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Do Alabama fans fear Bobby Petrino at Auburn?

Gene Chizik is a fine Christian man. He is the coach at Auburn University.

However, that has not stopped rampant speculation on the Internet and talk radio about the future of the Auburn Tigers.

Auburn football fans want to win. Who can blame them? This is the SEC, and Auburn has posted an impressive record under Terry Bowden, Tommy Tuberville and Gene Chizik. Undefeated seasons and contending for conference championships were hallmarks of Auburn football during the 1990s and 2000s. This success created pressure.

With Nick Saban’s arrival in Tuscaloosa and the rapid ascension of the Alabama Crimson Tide to the top of college football, the comparative expectations increased the pressure at Auburn.

Gene Chizik must win and win now. To deal with this, Chizik took shortcuts.

The pressure at Auburn encouraged shortcuts and recruiting for headlines instead of substance. It encouraged running a joke offense under Gus Malzahn. It created the environment of not giving a team time to respond to a new power offense before fans turned their back on a championship coach.

Now everyone is speculating on the next Auburn football head coach. One name that continues to make the top of many lists is Bobby Petrino. The former Arkansas football coach was fired in disgrace, but his reputation as an offensive mastermind overcomes many objections.

Petrino has a mixed record. His recruiting classes were ordinary at Arkansas. For reference, Rivals ranked Arkansas 34th in 2012, 24th in 2011, 49th in 2010, 16th in 2009, 36th in 2008, 31st in 2007, 27th in 2006 and 24th in 2005.

Yet, his teams managed to post impressive numbers. His Arkansas offenses averaged 36 points per game in 2009, 2010 and 2011. He led Arkansas to a BCS bowl. His defenses were deficient, but he put his teams into a position to win despite a serious recruiting challenge at Arkansas.

Would Petrino be interested in Auburn? Possibly. He might prefer a football job in Knoxville coaching the Tennessee Volunteers, or perhaps outside the SEC. However, with Petrino’s skills and ego, Auburn makes an attractive option. It would be foolish not to consider an offer from Auburn.

Does this worry Alabama fans?

Yes. This possibility concerns many Alabama fans. Not all, but many.

Why? Many Alabama fans believe Gene Chizik is a 5-19 joke with a coaching staff full of buffoons. Sure, the OC buffoon might have taught Tom Brady everything, but nobody takes Auburn’s X’s & O’s and player development seriously.

Contrast that with games against Arkansas. Alabama fans consistently worried about Petrino’s offensive firepower. Saban usually dominated these games, but Petrino had a chance. Does anyone give Chizik a chance of coaching up the Auburn Tigers?


So, every time an Alabama fan argues against Bobby Petrino this is in the back of their minds: Combine Petrino with the bagman and Auburn could be a formidable opponent.

37 thoughts on “Do Alabama fans fear Bobby Petrino at Auburn?”

  1. Be serious! Patrino can’t recruit like CheezeDick and Trooper. He can’t coach defense. What was the average scires of the ass stompings we put on Arky while he was there – and he had arguably the last 2 best QB’s in the SEC and last year the best receiving corps in the nation. Scared of him? Hell, I say bring him on. Oh yeah, did ya’ll see what Pat Dye said about this Bama team. Another coach saying this is the best football team he’s ever seen. Hell, if Pat The Drunk Dye say’s it, it has to be true. Actually he said he can’t remember seeing a better football team. Now that is probably the honest truth since he probably can’t remember where his dick is in his drunken stuper. RTR!

    1. Yeah! that and, if my memory hasn’t fled from me, I believe he had pull his pants off for some reason and coldn’t remember where he left them!! LMAO!! RTR

  2. I personally don’t believe he should be given a chance to coach at Auburn or any school for that matter because if he’ll cheat on his wife, what do you think he’ll do behind Auburns back or how many broken promises will he make to present and future players/recruits. He can’t be trusted but it’s not beneath Auburn to hire him and if so bring it on! We at Alabama have the best Coach in college Football and aren’t scared of Petrino or Auburn even if they do get lucky and beat Bama in the future, Bama will hold the overall win record and by a larger margin and we will get him chased out just like the rest of the SEC coaches that Saban has whoop and ran out of conference, So Go ahead hire him and send ur bagman out and bring the best you can cause Alabama is Rolling & I be Damned if Auburn is the one to slow them. Roll Tide 14 working on 15 Bitches!

    1. @Bama14getn15 You say Petrino can’t be trusted, but that’s what everyone else says about Nick Saban when it comes to being a college football coach. He famously said he would not be the head coach at Alabama. Next thing you know, welcome to T-Town, Coach.

      I don’t want to argue the logistics of it, but all I’m trying to say is people make mistakes. Petrino screwed up. Big time. You don’t get two chances like that.

      But you do get a second chance. And he deserves it. And yes, he will be a coach in the SEC, so don’t get too upset when it happens. Petrino is not Sandusky, and he’s not going to repeat the mistakes he’s made—–if anything he’s going to be an even better man and coach.

      We all make mistakes. What’s important is how you learn from them. I heard that from our own football coach, Nick Saban. It wouldn’t be fair not to listen to him now.

      1. Condo – the only people who say you can’t trust CNS are opponents and their coaches and fans. Bama fans trust him completely, as do his players. And why shouldn’t they? He’s done everything he said he’d do at Bama, and he follows through with what he tells his recruits – as long as they do their part as well. All of you yahoos like to talk about being “processed”, but none of Bama’s recruits miss out on their education if they do what they are instructed by their coaching staff, even if they are unable to physically continue to contribute to the football team. Anyone who says differently is blowing strong smoke.
        CBP is welcome to come to the Plains. I can’t think of anyone who would be a better followup to Trooper and the gang than Petrino. Maybe it will increase the number of female athletes given scholarships for Barn programs, and it will certainly lead to more hot female athletic department staff members. The rest of the SEC coaches likely can’t believe their luck in having a damaged CBP to recruit against.

        1. Oh yea, like I’m sure he followed through with those LSU recruits that he left for failure in the NFL. Give me a break, Saban is a program jumper and will probably go to Texas when they offer it up.


  3. I hope Auburn is stupid enough to hire him. 2008-12 vs him or his players(2012), Bama is 5-0 with an average score of 40-11.

    1. But I thought Chizniks integrity made him worth more than 10 Sabans! I thought Auburn was a fambly and being the coach wasn’t about wins and losses, but how he cares for each and every one of these players! I am shocked that Auburn would want to fire a guy like that!

  4. could Petrino trust the aubs? He saw first hand how they did Tubbs and he was in the middle of JetGate!!!!! If I were him I wouldn’t be feeling so easy with that group of DyeHarders!!!!

  5. Dear Devilworshippers,
    Afraid that Auburn might have talent to beat you? You talk about a bag man what about all the rumors that surround Satan and his mob connections? Intelligence and integrity is not something that will ever be found in your redneck of the woods, I’m sure that you are were trying to have Updyke canonized for what he did to Toomer’s Corner. Your Crimson Flow never plays anyone and when they do ol’ Jr. is there to make sure Penn Wagers has enough to visit Captain D’s for the night. I don’t want Petrino as the head coach and representative of Auburn University, he has as much going for him ethically as Mark Ingram’s father, you know as well as I do “youthful offender” status really helps when you are recruiting for your new players. Amazing how Richardson’s kidnapping charges disappeared when the judge is on your payroll. I am sure your tears will flood town when Satan bolts for the NFL after this season. Your class and bravado matches your colors perfectly. Rednecks and white trash.

    1. The reason you barn turds are so ready to throw Chizik to the wolves is because we have THE BEST coach in college football. And no matter how many wet dreams you have about him leaving, it ain’t happening. If we were putting together 7,8 or 9 win seasons you aubs could take one really bad season and give “a great leader and a great coach” a chance to right the ship. But because Big Brother is gonna be spankin your little butts for the foreseeable future you want to run him. Is he not All In enough for you? I got news for you, you guys boot the Chiz less than 2 years after a NC, you can bet the whole Cam thing is gonna come back. Write it down. Cam the Scam has had his Superman suit stripped off and fans are sick of his act. You better keep Chiz where he is. If not, bring on Patrino and then whoever you weasels can talk into taking a job where you are now and will always be the ugly stepsister.

    2. Aww c’mon man!! leave those trees in Toomer’s corner along!! They are doing just fine, especially since there are no trash that would have to be washed out of them, and come to think of it, they might not have to worry about all that toilet paper being blasted out of them for a long time to come!! You Aubies need to remember that ‘its a God thing, ya”l are ‘all in’ and lastly you’re Fambly’, … yes life is good in Lee County!!! Chizic is a good coach and if ol Dye tries to run him off, the coach will be about seven million dollars richer, and if he’s smart they would have to anta up, just ask Tuberville. LMAO RTR

    3. Trent Richardson is a felony kidnapper?

      And Saban is leaving Alabama for the Charlotte North Carolina Panthers next year?

      Auburn always has enough talent to beat Alabama. Just look at the recruiting.

      Unfortunately, Auburn doesn’t develop its players very well. And even worse, Alabama does.

      I’m not sure what will happen though when Trent Richardson is arrested and confesses about Nick Saban’s panda bear smuggling and ivory trade companies forcing the coach to make the move to the Charlotte North Carolina Panthers here in a few months, but I do know Auburn will always maintain its integrity and consistency as an awful football program. Or maybe they’ll beat Vanderbilt this year.

      Oh, wait. Did they…?… Oh no. NERDS!?

  6. A supposed barner lecturing on truth and integrity. Coming from a place that still has Lowder ranes and dye going strong is a laugh. There was a lot of integrity associated with the last Petrino fling not to mention the scam affair. One of many things that barners have on common with bho is that they actually believe their own bulls–t

  7. He was right about one thing we do have an easy schedule as we have to play the barn every year. If they don’t have a chance to beat us maybe they will just give up football since that was the only reason they played anyway .

  8. An Auburn fan calling an Alabama fan a redneck is akin to a black person calling a white man the “N” word. Auburn University graduates are the biggest scum sucking racist redneck turds this side of the Mason Dixon. You can add huge OLD SOUTH hypocrisy as well. All In? LOL

  9. I like Petrino. And he will be a coach in the SEC—-the only questions are where and when.

    But Auburn?

    Hell, I like Petrino too much for that. I wouldn’t be afraid of him there so much as I think he deserves better than Auburn.

    But even Auburn deserves better than Chizik.

    Look, I want the entire SEC to be strong. I don’t want a SEC team to have zero SEC wins in a season like Auburn. I don’t want the Alabama/Tennessee rivalry to be bygone history like some people say it is. I want the football to be good and to be competitive.

    And any team coached by Petrino will (eventually) be competitive. We’ve all learned how good Chizik isn’t, and how bad Dooley fits at Tennessee. Petrino made a big mistake, and he paid for it. You get one.

    And now the same is true for Auburn and Tennessee. They hired the wrong coach. You don’t get to make that mistake twice, or the problems become exponential.

    Petrino screwed up. And he can’t afford to do it again. I believe he’s sorry, but even if you don’t, the guy got reamed, had to move, had to publically apologize and endure ridicule and speculation, his whole family got pulled into that mess. And they stood by him. Now he’s in counseling, therapy, and he’s not a quitter.

    Bobby Petrino will be a better coach I think than he ever was at Arkansas when he comes back. It won’t be year one, but for our sakes I hope he ends up at a good rivalry team. That way when we beat them again and again it means something to the rest of the nation if not just Alabama. He’s earned it, and any SEC team deserves it.

  10. My God! Is this like home or what? I just discovered this fine message board and I love it! A place where you can bash aubie before and after they get bashed on the field! What’s not to love about it?

  11. Whatever hack pecked out this tripe is a freaking idiot. must be a barniac. why should Alabama folks “fear” a joke who has never beat Bama? I am surprised this drizzle was posted on this site. It’s a joke, just like the barn and barniacs everywhere.

      1. He is in hiding. His plan is to thrash us after LSU beats us. But that is his plan. Too bad it isn’t going to happen.

  12. Four former LSU players arrested today for weed..Honey Boy was one and Jordan Jefferson was one…Police are looking into current players who could be involved.. RTR!!!

  13. You Boogs need to let the Saban lies shit die. It’s only retarded homers who ever said it anyway. He had to lie to the bigmouthed press because his team was struggling and he did not want to make it worse by advertising to the world before the season ended that he was leaving them. Actually instead of being a lier, he was doing them a favor. Besides, as bad as Miami was the fans were probably glad he left.

  14. I hear Jefferson tried to flush the drugs down the toilet, but ended up throwing them directly to the cops instead.

  15. And as far as the topic goes… NO alabama is not scared of Petrino, if they were smart they’d hire Charlie Strong instead

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