An Iron Bowl rematch would make for a great holiday

By Hunter Ford

After witnessing two Auburn miracles to end the season, I’m hoping for one more; I want an Iron Bowl rematch.

While Auburn and Alabama have never played twice in the same football season, a rematch is not unprecedented in college football bowl games. We all know that Alabama and LSU had a round two in the 2011 BCS title game.

Does anyone remember the 1996 season? Florida State defeated Florida 24-21 in the annual grudge match between the Seminoles and Gators. The 1997 Sugar Bowl featured a rematch of those two teams for the national championship. And the Gators won decisively, 52-20.

The Alabama Crimson Tide is still alive this year, with a number four BCS ranking. For the Tide to get a rematch in the BCS title, it would take a loss by both number one Florida State and number two Ohio State. Unless Jameis Winston is residing in the Tallahassee Jail next Saturday (could happen) don’t bet on the Seminoles losing to Duke.

The most likely scenario for an Iron Bowl redo would be in the Sugar Bowl. If the top-ranked Seminoles and second-ranked Buckeyes hold serve, and Auburn wins the SEC Championship in Atlanta, the Sugar Bowl could elect to take Alabama as its at-large team. I’m told this scenario also requires unbeaten Northern Illinois to lose in the MAC title game to Bowling Green.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer (the best newspaper name of all time) the Bowling Green Falcons, at 9-3, are capable and have a shot at upending the NI Huskies, who are undefeated against an unimpressive schedule.

In that scenario, the Sugar Bowl could still take an Auburn vs. Central Florida or Cincinnati match-up. I will bet you the TV money would flow in a lot faster if the Sugar Bowl Committee rolled the Tide into New Orleans. An Iron Bowl rematch would have to be a ratings bonanza. Who wants to watch Auburn vs. UCF or Cincinnati? Actually, I bet Auburn fans would rather play Phoenix Online in a Playstation tournament than to square up against the Alabama Crimson Tide on Bourbon Street.

Who would blame them? Escaping with a miracle finish this year suits them just fine. Why toss the dice one more time, when you can take your Iron Bowl to the bank until next year?

There’s also precedent for an all-SEC Sugar Bowl. The 1964 game, following the 1963 season, featured Alabama and Ole Miss, although the Tide and Rebels had not played in the regular season. Alabama won 12-7 in a game made famous by the suspension of Joe Namath.

So come on Auburn fans, y’all know if you pray hard enough you can make anything happen. Be sporting about it and pray for an Iron Bowl rematch. It’s the least you can do. One more little miracle! Have a heart. It’s the Giving Season. I feel like Gus “The Grinch” has stolen my Christmas. And I want it back.

51 thoughts on “All I want for Christmas is an Iron Bowl rematch”

  1. The barners would lose their ever loving minds.

    They’d talk big in here, but would be shitting bricks as soon as they backed away from their sticky computers.

    1. Didn’t take long for you to start talking shyt again, did it ITK? You just assume bama would automatically win a rematch and you think everyone else should think that too, right?

      You gumps will never learn or change.


    2. “Talk big in here”…? Really? You’re calling someone out for big talk in here…..? You’re a joke bro. No one has thrown more shit at anyone in here than you going into this game, and you got yo ASS kicked. You got pushed around by Auburn. You got out coached. You got too nervous. And assholes like you deserve every bit of that sick feeling you’re waking up with every day knowing your season and your chance at history got crushed… Auburn

    3. The Immaculate Reception was divine, but the Extra Second just sublime. Even giving Mizzou 10 points we still beat them by 17 with the most rushing ever in SEC Championship! Now off to Pasadena and FSU. War Eagle!

  2. I think you’re forgetting that it was YOUR coach who called that 56-yard field goal and YOUR kicker who missed.

    I also think you forget that even if Chris Davis hadn’t made that incredible 109 yard run back for a touchdown (which might I add showed some real talent), you still wouldn’t have automatically won that game.

    We didn’t “escape.” Auburn won that game, fair and square.

      1. That’s the problem with Alabama fans. You have an excuse for everything. You lost. You lost to “little brother”. YOU LOST. YOU LOST. YOU LOST. Did it sink in? Do you need to read it a few times through? It’s rather funny… Alabama fans have terrible memories concerning their terrible years of football. Also, buddy, in college football you don’t get rematches (unless by some lsu v alabama rematch miracle). You win or you lose, and your “dynasty” was destroyed.

        1. Miracle?

          We have the playoffs now because Alabama proved they were the best team in 2011 despite missing five field goals against LSU.

          So now they playoffs would have Alabama play for the title again? It’s one thing to say they don’t deserve it, it’s another thing to say the program was “destroyed,” but nobody is going to be happy until Alabama is bad. Please hold…

      2. Overthrown pass tipped into a receiver’s hand is good luck. Ain’t nothing “lucky” about catching a kick and running it back for a touchdown while multiple Bammers land helmet-first from crushing blocks. The Tide got outplayed and Auburn was the more physical team. If I got embarrassed like you did, I’d be talking about next time too….Auburn’s just not scared of you….

        1. Sure, you retarded Goat Fucker. 500 yards to 400, 8 drives into scoring range to 4, 3 missed field goals which the Goat Fuckers had nothing to do with, a made game winning field goal called back on a fucking invisible motion penalty. Right shit for brains, that all means we got outplayed? More physical? Bwaa Haww Haww! You gained those rushing yards with a deceptive form of offense. You gained the same yards and against lesser teams even more yards in every one your games and you could have lost at least six of them. You think you are proud of that 290 yards rushing? Using a similar deceptive offense, in 2011, a less talented Georgia Southern ran for more than 300 yards against the best defense in history. And your stupid ass Goat Fuckers didn’t block shit on the return. The dumbass Bama players stood there like fucking Zombies watching to see if the kick was good, instead of following through with the play. None of them were close enough to Davis to get their ass blocked, except Vogel and he admits he screwed the pooch. So fuck off retard. I hope Winston tears that shit hole school of your’s a new asshole. RTR!

  3. Of course, if the playoffs started this year, we wouldn’t have to worry about a rematch.

    Then again, Alabama getting into a title game without winning the conference, despite putting an exclamation point on the game itself with a shut-out in 2011, is the reason why everyone else wanted a playoff in the first place.

    1. Yeah so i’m pretty sure that everyone who watches college football has been lobbying for a playoff system for about the past 30+ years…

  4. You left one requirement out for there to be a rematch in the BCS game and that is Auburn has to beat Mizzu in the SEC Championship game. That is not a given.

    1. Got that right. It’s never a given with Auburn. Hell, it’s rarely even assumed.

      Careful using the “LMAO” tag; that used to belong to another guy around here, and I don’t think he’d be happy with someone using his name.

      I love the University of Alabama. I love using toilet paper for its intended purpose. I love

  5. I was windering about that. Couldn’t believe LMAO would show his ass over here after that Arkansas embarrassment.

    1. Arkansas embarrassment? We won the game! If that was an embarrassment what was bama losing to Auburn?!? Yet you still shwoe your ass over here!?


      1. You’re a bigger dumbass than I though – and that’s hard to do. You trailed the worst team in the West for most of the game and just barely pulled it out. That’s an embarrassment dumbass. Bama gave away a game to the #4 ranked team who is playing for the BCSNC. But then I guess breathing swamp gas all your life will do that to you. Stupid Motherfucking Corndog. RTR!

  6. A precedent has also been set here as one of the most famous games in LSU and SEC history was the Billy Cannon Halloween Night 7-3 Victory over Ole Miss in the 1959 season was complimented by a Sugar Bowl rematch in New Orleans. The Rebels would go on to win that rematch 21-0.

  7. That was a game for the ages! Both sides of the ball for both teams left everything they had on the field. That game played 10 times would end up 5-5.

    I’d be all for a rematch……… In the Sugar Bowl.

    In the N.C.? No..

    No way you get to back your ass into another made up N.C.

  8. Everyone, except the ReTaRded Bammer Turds, know that Crimson TURD fans are delusional and downright dangerous! Is it any wonder America cheered for Auburn when the Bammer Turds have been running off at the mouth for years and produced criminals like Harvey Updyke and Brian Downing?

    Here are some examples of how the mentally unstable Bammer Morons took the Auburn loss!

  9. A Rematch? Sure. All we need is for FSU and OSU to lose and for “The Barn” to beat Mizzou. and then you get your do-over.

    I guess that since it worked against LSU, you figger it will work again. Well ….the odds are with you in that respect, so I can see why you are so eager. Rematches do indeed favor the loser of the first game.

    There is one tiny difference between the LSU rematch and an AU rematch. NIck has become a predictable coach and GUS is unpredictable genius. Les Miles is merely unpredictable lunacy and Gus has only opened about 25% of his play book.

    I wonder how many more Bammers would shoot each other if Gus beats you again?

    So …keep propping up that typical haughty arrogant Bammer attitude. The rest of the country is once again laffing at your ignorant redneck fanbase that uses irrational arrogance to prop up thier low self esteem. If you really need to make yourself feel better why don;t you go kill some trees or Teabag somebody.

  10. Hey, Hoopie,
    It’s “their” not “thier.”

    Here’s to your unpredictable genius though…

    A lucky Alabama grad

  11. I think this post requires the same response that you gumps was giving us just a few days ago. ” Carefull what you wish for”. See right now you gumps can claim ” luck ” or a bad coaching game by nick. Get your ass handed to you a second time , and all excuses are out the window. If Auburn was to play bama in the Sugar bowl , I could care less of the outcome. I hope Gus opens up the play book and throws everything at ol pissy nicky just to make him even more pissy. See as I said weeks ago, we are playing with house money. We took our winnings and went all in this past Saturday and we broke the bank. A rematch with bama would just be for shits and giggles. I mean we won the SEC West when everyone thought we would finish near the bottom, won 3-5 more games than anyone predicted, got revenge against almost every team that embarrassed us just a year earlier, and we knocked the mullet wearing giant off the college football mountain. Now as far as a rematch in the NC game……NO FUCKING CHANCE! Auburn has it’s toughest game of the year Vs. Missouri so that is not a given, and bama does not belong in the NC game. Tell me what quality win does bama have again? 3 loss LSU? 4 Loss Texas A&M? 3 Loss Virginia Tech?

    1. You’re a fool if you think Alabama wouldn’t be in the playoffs this year. The playoffs were created to keep everyone else happy despite Alabama being the team to beat, but the truth is you’ll never be happy while Alabama is a top program because they’ll continue to fight for titles and control their own destiny. Instead, you have to pull for Duke? Good grief.

  12. What the fuck are you talking about? I said NOTHING about anything dealing with a playoff system that does not go in effect until 2014 season. Can you please try to keep up you damn redneck! I am talking about RIGH NOW. The 2013 season cantdoit. Now if you want to talk about the 2014 playoff system, there was 2 ESPN people who DID NOT have Alabama in the final 4 teams . Both asked how could a panel vote for bama when they did not even play for their conference title much less win it. So once agian the only thing you have to base your crap posts on is your crimson tinted opinion. Looking at how this season has gone so far shows just how right you opinions have been . Now as far as me pulling for Duke, I do believe it is the bammers that are pulling for Duke, MSU both to win. Sorry to break it to you , but as soon as FSU throttles Duke, your NC dreams are broken for the 2nd time in a one week period. Your poor poor bastard.Get a life cantdoit, this desperation act is really getting old on your part.

    1. You’re a new commenter here, so let me make it clear, I’m not pulling for Duke.

      But as far as me having a life, I do a lot with my life. I make good money working for myself, travel every week, raise a lot of money for funds and awareness. I’m not one of those fans who spends time doing nothing to help anyone and instead spends time bashing his big brother online. I have a life, and I do a lot of good with it. That’s what we’re taught at the University of Alabama though. It’s a better culture.

      Again, you’re a fool if you think Alabama would be out of the playoff picture, and I mention the playoffs at all because they explicitly exist as a result of Alabama’s dominance. Everyone needs Alabama to slip up to have a chance, this year Alabama slipped up, and the playoffs wouldn’t remove that threat. I only went to three Alabama games this year including the Iron Bowl. It’s hard living out of state, but hey, I love football. Roll Tide.

  13. Until you win 49-zip, you barners need to shut your traps. The game was close…not a blow out.

    Have some class and try to act like you’ve been here before.

    1. That’s not their culture. That’s not what they’re taught at Auburn. They’re taught “it’s us against the world,” and, “Beat Bama.” They don’t know how to handle success or failure, that’s why the stands are empty when they’re mediocre or bad and the stands are sometimes full when they win most of their games.

  14. Why does Auburn trash their own stuff win they win? They tore the field to shreds, dumped dead folks ashes on it, and tore up the flowers and hedges. Rolling trees is a Halloween prank you pull on SOMEBODY ELSE. RTR.

    1. Remember, they’re not used to success. Even if it’s the longest slide for an out and they don’t control their own destiny, it’s considered success at Auburn. Don’t forget, nobody comes to the games when they’re mediocre, so the people that go to the games when they have any success wouldn’t be prepared for it regardless.

  15. They don’t stand a chance against A&M
    They won’t beat Georgia
    They won’t beat us.
    They wouldn’t beat us twice.

  16. I hear that there is video evidence that Chris Davis stepped out of bounds. Is that true?

    I know he was close. Did the officials review the play? They usually review a touchdown whether a coach calls for it or not.

    1. Don’t know if he stepped out or not. I haven’t turned on my tv since the game ended. Doesn’t matter though since the game is over and I’m not into moral victories. There were othe things that I did see though. On Awbies tying TD Marshalls toe touched the yellow line before the ball left his hand and there were 3 Awbie lineman blocking downfield which made them ineligible recievers. I think the fucking officials were intimidated by the home crowd.

      1. You know just as much about college football as lil bitch cantdoit. In college football for the QB to be called across the line of scrimmage , His ENTIRE BODY AND THE BALL must be across the line of scrimmage. Now as far as the refs being intimidated by the crowd, you sir are a fucking idiot. You bammerrs came here a few days ago saying that bama was use to crowd noise because they play in big games all the time. Do the refs not work these other big games as well? Are you trying to say that Jordan Hare is the loudest stadium in the country now, becuase it helps support your bitchy excuses?

  17. We did not win by 49 , but when was the last time bama beat a GOOD Auburn team? Why is you brag about beating a team that every sec opponent beat last year? We just beat the #1 undefeated crimson tide. You guys beat an Auburn team that had already gave up. Hell I will give you guys credit and even say that Auburn needed that beating to wake the powers to be up. They woke up , ran chizik off, and hired lil nicky’s worse nightmare. Just like the record books show, bama has NEVER beat a 9+ win Auburn team. bama can only win when Auburn is having a down year. You gumps are in panic mode. Grasping for straws, and looking for rays of sunshine where ever you can. Truth be told , the reason bama lost was because they lost at the line of scrimmage. You gumps keep crying that Auburn stacked the box but lil nicky kept wanting to run right at them. GUESS WHAT!? bama stacked the line , and Auburn still ran right at them. Over 200 rushing yards came up the gut with 8 / 9 bama players in the box. 200 yards right at bama’s best defensive player and 7 or more of his team mates. Still could not stop Mason and Company. What the hell do you think would change in a 2nd game? You think Gus would let you play with 13 or 14 players on Defense to make it even? The scoring drive before the half told the entire story. 80 yards on the ground in less than 2 mins. That is where Gus tore nick and kirby’s heart out.No trick plays, and even switched up the tempo at times. I am begining to wonder if any of you ever played real football. We all know that cantdoit was a flag boy so that answers one question. WMFE!

  18. “What the hell do you think would change in a 2nd game?”

    Remember that rematch with LSU a few years ago?

    92 yards.

  19. “Just like the record books show, bama has NEVER beat a 9+ win Auburn team.”

    If you mean 9 or more-

    1971….Alabama 31-7….Auburn record 9-2

    1974….Alabama 17-13…Auburn record 10-2

    1984….Alabama 17-15…Auburn record 9-4
    -probably the biggest upset in the history of the Iron Bowl

    1994….Alabama 21-14…Auburn record 9-1-1
    -only loss to Alabama

  20. Once again I say:

    Until you win 49-zip, you barners need to shut your traps. The game was close…not a blow out.

    Have some class and TRY to act like you’ve been here before.

  21. I’m not saying AU did not play a great game; however, you might want to humbly accept a close win. The dirt-in-your-face comments you leave make it sound like this was the game of a lifetime for you. Sad.

    1. It was a game of a lifetime. Do you not have Cable T.V.? People across the country are calling it one of the greatest wins in the history of sports. So for you to now try to make it a bad thing for Auburn fans to brag and be happy is laughable. Really shows how bad this game hurt the gumps. I said for ever that the 2010 Iron Bowl was the most painfull loss in the history of the IB. Well 2013 just blew that out of the water. 2010’s choke job lead to Auburns’s NC. 2013 lead to bama’s NC dreams being crushed.

  22. See, you are a terrible sport. Like I said before, act like you have been in this position before now. Your posts are very unbecoming to the Auburn fan base.

    Congrats on this year’s win.

  23. I’m sorry alabama didnt have the ability to pull of the iron bowl but please do not say auburns win was because of the miracle wasn’t just one second that won them the game but a hard fought 60 minutes. You’re just making yourself sound ignorant. Alabama fans have refused to accept that Alabama can be beat. Here’s a dose of reality they can be and they were. WAR EAGLE!!!!

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