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Bama bids farewell to 4 Tiders as 8 early enrollees arrive in T-Town; Tre Mason bolts Auburn as well

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Today four members of the Crimson Tide football team announced their intentions to forego their senior seasons in favor of the 2014 NFL Draft.

Ha’sean Clinton-Dix
To no one’s surprise, safety Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix made the decision to leave. Dix is a strong 1st round projection, as is left tackle Cyrus Koundjio. Here’s hoping someone teaches Koundjio how to pass block a rush end at the next level.

Perhaps more of a head scratcher were the decisions of linebackers Adrian Hubbard and Jeoffrey Pagan. Hubbard has already graduated, while Pagan still has classwork to complete to earn his degree. Hubbard, who seemed to make a living playing out of position and taking horrible pursuit angles at all the wrong times, seemed to benefit from another year of work in Tuscaloosa.

Nick Saban has made it well-known through the years that if a player projects in the first round they need to go. Hubbard and Pagan project no earlier than mid to late 3rd rounds.

However, the 3rd round was enough to pull Auburn’s Tre Mason away from the plains. The SEC’s leading rusher last year, Mason also broke B-B-B-B-o Jackson’s Auburn rushing record as well. Mason joins left tackle Greg Robinson as Auburn under classman making the push to get paid legally.

Under Nick Saban, the Crimson Tide has placed 14 players in the first round of the NFL draft, with as many as four more possibly making that claim this April. Which is why top talent continues to make its way to Tuscaloosa…

As four move out eight move in
In the meantime the University announced the arrival and enrollment of eight early enrollees who will be eligible to participate in spring practice.

The January enrollees include defensive back Tony Brown (Beaumont, Texas/Ozen), quarterback David Cornwell (Norman, Okla./Norman North), linebacker Shaun Dion Hamilton (Montgomery, Ala./Carver), safety Laurence “Hootie” Jones (Monroe, La./Neville), defensive lineman D.J. Pettway (Pensacola, Fla./East Mississippi CC/Catholic), defensive lineman Jarran Reed (Goldsboro, N.C./East Mississippi CC/Goldsboro), offensive lineman Cameron “Cam” Robinson (West Monroe, La./West Monroe) and wide receiver Cameron “Cam” Sims (Monroe, La./Ouachita Parish).

Cam Robinson
All of Bama’s early enrollees are at least four-star prospects with Robinson and Brown unanimous five-star prospects. Robinson is the consensus No. 1 offensive tackle in the 2014 signing class, the No. 2 player overall by and No. 3 by and Brown is the nation’s No. 1 cornerback by and the No. 3 cornerback by and

Cornwell is the ranked as the No. 4 pro-style passing quarterback by and while Jones is rated as the No. 2 safety by and Sims is the No. 8 wide receiver by ESPN. Hamilton is ranked as the No. 6 inside linebacker by and ESPN. Pettway and Reed both inked with Alabama in December and are among the top 20 junior college player in the 2014 class by

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19 thoughts on “Bama bids farewell to 4 Tiders as 8 early enrollees arrive in T-Town; Tre Mason bolts Auburn as well”

  1. Good grief. I mean, look at the guys coming in. Doesn’t Alabama care that everyone else is unhappy when Alabma is loaded with talent?

    Me either.

    I know the declaration period for the NFL draft isn’t over yet, and I’m not suggesting anything about anyone, but is there any information why McCarron, Belue and Mosely haven’t declared for the draft yet?

    1. Is this A real question?Your wanting to know why those 3 players havent “declared” for the NFL draft??Are you actually serious ….Roll Gump everyone A favor,do not ever put down or insult fans of any opposing teams again,ever,your intelligence(or lack thereof)just further cements why the collective average of BamaGumps is an astonishing 10…the Gumps are mking all Alabama fans look dumb,which certainly isnt the case…….Here is A hint,those 3 players are SENIORS.>…….>.>>>I know this,and I am no fan of your team,.wow

      1. We all need a little grace from time-to-time jnm. Conduit is usually spot-on. It was a little confusing that yesterday’s presser didn’t include senior players talking about their NFL futures. I think that’s what he meant to say. Unfortunately, once you ‘submit comment’ you can’t go back and fix gaffes.. 🙂

        1. Good grief.

          K, to be honest I didn’t know that was the difference. See, some players stick around and play even after graduating from the university. Some players even graduate before their senior year, or graduate years earlier but have elibility in a sport. For example, remember Brandon Weeden? He was like 80 years old but still a starting quarterback. I know there are only so many years of eligibility, and obviously I’m not saying any of those guys are coming back with eligibility for college ball before you try to put more words in my mouth, but good grief, you’re an ass.

          So “declaring for the draft” is the same as leaving early, I guess that’s on me? Sorry @jnm, I don’t really care much, read about or ever write about pro football, so thanks; it was an honest question, and I asked explicitly because they are seniors. Then instead you made the accusation I didn’t know any of them were seniors. I don’t think you honestly believe that, but even if you do, you can read some of my past articles saying exactly that and how they will be missed. Sheesh. And we’re the gump idiots, right?

          Serious question here, and I ask only because I haven’t actually heard anything and admittedly don’t pay much attention to pro football except the games themselves, AJ McCarron and Deion Belue are entering (is “declaring” the wrong word now?) the draft, correct? Or are you just mad so many Alabama players are once again going pro like we’ve seen year after year of continued success?

          Thanks for your help JNM. For a second there I thought you weren’t Little Brother. My mistake. I guess it’s one of those days, huh?

          Roll Tide. Roll Damn Tide.

    2. Hey conduit, I was just having a little fun. By messing has changed so much over he years(draft eligibility,etc)ots about like doing the “who’s on first?”routine…I know what you were trying to convey…like I said, just messing with you.all in good offense meant

  2. ITK don’t know s***! Genius article on the “Gus Bus” rolling to Cleveland. “In The Know” as he glosses himself is the biggest Delta Bravo of all time!!!!!!!!

      1. With a comment like that ITK, you prove how immature you are yourself! You are probably an embarrassment to your parents and you must be part of the 85%, if not, then you are definitely an embarrassment to the real alumni of the University of Alabama.

        1. Part of 85%? Is that an insult? 85% of what?

          You know what, never mind. Alabama wins 85% of their football games, maybe that’s what you meant.

          You’d be wrong (it’s not that low), but maybe you meant that, which just doesn’t sound very insulting.

  3. And this site has become inundated with dumbshit Barnturds running their cum holes. But the question is – Why? Your team just fucked up the whole shebang for the South and they did it in epic proportions. Worst meltdown in BCS history. And you did it against an average team. Fla St was not a 2012 Bama ot a 2004 USC or 2005 Texas. If they were then your well documented shit defense wouldn’t have held thier offense to a measley 370 yards or so. And you wouldn’t have been able to make their Heisman QS look like a stupkd ass for 59 minutes. You actually gave the worst second half meltdown in BCS history against the weakest opponent of the SEC 8 year run. You ought to be hiding in you closets ashamed to show your faces, instead of on a rivals site running your cumhole. That goes double for you Peggy. Since you’re a female then it goes without saying that your’s is a cumhole. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  4. “Bwaa Haww Haww!” ReTaRded Bammer Morons!
    Return To Reality!

    If you dumbasses hire Kiffy, you are so in NCAA doghouse!!

    1. @Indiana Vol

      If Nick Saban is caught stabbing baby panda bears and selling their fur out of the back of a blue windowless panel van behind University Mall every Tuesday then we might have an NCAA problem too.

      Or if Amari Cooper is caught burying discarded DVD cases of bootleg movies on a Choctaw ceremonial burial ground, we’re definitely gong to have NCAA problems.

      Worst of all is if they catch Kirby Smart giving a stolen Lamborghini filled with black market ivory and Cuban cigars to Derrick Henry and giving a booster’s Ferrari loaded with bootleg moonshine and uncut cocaine to TJ Yeldon and challenging them both to a drag race in a school zone.

      Here’s the thing; none of those things have happened yet, either.

      Besides, wasn’t it Tennessee that hired Kiffin? I’m trying to think but I just can’t remember. Let me go get your mommy. She’ll know.

    2. The only reason you hate him is because he bolted from your skanky arses.

      Remind me, just how many years in a row have we bent you over now? I think it’s seven.

  5. I seem to remember not too long ago that UcheaT thought ol’ Kiffie was the Savior – the best thing since hairy pussy. What will ol’ Rocky Top think when they look across the field and see Lover Boy on the Bama sideline. Think we need extra security? Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

    1. The only….ONLY…Tennessee fans hate Lane if because he left them high and dry.

      Their ire has absolutely NOTHING to do with his coaching aptitude, which as a coordinator and QB coach is off the charts.

  6. ITK,
    There you go again throwing dirt on our players, Hubbard will be a serviceable pro as will Pagan, they will get no better with another year in the program. Heck Hubbard is a 4th year junior who has graduated, I would have left as well, some say he is a late second rounder, I think Pagan has more potential than Hubbard. Either way they are gone, and your little dig at Cyrus is real classy. He had a bad game against OU but besides that he has been a heck of a left tackle. The league seems to think so as well considering he is a projected first rounder. Your digs at your own team are not cute. Their condescending and unneeded.

    1. Wait.

      Do you think Nick Saban isn’t critical of his own players? I guarantee he is, only a lot more frequently and with a much more cruel intent. It’s not wrong to criticize, and particularly above it’s pretty damn tame. If I didn’t criticize my own work, I wouldn’t be where I am, and these guys hit other dudes for a living.
      Frankly, left tackle wasn’t Cyrus’s position. He played better as a guard and against the big rush rather than the speed pressure. I, too, hope he can learn to adapt better to the position if he’s needed there at the pro level, in particular because the guard positions are pretty full and prone to injury.

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