Congrats on getting a 3-star from Opelika to finally commit to Auburn. Alabama has more depth than the Pacific Ocean and we recruit statewide, nationwide, and worldwide better than anyone.

    “You’re just mad we owned you!”

    I was mad, but you didn’t own anything, and any Alabama team would be thrilled to play this year’s Auburn team again and again.

    “My diaper’s dirty.”

    That’s what happens when your toilet paper is in the trees, Little Brother.

    1. Orange and Blue Troll

      Terry Bowden > Mike Dubose
      Terry Bowden > Mike Shula

      “Congrats on getting a 3-star from Opelika to finally commit to Auburn”.

      Congrats on not being able to recruit a kicker. What time do y’all play this weekend?

    2. “Congrats on getting a 3-star from Opelika to finally commit to Auburn. Alabama has more depth than the Pacific Ocean and we recruit statewide, nationwide, and worldwide better than anyone.”

      Let me make sure I’ve got this right Conduit. According to you bama has the “Best coach” in the nation, “more debth than the Pacific Ocean” and better recruits than anyone in the world, yet your team could not even win it’s division yet alone it conference championship and your team’s record is no better than the team you like to call your little brother and who’s coach you don’t think is very good! Think about that gump!


      1. And now that team with less talent, less debt and a high school coach is going to the BCS National Championship game while your team with better talent, better depth and a “better” coach is not! Wow what do you think about that conduit for brains?

  2. This is just ridiculous. Alabama fans have taken whining to a whole new level this year. Gus has had success EVERY WHERE he has been. His success hasnt been accidental. He hasnt been a “flash in the pan”. He’s currently in his 3rd SEC Championship game and his 6th conference championship game in 8 years. thats not a fluke. He took a 3-9 team and pounded Alabama’s vaunted rush defense for 300 yards (which every Bama said would absolutely not happen) and is sitting at an astounding 11-1. Please keep telling yourselves its a fluke, it wont last, he’s leaving for Texas, etc.

    Bama fans are really going to lose their mind when he’s 2-0 head-to-head against Saban after next year.

  3. A year or two? Bowden played in the SEC championship in 1997 — and would’ve won it if not for a 63 yard TD pass from PEYTON MANNING to Peerless Price. Powerful/infill influential booster(s) is the reason Bowden left AU.

    Let’s not rewrite history.

    1. Bowden boinking Bobby Lowders’ daughter is the reason he was run out of Auburn. That and exposing Barner Fife’s pay-for-play ways.

  4. Cheapshot bambino. You damn right that was a Cheapshot.Once again a bammer crowing about something that was talked about YEARS ago. I am talking about the last game. More bammer class…. That kid should be suspended for at least the next game. If saban is so big on running a clean program , he should make an example of this kid. Lose with class you damn hillbillies. lol

    1. OK – whatever your name-of-the-day is – I’m pretty sure that if I was slavishly re-watching the Iron Bowl 23 times a day like the Boog Nation, I could find a perfectly legitimate tackle/block/hit that I could interpret as a cheap shot on the part of the Boog players, but I just don’t have time for that. Nor do I have time to go to ANY barner website to troll and post said videos.

      Thanks for the obsession. We’ll be back again next season. Will the Barn?

      How much did the University of Auburn pay for Marshall? Will we hear about his church/club/YMCA getting a new building in the offseason?

      Or will you all just fade away after Mizzou takes you to the woodshed?

      1. Straight on. I don’t care to even read the drivel on Barner websites, much less care to post on their boards. Every Bama site however is infested with Cow Tech sociology majors.

  5. You got me again, new guy.

    I watched this again, by request, and I can’t see any hit at all. Maybe you posted the wrong video? Or maybe it just plain didn’t happen. But you got me to watch it. Well played.

    I love the new guy who has already called me words that would be considered hate crimes if they were face-to-face (not that he goes to football games) is teaching the rest of us about class.

    I don’t take dieting advice from Ronald McDonald, I don’t take marriage advice from Larry King, and I definitely don’t take spelling, grammar, punctuation or class advice from a bandwagon Auburn fan.

  6. Those lumbering lineman trying to catch Davis, was glorious to watch. Not to mention, that close line block on the kicker, number 99, was also spine tingling, for him. LOL. It was a classic. To watch the bammers have their heart torn out by this Mickey Mouse, high school offense, that gained 300 yds. rushing on their vaunted defense, was almost too much to absorb. IT has been almost a week, and I am still relishing this victory. Bwaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can now go back and rely on your MNC’s that you backed into for comfort. This Bus is rolling and it aint going anywhere. Maybe your coaching god can get the rules changed to slow the game down so that your players don’t get injured. By the way, have you sent nick and terri their thank you notes yet. After all, they feel unappreciated.

  7. Wonder where the bammer “legend” is? You know, the finebaum caller who says that bammer is the “Ali” of football. Looks like Ali got knocked out.

  8. It only goes to show that there can be a silver lining in the most fetid pile of shit. Instead of getting rid of Saban, it’s a strong probability that Awbies victory sealed their doom. Saban just signed a new contract and you just have to think that no way in hell the winningest coach would leave on a losing note to his most hated opponent. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You very much, dumbasses. RTR!

  9. Hey Mullets, one word Pasadena…wish you were there? Sorry you can’t stop a high school trick offense who just ran over 500 yards in the SEC Championship game.

    Tell Nicky the fantasy island midget that we are gonna get another crystal ball in our trophy case. How does that make you feel. You see, most Auburn GRADUATES cheer for Auburn because we attended school there not just because we bought a cap at WalMart.

    1. Yeah, I wish i was there in Pasadena. I went there a few years ago to watch Alabama win a title. It was great. Do you wish you were going? Why not go? You should go.

      1. Looks like they are going Conduit, you foolish gump! Did you learn a lesson from this? I’m sure not! Gumps will always be gumps!

    1. Good call, AUgraduatestudent! I read a hard copy earlier today, and came to this site to see if someone actually spent time writing such palaver.
      This article from last year is a delicious gourmet recipe for Crimson Tide Crow. Set your table, and bon appetite, InTheKnow.

  10. Any Alabama fans on here have a national championship ticket for sale? I could use about 4 of them. War Eagle have fun watching it on TV

  11. From 0-8 in the SEC to a berth in the NCG with the same suckie players from last year with the exception of a hired thief at QB. Aubie’s boys must be on some serious roids. Explains it perfectly. Mason runs 46 times and is as fresh as a baby’s butt in the 4th quarter. That’s roids. Check out his pics from last year to this year. No one puts on that type of muscle mass unless he’s juicing.

  12. Wow CSR is now removing posts because they hurt their feelings? This is AWESOME! Instead of the typical ” we got 32″ or ” ROWWWW TAHD” come back, the CSR crew is now having to delete posts!!!! ROFLMMFAO! I guess cantdoit is not only a bitch, but a menstrual one at that!!! SEC CHAMPS!!!

  13. Tater Tot did not know how to recruit talent and that ruined him. He also clearly fought with Lowder. Tubs fought with Lowder also know …ol’ “Fear the Thumb” Tubs. The Feds have neutered Lowder and he is no longer an influence.

    Gus is recruiting talent and he sure seems to know how to do more with less that Nick can.

    I’m not worried.

    Maybe you are tho ..this sure smacks of nerves on you Bammers part.

  14. This is the best article ever…I hope this was written by the same guy that wrote the article here last Dec 2012 about how horrible a hire Gus Malzahn was, how he wouldnt win a game. LOVE reading the Bammers so tore up over this. LOVE IT! First they reviewed every play about 100 times of the Iron Bowl and obsessed on a couple of “bad calls”, petitioned for rematch (a move that looked so sad nationally, and embarrassing)…then they knew Mizz would stomp us. I LOVE THIS!!!!! The entire nation knows what assholes Bama fans are, they are as happy as we are you lost in the most famous college game in history on TV in front of millions. On the flip side, almost everyone was pulling for Auburn that didnt have a dog in the fight, and they still do, read the polls. WDE!!!!

  15. I’m going to enjoy watching the BCSNCG and pulling for a school I hate for the second time in 4 years. Last time it was Oregon. This time it’s Free Shoes U. Bwaa Haww Haww! Be fun to see Awbie lose, even if it ends the State’s and SEC’s records. Hopefully the bastards have used up their allotment of really absurd lucky plays and want to see if they have to dial up three or four really dirty plays to win like they did in 2010.

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