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Alabama DB Ha Ha Clinton-Dix reinstated

The NCAA reinstated Alabama football player HA HA Clinton-Dix. Enjoy the tears of Auburn fans. Be sure to thank the Red Elephant Club. Here is the official statement from Alabama.

Statement from The University of Alabama Department of Athletics:

The NCAA notified The University of Alabama late Friday afternoon that junior safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix has been reinstated and is eligible for competition after serving a two-game suspension.

22 thoughts on “Alabama DB Ha Ha Clinton-Dix reinstated”

    1. That’s right – but it’s not. So? What about this being a Bama fan site is not really getting through to you?

    2. No.

      Because the situation isn’t the same.

      If Ha-Ha was gone for the season as a result of borrowing and paying back with documentation less than $500 for what I think is a good purpose (if not completely incedental), I wouldn’t have anything to say. Right or wrong, he dug his own trench.

      Ha-Ha did the wrong thing for the right reasons.

      The NCAA did the right thing for the right reasons by reinstating him.

      If the same thing had happened at Auburn I’d feel the same way, only this hasn’t happened at Auburn. To my knowledge, this hasn’t happened anywhere. Arguing this is the same as the Cam Newton scandal or Mike McNeil for example, is inaccurate if not insulting. The NCAA made the right call here and, like it or not, Ha-Ha deserves to play.

  1. Not sure why the CSR is posting about something that 99% of college football knew was going to happen. Everyone knew he would be back by the LSU game. Congrats on getting your professional player back. Oh can I ask you bammers something? What is more painful? Watching Auburn win games or watching Auburn beat the team that you bammers wanted to call a ” quality win” ? Hands down FSU and Oregon should be ahead of bama in the polls , with Baylor coming on fast. After LSU loss to Ole miss and Georgia, the only true quality game left in the eyes of the voters/computers could be Auburn. LMAO!!!!!

    1. Most of you delusional AU fans were reporting he was done for the year. So don’t pretend that wasn’t loser hopes for most of your lunatic fringe.

      As for quality wins, the SEC sucks this year. That says more about everyone else than Alabama—the true cream of the college football crop. And don’t forget that quality win against Virginia Tech. Right now, the Tech win looks pretty good. Tech will likely be 8-1 when the Hokies face the Hurricanes on the road. They are horrible on offense, but one of the best defenses in the nation. Honestly, Tech would defeat most teams in the SEC this year.

      Finally, everyone should congratulate Auburn on getting back to the middle of the SEC pack. Auburn has moved out of the basement, but the view is still looking up at Alabama. that means it still sucks to be you.

  2. The Barnfarts didn”t beat anybody, dumbass. The whole world knows that A&M is the most one player dependent team in the country. By the time Manziel was able to come back in, if he had never gone out, A&M would have had a 14 to 21 point lead instead of being down by 4. And then there was the Horsecollar non-call that would have given them a 1st and goal instead of a 3rd and forever. But hey, by all means, now you can keep on winning. I much prefer to destroy you bastards fantasy when you are 10-1 than 8-3. And don’t kid yourself pussyfart, Bama is 3 times the team they were when they beat A&M in September. RTR!

  3. Thanks for agreeing with me crimsonshite. That was the point that I was making all along. The only win that bama could hang its hat on was the Texas A&M game…..not any more. Then as far as Virginia Tech being a quality win….yeah ok. Wake me when they beat somebody . Then lets talk about karma…yall get your professional paid player back then lose one of the better people on the defense to injury.

    Everyone was saying that the professional would be brought back as a sign of desperation by saban before they played LSU. Bama’s secondary is still the same weak ass squad it has been all year so saying they are 3 times the team is some what comical. You beat a piss poor Ark, team and now are claiming that bama is king? really?

    1. That’s right. Now even LSU is out of the top ten.

      So when Alabama beats lousy teams like LSU and Auburn but still gets to another national championship it must really burn you up.

      For the record, I don’t think LSU sucks. I just don’t understand your hate for big brother eating up so much of your life. This is a time you should be enjoying after a win like that.

      But instead, Roll Tide.

  4. Let us all stop for a second and look at this like the bammers do. The NCAA clearing the professional to play again MUST mean that he has done no wrong doing. With that being said , the same must be said for Cam Newton correct? The NCAA cleared him to play before the Georgia game in 2010. So which is it gumps? Is the NCAA wrong by clearing HaHa or was they right for clearing Cam? Please try to stick to answering the question Conduit, Wish I Knew, CSR, and RC. Think I covered the full list of CSR readers. lmao!

    1. You’re really comparing the two?

      First, Cam Newton played football at Florida. He was Tim Tebow’s follow-up QB. He was a Gator.

      But he was such a creep that after three strikes including lying to police (allegedly, right?), he was kicked out, er, I’m sorry, he “left” the University of Florida for….Blinn College?

      So first, Ha-Ha is a better person with no issues with the law or his character, let alone his university (or universities?).

      The allegations at Auburn were that he was paid. What he did do that was provable wasn’t against NCAA rules then. Once Cam left his 8.5 months at Auburn, the NCAA created a new rule stopping exactly what Cam and his dad did, regardless of the money issue.

      But the difference with Ha-Ha is the money. I’m going to assume you don’t know what the Ha-Ha situation was about. I’m also concerned if I try to explain it myself you will say I’m twisting the story with my crimson-colored glasses or something. So I think you should look it up and see what you find, then come back.

      The difference isn’t just the value, but the documentation. We don’t know what Cam did. We do know he was a creep with a record and wouldn’t be eligible another year thanks to the NCAA’s new rule, regardless of getting paid a dime.

      We know what Ha-Ha did is also against the rules and he could have lost up his entire college football career. We know it would not affect team wins or championships like Cam’s situation.

      But nobody else is comparing it to anything Cam Newton and Auburn ever did, and while the NCAA made the proper call in both situations, only one has doubt.

      Nobody proved Cam got money. Alabama itself proved Ha-Ha got money. They proved with documentation how much (less than $500), where it came from, how much was returned (all), and when. You can be angry with the sentencing, not the judgement. Nobody is alleging Ha-Ha’s non-existent criminal past has anything to do with getting potentially double my salary to play at one of the schools he attended.

      If you ask me though, the NCAA got it right with Ha-Ha. He’s a good young adult who hasn’t made mistakes like Cam did and he made a mistake that could have cost him everything. It’s a side effect of the rules, not a blatant disregard. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is not Cam Newton.

  5. “The Barnfarts didn”t beat anybody, dumbass. The whole world knows that A&M is the most one player dependent team in the country.”

    It is funny that Crimsonshite says this. Lets look back at what you gumps were saying when bama beat the aggies…

    Conduit : ” Forgive me if I sound like an Alabama homer for a second, but that felt like a championship-caliber football game. Both teams were phenomenal, if not sensational”

    A Ganger : ” I ditto what you guys said about this game…I feel like it is going to be historically significant because the only team that might beat BAMA now is BAMA…”

    Crimsonshite : ” I think they’ll go 13-1 this season ”

    Nick Saban :
    “Texas A & M has an outstanding team, one of the best offensive teams probably in college football, maybe in the history of college football, in terms of their quarterback’s ability to make plays and the great job of executing that they do,” Saban said. “They’re a very- well-coached team.”

    Wow….hypocrites comes to mind….

    1. So in other words you’re saying the Alabama win over Texas A&M was a good one.

      I agree. Alabama is looking like the #1-ranked team everyone keeps voting as the best in the nation. Roll Tide.

  6. And Saban was exactly right. And without JFF they are only average. And nobody was praising their defense which has since Alabama, lost a couple of players it could ill afford to lose. When VT plays FSU for the ACC Championship and in losing makes FSU and Winston look pedestrian with their defense, we’ll see what you say then. And by the way shit for brains, where does anyone from Barnturd land get off dissing Bama’s schedule? We have played VT as our OOC marquee game and your Barnturds have played Washington St. LMMFAO! So you have played LSU and lost. In 3 weeks we’ll play LSU and stomp their ass. You will of course want to call Georgia your quality win from the SEC East, Bwaa Haww Haww! This week we play Tennessee who took JawJaw to OT and made them look stupid. Our defense is #1 you ignorant shit. We sore 5 points a game more than the Barnturds. We give up 13 points a game less than the Barnturds. We have a balanced offense. The Barnturds have a one dimensional offense with the 97th ranked passing game. Bwaa Haww Haww! Only a retard would think that will work against Bama’s defense, and run defense is always our strength. If we played today Bama would be a 21 point favorite, minimum. But by all means continue to come here and make yourself look like a damn fool. Obviously being the fan of a shit football team has taken all your pride and self respect. Check the fuking BCS rankings in an hour and a half and we’ll discover just who is the real dumbass here. ROTFLMMFAO! RTR!

  7. Yawn….same ole jibberish from you 2.

    Conduit please show me where I have EVER said anything positive about Texas A&M. I was just showing you how big of a hypocrite you and other gumps are. You are in panic mode trying to find something in my posts to use against me and still can not.

    Crimsonshite you are just being crimsonshite. Trying to have any type of friendly convo about football with someone who mentions TERRY Bridgewater is just a waste of time, but it is so much fun making you cuss. lol Lets look at the Mutual opponent Texas A&M and see just how much better bama is then ” the barn” as you say.

    Vs. bama Manziel passed for 464 and rushed for 98 yards for a total of 562 yards and 5 TD.

    Vs. Auburn Manziel passed for 454 and rushed for 48 yards for a total of 502 yards and 5 TD.

    bama gained 568 yards vs. the aggies

    Auburn gained 615 yards vs. the aggies

    Vs. bama Evans avg. 39.9 yards per catch

    Vs. Auburn Evans avg. 26.1 yards per catch

    Nick Marshall threw for 236 yards and rushed for another 100 yards and a total of 4 TD.

    Yardage diff was -60 for bama vs the aggies

    Yardage diff was +13 for Auburn vs. the aggies

    So in crimsonshite’s mind it is now a bad thing to have 2 – 4 players a week to rush for 100 yards a game. More proof that he is an complete idiot.

    1. I don’t think we care about using anything against you because you are a terrible listener blinded by hate for Alabama, that’s all.

      Say what you want about anything you want. Alabama is ranked #1. Not even Oregon comes close in 1st-place votes. So say they’re all wrong. Go on.

      Auburn is playing with almost the exact same team this year as in 2012 yet Malzahn is already almost doubling the success from that season. Auburn out-played Texas A&M. TAMU played their best game against Alabama, Alabama didn’t play their best game, and Alabama still came out on top.

      But you’re saying it’s incidental? That’s the part I don’t get. I get that you hate Alabama and I’m very sorry for your loss, but I still don’t understand why you think Alabama’s position is unearned. Otherwise the Auburn win doesn’t matter either and they should be ranked, what, 20th? 15th? I don’t know? I don’t get it.

      It’s just kinda silly. I don’t think you’re trying to make sense, I think you’re just trying to be mean and hateful to Alabama fans, but it’s just coming off weird. You asked about all the votes Alabama lost. They didn’t lose any. They actually took some from Oregon, even. I don’t get it.

    2. Bama’s win = 2nd game of the year against a healthy Aggie team with a 100% healthy JM in 1,000 degree South Texas heat.

      Auburn’s win = who cares game of the year against a limping, delapidated team with a JM at 60% at best at about 67 degrees.

      I know you like stats, and like a true Aubie twist and turn them in every which way to try and give your historically fledgling program whatever edge you can muster, but even you can’t believe the B.S. you write in here.

      Your lies and half truths make God sad.

  8. Dumbass, you really don’t care how stupid you make yourself look, do you? Every person in the State of Texas said the Alabama game was the biggest game in the history of A&M, and they wanted to use it to vault themselves to the National Title. The team was 100% healthy and in fact got all their suspended players back for the game. VS Awbie,it was just another game, the team had lost veteran players that they could not afford to lose, and JM was beat up from the Ole Miss game in which they thought he might be lost to injury. Awbie should have lost to A&M, while a mistake or two in the second half and playing without three starters in the secondary, Alabama was never in danger of losing to A&M. But even more important is that right now Awbie isn’t as good as Bama was at the A&M game time, and Bama is much, much better than they were. I’ll give you my take on Awbie. Loeffler’s offense sucked because he only had one year to convert Malzhan’s HUNH athletes into pro style. Now Malzhan is back and he has the athletes that he recruited under CheezeDick. Of course your offense is clicking pretty good. Problem is you have the same defense as last year, and they are still just as bad as last year. Sure, you are giving up a few less points and yards than last year, but that is only because your offense is holding the ball longer and scoring more. As soon as you play a complete team with the nations best defense like Bama, your offense is going to get slammed. even with Cam and us underachieving your offense could only score 28 in 2010. Your defense cannot stop our offense any better than it did last year. If by some HUGH miracle you could manage to score 28 points on this Bama defense, you will still lose by at least 49-28. However, I predict more like 45-21.

  9. Crimsonshite….what makes you a college football expert? Is it the number of Natural Light you inhale before a bammer game, or the fact that you have proven you know nothing about CFB by saying TERRY Bridgewater is the QB at Louisville??? I am sure that ESPN is writing up their offer to you as we speak to come work on their CFB staff… No one give a jolly F*ck what you think when it comes to CFB. You are even a joke to the other bammers. You think because you can throw in a few cuss words that you run things…..naw buddy, not here. Might work when you are beating your mexican whore’s ass but trying to be a bully over the internet just shows you are a F’ing idiot redneck. Conduit on the other hand is just a jerk. He tries to sale that he is an educated fan of the game that wants to have civil conversation about CFB, But he really doesn’t. He is just another typical gump who can not handle it when someone does not pump the bammer sunshine in their posts. I do however give CSR and ITK a little credit. They know that BS like we post does keep the few visitors coming back to this POS site. Hey CSR….You should start a column called ” The Barner Says” or ” bama hater input”. You would have so many gump hicks coming to the site, you would have to get new servers every week. lmao

    1. I can handle it. I’ve been critical of Alabama when we’re down, when players make mistakes, when coaches don’t live up to their salaries, when fundamentals break down, etc.

      Don’t call me a jerk, please. You don’t have to like what I have to say, but then again I’m an Alabama fan and I think you hate anything I say because of it, not in spite of it. That’s the last time I’ll ask.

      I can handle criticism. I thrive on criticism in my occupation, for what it’s worth.

      I ask questions, I respect your answers, or at least I would if you would give them. I don’t understand how I’m the jerk for asking more information about your opinions in particular because they are so different from the people I learn the most about CFB from, but the truth is I think Alabama just bothers you and you enjoy letting people know about it and your hatred for big brother. I think it bothers you more that the people who vote in the polls put Alabama at the top than it bothers me about people being critical of Alabama. Hell, I’ve been critical myself of Alabama this year plenty.

      I’m always trying to learn more about CFB. The great thing about it is there always seems to be more to learn. For me, defense is where I’m learning the most the last few years, as well as line play. I’d argue I know more about CFB just because the things I think seem to be supported a lot more often by the people I learn the most about CFB from.

      But that’s also why I ask questions about things like when you say Alabama should be ranked out of the top five. Maybe I can learn from you, but only if you’d respond.

      Instead, I think you’re just trying to be rude, and we’re too busy enjoying Alabama Crimson Tide football.

      Say it with me. Just try it on for size. Roll Tide.

  10. Naw Pussy Fart, I curse you dumb SOB’s ’cause it pisses you off; and nothing makes me happier than to piss off some retarded POS who disses Bama. I’m very versatile. I can be politically correct as when Fob James was Governor, my Father and Mother were on his personal staff, and we all sat at his table during inauguration and danced at the ball. Or I can chase skirts in a low class Mexican Cantina. I can manage Billion Dollar projects for a Fortune 500 company, as I have; or I can plant assholes in the desert under a bed of lime. And now that you ask, I am a football expert. Maybe not always perfect, but a hell of a lot moreso than the largest majority of today’s dumbass media and other so called experts. Why? Because I played High School football with Snake Stabler. I did not play College Football because even though I’m now a little bigger than Dee Hart; when I graduated from High School I was considered too small. But I grew up with football during the era of Bear Bryant in college and Vince Lombardi in the pros. I have followed football fanatically my entire life; cutting my teeth with the likes of Bart Star, George Blanda, Johnny Unitas, Fran Tarkenton, Joe Namath, Kenny Stabler, Joe Montana and even Don Meridith. I’ve probably forgotten more about football than most people alive right now will ever know. One more thing dipshit, for whatever it’s worth, In 1978 at the Sugar Bowl against Ohio St, I invented the original Roll Tide Roll sign with a roll of toilet paper above and below a Tide detergent box on a broom handle. My big mistake was just having fun and not thinking to patent it. But whether you or anyone else cares what I think, matters not one iota to me. I live in my own little world, with my own rules. Outside of the obvious serious and important things in my life, about the only thing I really care about is Alabama football AND bitch slapping asshole Homers like you. And I’m not really an internet bully. It just comes off that way because of POS trolls like you and retarded Homers around the country who piss me off. I care not to be an internet bully. It’s really ignorant for anyone to think they are a bully across the anonymity of the internet. I’ll just leave it at that and let you read between the lines. Actually I love to have friendly, intelligent discussions with rivals and potential rivals concerning Bama Football, as I have done in Irish Pubs in South Bend, Indiana, for example. But there’s no doing it with you Shit For Brains internet Homer Trolls, because every damn thing you fucking retards say about Bama comes across either as a flame, a dis or just plain bull shit. So if your little pussy is all shriveled up and weeping because of what I say to you – well Tough Shit! Now get ready for Bama to tear your balls off and shove ’em down your throat Nov. 30th. RTR!

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