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An open apology to Bama haters

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With the news of the allegations involving former Alabama offensive lineman DJ Fluker, I feel as though Auburn fans and other envious haters of the Alabama football program are owed an apology. As we’ve already mentioned, a little perspective on the situation offers much needed rationale for those with unrealistic hopes.

The frenzied zeal so many feel right now is just too rich for their limited vocabularies to put into words, and irresponsible shock journalists who want to make the most of this 48-hour window (because that’s as long as it will last) will write whatever adds clicks to their blogs in order to harvest traffic for advertisers to pay up.

AU can't win on its ownAnd why are Auburn fans so giddy over this? Because they know that the only formula for longterm success over Alabama is if the Tide does something to itself. They know AU can’t win on its own. It’s never happened before, and it will never happen. Crimson implosion is always their only hope.

But after the dust settles, like most of the Iron Bowls the last seven years under Nick Saban, all that will be left is disappointment.

The same disappointment they felt those January nights while wearing their burnt orange, purple and gold and the Notre Dame color scheme of their choosing will come to roost in this situation as well.

Here are all the facts you need to know.

1.) This situation is nowhere close to the Reggie Bush and USC case. Reggie Bush received upwards of over $250,000 and was living in a beachside mansion worth $750,000. There was overwhelming evidence that USC had full knowledge, yet did nothing. Very different than $12K split between five SEC players with no University knowledge, if the allegations are even true.

2.) This isn’t a case of a player being lured to the University by a booster offering benefits, or even a current player being paid by a booster. It’s a seedy agent doing what seedy agents do, and an individual, not a University official, making a personal decision despite the very best education on agent awareness college football has to offer.

3.) If you haven’t noticed lately, the “We didn’t know” ploy seems to be the magic elixir with the NCAA. Simply, UA has the largest, most comprehensive football staff in the land…so much so that Texas’ Mack Brown has complained about it…yet an individual made a decision on his own. “We did all we could, and we didn’t know he had done this.” That’s all the NCAA will need to hear.

4.) Despite what any Auburn or LSU fan loves to fantasize about, this issue is still nowhere near the Antonio Langham case. Alabama didn’t forfeit games because Antonio Langham signed with an agent. Alabama forfeited games because they knew Antonio Langham had signed with an agent but still played him anyway. “We didn’t know.” (See point #3)

5.) The story has already begun its death. By 9:00am this morning the Twitter trends shifted abruptly to the next Oklahoma State story. Tim Brando, the biggest Bama hater on the airwaves, has already said this will amount to nothing…and it won’t, because of the reasons already mentioned.

6.) No lack of institutional control or indication of misconduct = no real penalties to speak of. No other program in the land does compliance better than Alabama. But there is no other program in America with more premiere athletes and temptation than Alabama.

Clowns like Al Del Taco, Kevin Scarbinsky, and Clay Travis will sprint past the facts for a good story, because that’s what untalented, undisciplined journalists do. Saying things like “the NCAA can use the Freedom of Information Act” to gain access to documents is just downright comical. The NCAA offers only a gentleman’s aggreement with its schools with no subpeona power, and no real teeth to speak of. Or else Johnny Manziel would be sitting this Saturday. And don’t forget about Mike Slive, the protector of his flock.

But when you are the invincible king of college football, stories like this one offers so much hope to your haters that their misery is almost over. An Alabama player can’t break wind in the shower and it not make the headlines of SportCenter, so the microscope on this one is a little more focused.

But when the dust settles, there’ll be an agreement between the NCAA and the UA Administration, a concession of some sort involving zero crystal footballs, and a hand washing that will leave Auburn fans and other Bama haters out there deflated. Again.

And after the Tide’s victory in College Station this Saturday, and/or after Tim Tebow comes out of the closet in a few days (or the next salacious story that hits the airwaves), this one will be in the books forever.

And in a way, that’s ultimately what will make this so delicious for Alabama fans. The Auburn fans and other haters see land in sight….they really think they have something this time. But they’ll never get to touch it, and it’ll all just float away.

Now they know how we’ve felt all these years…

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90 thoughts on “An open apology to Bama haters”

  1. Yahoo Sports also acquired an email that Davis sent to Hodge Brahmbhatt, with the subject line “DJ Fluker Invoice.” The email listed 49 line-item transactions and a notation at the bottom: “Total: $33,755.” The line items matched up with debit card charge transactions found in Davis’ bank records and also matched multiple receipts authenticated by Yahoo Sports, including the $1,200 bed purchase at Sticks N Stuff.

    Other line items included airfare on Delta, hotel lodging in Miami during the 2013 national championship game and retail purchases. The line item also included $18,020 in wire transfers and cash withdrawals.

    The problem you guys have now is that other schools including USC who was stripped of a NC will not sit idly by and let Saban’s best bud Emmert not do anything about this.

    And it is not only a Sticks N Stuff $500 bed…

    Keep dreaming pansy, this is the start of a more atrocious story. 5 star athletes who grow up fans of their home school flipping to Bama days before signing or before the dead period indicates cheating. And only Bama has been caught cheating regarding boosters, which is the case here. Also you guys keep having wet dreams about Cam Newton being redacted as a cheater, the NCAA fog has left and went to other places, the U, Penn State, Ohio State, etc. Now the fog is squarely on the most cheating program in the modern decade, Mullet U.

    Keep dreaming you are innocent, it will be fun watching Johnny Football and the personalized Johnny cam strap about 63 on your team.


    1. Hmm, I know the B1G and others were enraged by the Cam stuff, yet nothing happened there. The idea that others in Pac-12, etc. are going to do your dirty work is kind of funny.

    2. Players flipping to Alabama indicates cheating?


      I don’t get it. I get people hating Alabama because they want to share that level of success. But cheating? Are you alleging players are paid days before to switch to Alabama? And nothing has ever come out? And players have also left Alabama, yes?

      Cam didn’t have a choice—-he wouldn’t be eligible after what he did because the NCAA changed the rule. The most-cheating program in a decade though? Good grief. Why? Come on. You can do better than that.

    3. It astonishes me how Yahoo sports could come up with this wealth of receipts, invoices, phone records, conversations, text messages. Jeez. These guys must have been digging for months.
      They came across some of these records using less than legal means.
      Think about it. The number of sheer subpoenas alone would be mind bogging to get ecords from Furniture stores, hotels, airlines, etc…etc….
      I figure one of two things…. Somebody got double crossed and got mad as hell and gave up the goods. Or, someone has manufactured a real good tail here.
      Either way, unless it can be proven conclusivey that UA knew and looked the other way. There really wont be a lot to do with it. There is a threat that the titles may be taken away, and that there might be sanctions. But if Bama was already investigating this it shows tht they have done all they can do to find the proble and fix it.

  2. Look at this stupid gump making excuses. The only way this goes away is if the NCAA allows it too. Such a corrupt organization. Sort of like Alabama. See how that works? Alabama should be done. Death penalty. Nobody respects Alabama because it’s obvious they cheat.

    1. People like you make me fear for the future of the American Republic. Seriously, you said Alabama cheats. However, this story does not say Alabama cheats. It says a player accepted benefits from an agent. Nowhere does it allege Alabama the institution paid a player or did anything illegal. Notice the difference?

      Either you are so dumb you can’t tell the difference, or you are so partisan you refuse to see the truth. In either case, it really is bad for the future of civil discourse.

  3. #1: There was no evidence at all that USC coaches knew about Bush. The NCAA even stated as much. The NCAA punished USC because they said they SHOULD have known. USC was also punished badly because they fell under the “repeat offender” clause; something Alabama also falls under. You can be charged as repeat offender for the 5 years following a probation. Alabama came off probation in 2012.

    #2: Alabama does have another tie to this: Luther Davis. This will be a major issue with the NCAA. Why is a former Bama player providing Bama players with money from agents? Whats his access to the program? How long has he been hanging around?

    #3: The amount of money is irrelevant. If you’ll recall, back in the 90’s Alabama had a player sign a napkin in an agreement with an agent. I believe the punishment was severe. And they weren’t repeat offenders then. There wasn’t even any money involved.

    If you think Alabama is not going to be hit for this then you really cant see without your homer glasses on. There will be at a minimum vacated games. Minimum.

    1. #1 Yes there was. Your fantasies are funny.

      #2 LD was dismissed and was a disgruntled ex-player. (See the AU HBO 4)

      #3 The amount of money is relevant, and if you can read (I know it’s hard), I covered this player in the article, and outlined clearly why Bama got in trouble. But I know it’s more fun to chase hyperbole, so I won’t stop you.

      1. Keep thinking nothing is going to come of this. Go ahead and site all those cases where players were proven to be paid by agents and the schools werent affected; ill wait.

        If Luther Davis was dismissed and was a disgruntled ex-player why did he have access to the football program? What was he doing coming up there? We know he’s been hanging around because Alabama has now banned him from coming back up there.

    2. Hey stupid dumb ****. When your ***damn Heisman candidate RB is living in a 3/4 million dollar mansion and has a $150,000+ bank account, you’re ****ing-A right USC should have known. What’s more, the USC punishment was tied more to the basketball violations which were even worse than the football ones. Don’t even mention Fluker allegedly taking a few thousand to help his family in the same breath with that shit. You ever lived in a ****ing car in the street. No! And I’ll guarantee you no other college football player in history has either. I can forgive Fluker ’cause I know damn well he didn’t take the money and go on a drunken binge, or buy a wardrobe or a fancy new car with it. Are you going to slit your wrists when nothing comes of this? I certainly ****ing hope so! RTR!

  4. Hmmm… John Phillips is an attorney, Bama alumnus, season ticket holder, etc. Luther Davis is a former Bama player who obviously spends a lot of time and is closely connected to current Bama players (or at least be did until yesterday). Somehow the word “booster” keeps coming to mind. I wouldn’t worry, though. The NCAA didn’t get too wound up the last time a Bama booster was paying players. Logan Young sound familiar?

    1. Hmmm…once a fellow becomes a licensed agent his professional status outweighs his scholastic affiliation. Logan Young wasn’t a professional anything (unless you count blow hards as something, which speaking with you through the years, I know you probably do).

      Getting easier and easier to defeat you. Are you sick?

      1. Nevin Shapiro was both a Miami booster and an agent. If you will recall, his whole scheme was to give and raise money for Miami thereby gaining access to the football program, and then trying to steer players to his sports agency called Axcess. Similar to Davis and Phillips, who were using their access to the players to steer them to their agency. I don’t see the NCAA getting hung up on Shapiro’s dual capacity as both agent and booster. Those are simply the facts. Sarcasm and hollow insults won’t change them.

        1. Much more to that case than the pretty bow you just tried to tie around it.

          Really good effort though. Easy as driving a Hyundai I suppose.

        2. Yeah dumb shit, except that Davis and Phillips gave nothing to Bama. Maybe I’m wrong you rat turd, but I think the legal definition of Booster is one who financially supports the University. Notice you haven’t been here for a long long time. Guess the shit runs out around the bad seal at the bottom of the toilet when you least expect it. Got that cold cream and hairy hand ready to masturbate a blister? Sorry shit for brains – it will only be a wet dream. But please feel free to hold you fucking breath until the Axe falls – please. RTR!

  5. 1), If alabama did not know, or wanted not to know that now MULTIPLE ( Barron , Fluker, Davis so far) former players and 1 current player had some ties to this agent shows lack of control. Any way you twist and spin it there was no way that multiple players started getting money from no where and there fellow team mates and coaches did not see it. Lil nicky knows this crap is going on . That is why he said ” we do the best we can”. ROFLMFAO!

    2). as the person posted above in the 90’s alabama did not know about Antonio Langham signing with an agent early and they got punished then…..this is A LOT more related to this current bama situation than the made up rumors dealing with Auburn and Cam. Nice try though.

    3). Said agent is also a bama grad. He has ties to the university. How many other former and current players names will come out when the real digging begins? Look at that 2011 and 2012 NC bama teams. You think Fluker would be the main goal of an agent when you have trent richardson , Eddie Lacy and other higher profile players on the roster? Really?

    Regardless of IF anything comes from this, it will be fun as hell to watch all the nervous gumps worry them self to death over this until it is closed. Enjoy the NCAA spotlight boys! You brought this on yourself …..

    1. #3 is my favorite because I see it as the opposite point. Let me know when you get the text messages and tweets from Trent Richardson about how much cash and how many jet planes he got. I’ll wait.

      For what it’s worth though, we don’t worry. We continue to compete. It’s not like you accept even the national championships I’ve seen Alabama win with my own eyes in the first place (five). So instead, we’ll just get another one for you to try to complain about. Roll Tide.

      Did anyone see the HBO special last year with the Auburn players saying they got paid? No you don’t remember, or no HBO isn’t as relevant as Yahoo! Sports?

      But for the Alabama haters, it’s good you finally have something that makes you happy for handful of days, almost like what winning football games is like if you can remember, but nothing like winning championships (especially the back-to-back ones) feels like. Roll Tide.

      1. That’s the complete issue in a nutshell here, Conduit. This all goes away very soon, way sooner than the little orange and blue minions here want to believe.

      2. In the HBO case you had players that refuted the report, changed their story and wouldnt talk to the NCAA. You also had NO EVIDENCE.

        There is a mountain of evidence in this case. No one is denying any of this; the Tennessee player even apologized.

        In the end Alabama will self report this. They cant investigate and then tell the NCAA they didnt find anything when its already clear that violations occurred. They’re not going to lie and risk severe sanctions.

        They will vacate games. No doubt about that.

  6. Oh I forgot to also bring up that Phillips ( one of the agents involved) is a ALABAMA BOOSTER!!!! He is also the one who brought the video of Malzahn’s wife to light that you gumps seem to love to throw out there in your mindless posts…. This is just the tip of the iceberg boys…..NCAA get your shovels ready! We going digging!!!

    1. Oh really shit for brains? In your personal relationship with Phillips did he confess to you that he is a Booster? Did he show you receipts where he donated money or time to the University? You stupid little tit turd. Hope all of you woodwork mother fuckers die screaming while holding your breath hoping Bama goes down. Apparently you bastards seem to have forgotten that the NCAA is fighting for its own life right now. So they are going to start 4 or 5 different investigations at the same time on the same subject against 4 or 5 different SEC institutions involving about 1 player each? Bwaa Haww Haww! Have you stupid bastards recently been on the set of The Wizard Of Oz, or what? Bwaa Haww Haww. RTR!

      1. He’s a booster. There’s already been a case where a former player provided money to current players and due to his association with the university it was ruled that he was condsidered a booster.

  7. I hate to soften up the hard-on’s for rival fans, but John Phillips is no longer considered a booster once he becomes a licensed agent.

  8. Fluker was SO POOR that he could only afford the regular Cadillac with the shiny rims and not the more expensive Cadillac SUV….This picture was taken in the middle of last season. Now which is it bammers? Is he so poor that an agent had to pay for this, or Is the whole story of him being poor is just a smoke screen to help hide the truth behind this whole story?

  9. Oh also though in that the NCAA may have ……wait for it…..subpoena power in this case! Per Josh Moon from the Montgomery Advertiser ” 1 other UA problem: Ala has an agents law against tampering w/amateur athletes. Could allow a court to subpoena records from Davis”

    1. JOSH MOON??? You just quoted JOSH MOON???


  10. ” Butch Jones says Mo Couch won’t play on Saturday due to heat exhaustion he suffered on Tuesday.”

    Yeah nothing to this story ….that’s why Couch is being held out Saturday. ” heat exhaustion”. LMAO! heat from that fire that blazed up yesterday from the Yahoo sports story!

  11. Bammer has a big problem; ARROGANCE!

    The Bammer Moron Nation is the most classless and delusional group in sports; PERIOD! Bammer thinks it is above the law and can get away with what it pleases and the cheating that has permiated the Crimson TURD program is alive and well. If the Crimson Turd Morons would find a way to win with class, the program might get some respect. But as long as the sorry Bammer fans continue to boast about thier greatness, they are just a bunch of laughable boobs!

    1. Ha, Ha! You’re back! You have two players involved in this story (one current) and you want to come in here to talk smack! That is precious! Ready for #8 in a row next month?

    2. Bammer nation is so classless they send some of their worst (read, “arrogant”) fans to fan sites for more successful teams to gloat, troll and taunt in spite of their losses.

      Oh, wait, no, nope, that’s inaccurate. Sorry. I shouldn’t have said that.

      Alabama does have success and respect. But let’s be honest here—-what would it take for you to give Alabama respect anyway? You can say it will never happen, that’s fine, but while you’re here on this Alabama fan site tell us what the Alabama fan base can do to change your mind and make you not hate everything Alabama enough to come here to remind us.

      Boasting about greatness only happens when you’re great. Roll Tide.

  12. finebaum: . @DanWetzel on Yahoo! story on Bama, ‘ I think the NCAA will have a tough case unless Fluker says he took all of the money.’

  13. Stop lying about USC. Nobody knows more about the Reggie Bush case than USC fans. The NCAA had no hard proof that Todd McNair knew what was going on. The NCAA came to that conclusion based on evidence that didn’t support the conclusion. Todd McNair sued the NCAA for this and the case is ongoing. If the NCAA had any real proof, McNair would not have sued. The NCAA hammered USC because that’s what they wanted to do.

    Ineligible is ineligible and there’s no way Saban and the cheating SEC doesn’t know that the whole conference is dirty and looks the other way. And the money came from a booster alum of the football team! Much worse than USC!!!

    So stop lying about the Trojans since you obviously know nothing about the case. You cite no facts because you are a liar.

      1. Yet you provide no link at all to support your lies about USC. But here you go.

        Btw…$750k in California during the height of the real estate bubble is not going buy you “a seaside mansion.” It was a tract home in an area of San Diego County that shall we say was not desirable at all. And Reggie did not “get” that place. His file lived there rent free for a few months, which is maybe worth $10k of rent payments. You have no clue how much money changed hands because there is nothing to back it up except the word of a couple felons.

        Like I said, you don’t have a clue about the Reggie case do stop lying and accusaing me of being full of hot air when it’s your ignorant bs polluting the Internet.

          1. Of course that’s all you have to say. I’ve proven you to be a liar who doesn’t check his facts and you fall back to spelling. This isn’t about my spelling on an iPhone while I’m takin a sh!t – it’s about you being a liar.

            If you weren’t implying that Reggie’s family got the full value of that home, why bring it up? Fluker got enough to buy a few months in that home.

            Just man up and admit it – you lied to support the Alabama cause and now you really can’t say shiz after I called you on it. What’s amazing is that you accuse everyone else of living in a fantasy world.

            Alamaba deserves to get hammered to the stone age. Probably won’t happen because the NCAA condones cheating by the SEC, but you guys will get zero respect out of your conference. National champs my arse.

      2. The NCAA infractions report specifically said an assistant coach fostered an environment where athletes felt entitled to special treatment. Now, you can dispute it. However, the NCAA believed the evidence showed the system at USC was broken.

        Can you show the same thing in this situation? I doubt it.

        1. Of course I dispute it and McNair is disputing it in court. The point is that the NCAA had a very specific purpose and they were you going to achieve it based on no credible evidence. They can do the same here. This story just broke. If the NCAA launches a full investigation like at USC, you would be surprised what they can come up with. You think control freak Saban doesn’t know what goes on or should know??? Please….

      3. Don’t be stupid Trojan. Idiots file stupid and frivolous lawsuits all the time. There were at least 5 filed by the participants in Bama’s Albert Means case. The last one just got thrown out a couple of years ago. We know what Bush did. Don’t be coming over here blowing smoke. I guess it was all just a Hollywood prop – that mansion he and his family were living in? Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

        1. And we know what Fluker did! McNair’s lawyers are very reputable and defamation is a very specific kind of allegation. The judge already threw out the motion to dismiss because McNair has stated a valid claim supported by the evidence. The problem with all you guys is you really don’t know the facts of the Bush/McNair case but you think you do. Not a frivolous case at all. Nice try though.

          1. Not trying to explain the nuances of the Bush case. You know as well as I do that Bush got busted because he was unlucky enough to have his shit come down at the same time the NCAA had a hardon for USC concerning the non irrefutable violations of the basketball program. Didn’t help that the dumbasses family was living in a half million dollar plus mansion either. Plus USC was an arrogant bunch of assholes, and that just pissed the NCAA off worse. If you were so damn innocent then why did your Heisman winning AD get canned and your greatest coach of all time hit the road running? —– Crickets! RTR!

    1. John Phillips is not a booster, not a member of tide pride and is not a season ticket holder. He became an agent for a short time but is no longer in the business. Booster argument is now null and void. That was easy!

    2. Another piece of logic, Andre Smith’s Uncle spoke with and agent. Saban sent him home on a flight the night before game. Alabama lost that game and afterwards Andre Smith was cleared by the NCAA. Andre could have played in the game but Saban takes no chances. Based on this logic, how in the hell does one not think that if Saban and staff even had a sniff of something like this occurring, DJ would have been on the first flight home? That was easy!

      1. I won’t waste my time following a link for something obtained on the internet, dumbass. Ever heard of Photoshop? Hell, it was probably you who did it, wasn’t it? RTR!

    3. For luther davis to do this to his alma mater and to put them into this situation is a slap in the face – DEMECO RYANS.

      If nothing will come of this then why is bama telling davis to stay away and some of his former teammates are pissed at him? What ” situation ” is Ryans talking about? It is amazing to compare the 2 sides of the bama fanbase. The insane, redneck side is showing its ignorance and basically screaming ” we are untouchable”. Then you have the side that has common sense and knows this story has legs. Much more so than any of the other ones to come out since the memphis scandal dealing with bama. Squirm away ITK …..yall brought this on yourself. Karma is a bitch and she has solid financial records to prove it . lmao

      1. You mean the documents the NCAA has zero access to, that the authors of the Yahoo article have said repeatedly they aren’t going to provide to anyone, including the governing organization with zero legal, subpeona power? I wouldn’t call those financial records “solid.” But then, I wouldn’t call Auburn a solid football program. I guess we differ on much.

        Look, I’ll make this easy for you. Unless DJ Fluker admits to accepting money, there is no case.

        Hence, there is no case. But keep on coming. We appreciate the hits.

        1. Lol…proven cheaters. When you have to rely on folks withholding evidence from the NCAA you basically admit to the cheating. Alabama…greatest BCS dynasty that money can buy!

            1. Me and everyone outside of Auburn has an issue with Auburn’s title. Nobody’s denying that! The only disagreement we have is that you think it’s ok to lie about my University to protect your corrupt program and I have exposed you for what you are.

            2. And what are you doing over here Condom. Aren’t you on probation for Millions of dollars worth of shit right now? And don’t be whitewashing the Reggie Bush part. You fuckers stunk the place up even worse with your basketball program. Hell, your AD got shit canned and your head football coach bailed on you. Sounds like a program that was innocent to me! Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

              1. Perfect example of an ignorant Alabama fan right here. “Millions of dollars worth of shit…”. Ok well Alabama took billions of dollars worth of shit! See how easy it is to just lie about something without any facts? This is not about our basketball program, which received its own set of sanctions. This is about Alabama fans lying about the USC/Reggie situation to protect your corrupt program. That is why I am here. Everyone knows what goes on in the SEC and the rest of the country is tired of the conference paying its way to fake championships and not being punished. Your coach sound just like Pete Carroll when folks asked him about Reggie Bush.

            3. @Trojanfactchecker

              Pretty sure Reggie Bush didn’t tell the truth either.

              And if Johnny Manziel was telling the truth, he’s quite literally a living Robin Hood, only for rich white strangers. Next thing you know, he’s on the cover of TIME Magazine in a lead story about why college athletes should be paid…even though Manziel himself says he wasn’t, but spent thousands of his own dollars on travel and expenses to work for free.

              So do you just hate Alabama? Love Manziel? Think players shouldn’t be paid and this only could happen in the SEC?

              Again, you keep saying the program is corrupt. That’s the part I don’t understand and the evidence simply doesn’t suggest, that’s all.

              You know, the really tricky part is what’s the worst-case scenario? Alabama gets a couple national titles taken away, right? Is that it?

              So if that’s the case, what happens when Alabama wins another one? Look, it’s for everyone’s own good not to get so upset with unmitigated hate for a program like the University of Alabama. I certainly never wanted the Trojans to look as bad as they do now, in spite of Reggie Bush.

              1. You may not have wanted it, but all of college football screamed for USC to be punished big. This is exactly what everyone wanted and Alabama deserves the same. The entire SEC from Manziel to Cam Newton is filthy, but the SEC is never punished. The NCAA needs to do a full investigation and assume Bama should have known. That’s what they did to USC and the USC case involved somebody who had nothing to do with the University. You guys had a former player giving out money for crying out loud! Vacated titles is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s see how much you win with a 2 year bowl ban, 30 lost scholarships and you can only give 15 new scholarships a year. You guys will crash and burn. Whoever thinks USC deserved what t got but somehow Bama is clean is foolig themselves. Bam needs to go down for being dirty in the dirtiest conference ever. All respect for Nick Saban’s dynasty. Of cheating is down the tubes.

              2. Dream on stupid Condom. Bush’s family was living in a what 6 or 7 hundred thousand dollar mansion? Bush supposedly took around $150,000, There were basketball players who were paid in the 100,000’s of dollars too which is why they came down so hard on Bush. Everybody knows there was extensive corruption at USC that wasn’t even uncovered. You flaunted the rules even with illegal recruiting practices when the recruits were on campus, etc, etc, etc. So my statement of millions was exactly correct.One guy taking a little money to help his family who had been living in a car in the street is not in the same league with USC’s shit. Your damn coach wouldn’t even hang around for the outcome and you fired your Heisman winning AD. Besides that USC had fallen out of the limelight. Bama is the current and forseeable future cash cow. The NCAA is a shadow of its former self. They need to cover their own ass before they get disbanded. Not one single thing will come of this. Not one! Go back to the land of faggots and shut up! RTR

              3. “All respect for Nick Saban’s dynasty”? Doesn’t sound like respect at all, if you ask me. It sounds like you just want Alabama to burn, and perhaps simply because USC was burned so bad. But good grief, at least you have a good place to come and hate, I guess.

                Sorry for your loss. Roll Tide.

      2. I remember 4 fellows from Auburn appearing on a show on HBO saying disparaging things about the school they played for…damning things that would sink their school.

        Can’t remember the school though…

        Yeah, that’s the same result you can expect from this. But keep on pumping boys! Good for your heart!

      3. Dang …you forgot to apologize.

        Instead ,,,you started spewing your predictable Bammer arrogance.

        Is this “RC” fellow that is saying that Emmert has alredy told Lil Nicky that there is nothing to worry about ……the same “RC” that swore that on *8-31-11 ..that the NCAA was going to reveal all of the AU misdeeds in Camgate? ….and that RC knew this because he had a “buddy” that worlked for the NCAA?

        …thought so.

        I’ll do what you morons shoulda done in the Cam Newton issue. …Instead of making up lies and spouting evdry conceivable speculation possible …..I’ll wait to see what happens.

      4. …I thought about this a little more. The coaches/school didn’t have anything to do with this. The only issue the NCAA could conjure up that would directly affect the University would be the insist that Fluker’s Friend is also a booster. That won;t happen. That only leaves the NCAA claiming Fluker as ineligible.

        Since the NCAA has been weakened and now only has about as much teeth as your average Bammer fan …the NCAA won’t take this on.

      5. Looks like the Red Elephant Club shouldn’t mess with aTm.

        Bammer has enough political power within the state of Alabama to make up the Camgate stuff and keep it on the front burner for a while.

        Now the arrogant REC has gone an messed withe Texas oil money. Paying those autograph agents to create Johny Football smoke worked for a short time to distract him, but nobody bought it. Even the aTm chancellor called it BS.

        Now ….notice the timing of this ….3 days before the game ….aTm has got Lil Nicky storming out of pressers.

        How does your own medicine taste?

        What is consistent here? …The psychotic Red Elephant Club is gonna mess with anything or anybody that outshines Bammer.

        The problem is: …those REC rednecks left the friendly confines of the corrupt state of Alabama.

        1. Wait, really?

          You think it was Alabama that “made up” the Camgate stuff?

          Wow. I’m just, wow. I think my hair is bleeding. Good grief.

          1. It’s easy.

            Auburn knew about Cam’s daddy, MSU and the solicitation that was induced by the MSU booster. Auburn cleared it with the NCAA in January prior to giving Cam a scholly. Since that only happened at MSU and Cam didn’t know about it …Cam was eligible.

            Cam’s statement to Mullen’s wife …”The money is too much” ….meant that because Cam’s dad had been tricked into soliciting money from MSU, Cam would be ineligible to play for MSU and that the money was causing to much trouble. Cam was not ineligible to play at Auburn.

            Bagmen … Dog track payoffs, etc were all rumors made up and sent to press outlets by some scared folks trying to get the NCAA involved and put presure on Cam. Even tho the NCAA had cleared Cam in Jan 2010, they looked again just to satisfy the ignorant masses.

            There’s nothing to the Johnny Football stuff. Ask yourself ..why would autograph brokers make up lies and undermine the integrity of the autographs they are selling? Answer: Because some one paid them a lot of money to spew out that story.

            Why would this Fluker stuff come out 3 days before the Bama – aTm game? Answer: because the REC messed with some folks from another state that have the ability to fight back.

            1. Spew out the story? Wait. You’re now saying the Manziel autorgraph mess was just made up at someone’s personal expense?

              I don’t get the conspiracy stuff. At least with Cam the NCAA made what he did against the rules immediately afterwards. But everything else is a conspiracy anyway? I’m not in on that one.

      6. Are you that dumb ITK? The NCAA will not have access to the financial records? You mean the same financial records that have already started to leak out to the media? The texts, receipts , western union paper work, hell even sticks and stuff receipts have started coming out. Let Yahoo sports finish their digging and watch how quick they turn over their findings to the NCAA. Yahoo reporters never said they would not turn them over. Read carefully ITK. It says ” I shouldn’t ” and that is in response in the lazy approach that the NCAA has taken towards this. The entire back breaker for bama is not bama it self, but the fact there is multiple teams involved. How can saban’s little buddy emmert ignore this with numerous teams involved? How can emmert punish the other teams without doing the same or worse to bama considering the agent has bama ties, middle man has bama ties, and bama has more players involved? Brother your squirming reminds me of the saban press conf. yesterday. F**King HILARIOUS! If it would have been auburn in this story instead of bama , you would have had to change your underwear 5 times today already. Now running along and continue to get bitch slapped by the Trojan fan . He just got here and owns your ass already. lol

      7. Paul Finebaum today on Outside The Lines:

        Will Alabama’s national titles be taken away? “Absolutley not.” – @finebaum on @OTLonESPN now on ESPN2.

        “We know the NCAA is borderline incompetent & doesn’t have the skills of (investigative reporters).” – @finebaum on @OTLonESPN #BamaTitle

      8. ITK… laugh because I quoted Josh Moon, and then you come back with Paul Finebaum????? Really sad. First true sign of desperation on your part buddy. Now I feel bad. Now really take a closer look at what he said. Got to love how finebaum makes statements with out truly making them . His point that nothing will come out of this is based on what? How the wet dream that bammers had over the Cam Newton investigation that fell to crap? The Johnny Manziel story that was actually fueled by the very same booster/agent involved in this bama story , fell to crap? Or should we actually look at how OSU and USC actually had to pay dearly for far less than what is being said that bama is currently part of? His predictions on this are as about as strong as your game predictions this past weekend. His only care is ratings for his radio show, and money in his pocket. Next you will quote Danny Sheridan and how he knew all along that the ” Bag Man ” was a tide football player.

        1. Difference is dumbass, like him or not, Finebaum is the most famous sports personality in the entire United States and Moon is a fucking joke. Pat the shithead Forde wrote the Yahoo shit and he said it is Yahoo’s story and they will not help the NCAA do an investigation. Besides that, paper is not good enough. They need first hand testimony and probably need Fluker to admit it, which ‘aint happening. More than that, there is a good chance that if Yahoo helps the NCAA their ass is in deep shit since the e-mail messages they used were in violation of the privacy clause and the bank account info was gotten illegally also. So eat shit and die — or just die! RTR!

      9. It looks exactly like what it is. A little Barnturd Shithead hanging around outside of T-Town Menswear and taking pictures on the fly with his cell phone. Desperate mother fuckers aren’t you. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

      10. Hey dumbasses, follow the link. That’s it. It’s over. Done with. As long as Phillips and Davis maintain that story the NCAA can’t do SHIT! All the paper in the world and they can’t do SHIT! And before some of you homer retards run your fucking mouths about what the NCAA can do using only the Yahoo story, I suggest you consult a REAL lawyer and get your legal facts straight and don’t make a damn fool out of yourselves. Suck a big one. Bwaa Haww Haww!

      11. U r a bunch of lookylou’s – u dk football..per bama compliance the ncaa cleared us months ago…lol…the agent has not been an agent for months…butthurt diseased mind is a horrible thing to waste

      12. wrong on newton – newton all set for ms when an au booster called newton dad and offered 180k and a bizness deal with profits and false profits….since cam wanted to go to ms – dad went to ms hotel and wanted ms to beat the offer then match offer then make an offer….ms assts refused to even make an offer and kicked dad’s dirty azz out of the hotel meeting room then dad went to see kiffen unannounced and kiffen did same thing…..then hooked up with au and was paid cash through some kind of construction company with 3 card monty type scheme ….deliveries false real invoices false real resulting in dad getting eventually paid 400k in cash bizness profits and false bizness profits…

        1. au and lsu only got on the map when bama went on probation …bama probation mirage pfft….au back in cellar…lsu back to being a peach bowl program

        2. mike slive bucket list – get those au bum moochers out of the sec and into d2….they suck at every sport and contribute not even a dime

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