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Nick Saban’s response to DJ Fluker story is Sabanesque

Alabama football coach Nick Saban addressed the Yahoo Sports report regarding DJ Fluker by promising that the Alabama leadership would address the situation “appropriately.”

Alabama football coach Nick Saban addressed the DJ Fluker allegations Wednesday evening.
The response was typical Saban. He praised the administration and the process. He made a statement and did not want to talk further about the situation. The Sabanesque response included a raised voice and a quick exit following a sarcastic comment when reporters insisted on asking questions about allegations DJ Fluker accepted benefits from agents while playing football at Alabama.

Saban addressed the article by saying he had not read the report because he just came from Alabama’s football practice where the Crimson Tide continues to prepare for its big game against Texas A&M. He then provided some general information about the status of Alabama relative to the DJ Fluker story.

First, Saban praised the Alabama compliance staff and its process of educating players.

“I think our people here do a fantastic job,” Alabama football coach Nick Saban said about the DJ Fluker story. “I know that we have what I think is one of the best agent education programs in terms of what we try to do to help our players make good choices and decisions about what they do and don’t do when it comes to agents.”

Second, Saban expressed confidence in the athletic department’s leadership.

“I have confidence in our leadership that we are going to do whatever we need to do to handle the situation appropriately,” Alabama football coach Nick Saban said. “I know that we will.”

Saban said he could not speak about any current Alabama players who might have an issue related to the story.

Saban praised the high profile players that have been around the Alabama program.

When asked about AD Bill Battle’s statement on the Yahoo story, Saban said to ask Battle.

“We’ve done a lot of investigating about a lot of things,” Saban said. “Every time something comes up about our program, we investigate it the best we can. There is nobody in this organization that wants to do anything that is not above board. We don’t want our players to do it either.”

Saban then warned reporters not to ask any further questions about the DJ Fluker story.

When Saban was asked another question about distractions this week, Saban said he wasn’t distracted “because I don’t even read about it.”

A brave reporter then asked another question about the DJ Fluker report, and Saban exploded. He promised to handle the situation “appropriately” and the administration would do a good job. He then said he was there to talk about his team.

He made a sarcastic comment thanking reporters for their “interest” in the upcoming game.

8 thoughts on “Nick Saban’s response to DJ Fluker story is Sabanesque”

      1. I wasn’t saying that. Just that I’d feel obligated to ask some follow questions

        Saban was a bit more combustible than normal. He only said he wouldn’t talk about it once, and the question he was asked that allowed him to end the press conference wasn’t really a question about the story, but rather his team.

  1. Anyone who thinks that Saban’s behavior during that press conference was the slightest bit positive for Alabama is either an idiot or a clueless Bama homer. All Saban did with his temper tantrum was to confirm that he is extremely concerned about these allegations. Gee, I wonder if any members of the national media will ask him any more questions about the Fluker situation this weekend? I’ve heard there might be a few reporters covering the game this weekend. I’m sure it won’t come up, though.

    1. Abraham, this is one time I will agree. I think Saban could have been prickly, but at least stuck around longer to answer a few game questions. After one or two tries the press would have asked a game question.

      1. Well, I don’t think Saban is concerned in the least. That isn’t his style or the way he thinks.

        His problem is that he is going to talk about what he wants or go home.

  2. “Saban then warned reporters not to ask any further questions about the DJ Fluker story.”

    -Seriously? He WARNED reporters? What the heck does he think they are there to do?

    I think Nick Saban is an excellent football coach, but his ability to handle tough questions has never been his strong point. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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