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REPORT: Alabama football player DJ Fluker accepted benefits

Alabama football player DJ Fluker, an offensive lineman on last year’s SEC and national championship team, accepted benefits from an agent while in school, according to a bombshell report based on documents and texts. The entire report from Yahoo Sports, implicated five players from the powerful Southeastern Conference.
Alabama football player DJ Fluker allegedly accepted cash and other benefits from an agent, according to a new report.
The Yahoo story begins with a damning opening, “Five Southeastern Conference football stars violated NCAA rules by receiving extra benefits prior to completing their collegiate careers, a Yahoo Sports investigation has found.”

The documents provide a glimpse into how the cutthroat world of agents operate—attempting to woo superstar college players like Alabama’s DJ Fluker. It is no secret that many football coaches worry about the influence of these types of individuals on college football players. Saban famously called some agents pimps.

DJ Fluker

The report links former Alabama football player DJ Fluker with another former Alabama player Luther Davis. According to the Yahoo allegations, DJ Fluker was paid cash and given other benefits including hotel stays, flights and more from Davis. The report alleges Davis was working as a runner for agents.

According to the report, “Yahoo Sports also found that three NFL agents and three financial advisers engaged Davis in transactions totaling $45,550. The three agents were Andy Simms, Peter Schaffer and John Phillips. The financial advisers were Jason Jernigan, Mike Rowan and Hodge Brahmbhatt. Simms, Schaffer, Phillips and Rowan each confirmed giving money to Davis – but each said they had no knowledge of, and did not instruct Davis to provide benefits to players. Jernigan declined comment. Brahmbhatt declined comment through his attorney. Another agent who was listed on a travel itinerary in Davis’ records, Isaac Conner, said Davis was a point of contact to reach multiple SEC players but denied any knowledge of Davis’ financial dealings.”

Alabama football coach Nick Saban speaks to the media this afternoon. Look for an update if Saban or the university issues a statement about the DJ Fluker allegations.

36 thoughts on “REPORT: Alabama football player DJ Fluker accepted benefits”

  1. Hey lets takes a vote on the next bama t-shirt..

    1.) What HAD 15

    2.) What is 15 – 3 =?

    3.) This is alabama….we will still claim 15

    ROFLMMFAO!!!!! Happy birfday bahr!

    1. He wouldn’t be ruled ineligible for his entire career dumbass. Only from the point that benefits were received. I’d let it play out and see what happens. BTW, how old are you? You seem pretty immature.

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    1. Auburn covers up Auburn. That’s the difference. LSU simply doesn’t care. Maybe, if you’re lucky, Alabama will have to vacate one of the 3 championships in the last four years.

      You’ll still hate your life almost as much as Alabama, but that’s ok, you’ll get taxes when people have to cross the bridge to pay the troll toll.

  3. You have an admission by fluker on Twitter, paper trail out the ass of money being wired to fund flukers mom, and 2 other bama players involved as well. With newton you had what????? oh thats right you had nothing dealing with auburn and newton. LMAO ! Bama fans look at USC and the reggie bush issue and see how that came out. lmao!!!!! Karma feels like a nut kick sometimes. rawl tahd!

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  5. This is so awesomely pathetic, secfans only hope to even have a chance in hell of the gus bus trying to compete with the process relies on sanctions from the ncaa. Are these true? I dont know, really dont care. I do know that Mark Emmert will probably do nothing regardless (CNS has already said it will handled, what does that mean?) hahahahah and this tiny little glimmer of hope will be dashed away like a Kiehl Frazier touchdown pass attempt/or this season make it on the field on what is probably the crummiest defensive backfield in the SEC. Bottom line, none of this sticks, Bama crushes T A&M on their way back to Atl. Roll Tide, like it love it hate it, doesnt matter, but I would learn to live with it, or choose another sport to be a fan of. Its going to be a while otherwise.

  6. If anyone thinks this is going to simply be brushed over they are kidding themselves. There is a huge difference here compared to other situations. The difference is that there is actual documented proof that money changed hands. There are Western Union receipts in DJ Fluker’s name. He had to show his ID to receive the money. ( As a side note, Fluker has got to be the biggest idiot on the face of the earth. Manzeil at least had enough common sense to let the payment go to his buddy rather than in his own name.) This isn’t complicated. There is documented proof that Alabama played an ineligible player, and every win obtained while playing him must be vacated. The 2012 BCS title is gone. There’s no discretion there on he NCAA’s part to decide otherwise. The only question is how far back the trail goes. If the documents prove that Fluker was taking money in 2011, that title is gone as well. If you doubt that, all you have to do is look at the Reggie Bush case. I don’t think Bama will incur any sanctions going forward, because I don’t think the NCAA will ever be able to prove that the coaches or administration knew Fluker was being paid. The titles are gone, though. Got 13?

    1. Overreaching at this stage.

      It is unlikely anything is gone. Yahoo isn’t going to cooperate with the NCAA. Thus, the issue is will the source give this stuff to the NCAA.

      Also, they cannot compel Fluker to talk at this stage and there is no lawsuit in the mode of Reggie Bush.

      OK, now that I am out of my Cam-esque procedure defense. Much of this depends on context considering Fluker got the money from a friend–Luther Davis.

      In a way, I’d be most worried about the transactions involving the furniture, but again, I’m not sure there is going to be much of any proof that is useful to make an NCAA case.

      Keep hoping though. 🙂

      1. Yahoo has copies of the Western Union receipts. You really think Yahoo will refuse to make the copies readily available? That would do nothing but harm Yahoo’s credibility, which has been sterling to this point. You might want to remember that Yahoo had no problems making the emails from Jim Tressell about tatoogate readily available to the NCAA, nor did Yahoo have any problems with making the multiple documents related to Nevin Shapiro in Miamigate readily available.

        Keep hoping though 🙂

        1. Robinson has already said he wouldn’t cooperate with the NCAA.

          Your Auburn masturbatory delusions are funny. Is there a chance? Yep. Is it likely? Nope. At this stage, there isn’t much that can be corroborated by the NCAA unless the source produces the evidence.

          That is the wildcard here. Will Luther Davis or the agent or whoever has the stuff cooperate? Odds are, nope.

          1. If Robinson makes copies of the receipts and emails available to the general public, he is making them available to the NCAA. Of course he will make them available to the general public. He quoted the receipts and emails in intricate detail in the story. He’ll look like an idiot if he refuses to release copies to the public, which is exactly what Yahoo did in the Tressel and Miami cases. Once that’s done, there’s no need for him to sit down and answer questions directly with the NCAA (thus “no cooperation”). Don’t take my word for it…just ask Jim Tressel or Al Golden if Yahoo’s refusal to cooperate with the NCAA helped them out at all.

          2. Abraham, you do notice the stuff Yahoo has shown are redacted with either names, numbers, and critical identifiers removed.

            I’m not a lawyer, but that is kind of a hard thing to verify. And the NCAA kind of likes to be able to verify something for itself and then give the accused a chance to view it, etc.

            The only hope is for the runners and agent to talk. Now, there is an easy way to make that happen.$$$$

  7. Not only the Fluker thing is going on. Now there is a bama player autograph scandal brewing also…..Yall run out and buy this why you can!!!

    Oh and for conduit here is the story anout the admission of fluker on twitter. His agent had it deleted and then came out and claimed that his account was hacked….notice DJ never said anything . lol

    He pimped them ….lmao

    1. Thanks for the link. I love the part where they say, “I’ll tell you, of course, this wasn’t him,” Gilmore said when reached by phone Tuesday morning. “It was bull (bleep), and it’s a shame. And anyone who believes it was him and wants to believe the worst, you go ahead and do it.”

      It’s nice though that you provided a link this time. I’m proud of you. Such a big boy. So proud.

      Why not buy the CJ autograph yourself? That way you would have the damning proof to bring down the defending national champions you hate so much, and then you’d have so much more to talk about when you visit Alabama fan sites. It could be so much fun! Such a big boy.

  8. Sorry, Barntards,

    Nothing to see here. Why?

    Nick Saban, Mark Emmert, Mike Slive VS.

    Luther Davis and Unscrupulous Agents??? REALLY

    Sorry Auburn fans, you lose,,,,AGAIN

    1. If you think there’s nothing here then you’re fooling yourself. The NCAA hit USC hard for this exact thing and said the coaches “should” have known. Couple that with Alabama’s recent history of NCAA infractions and this is going to hurt.

      Another interesting part thats not getting a lot of play is that guy talking about the 100 grand check he wrote for Barron.

      1. A guy whote a $100,000 check to Mark Barron? That would be the easiest coup in college football history. Any transaction over $9,999.99 has to be reported by any federally-insured bank so this check would be impossible to hide and would stick out like a red blimp against a blue sky. Hell, it’s probably proven already as I write this. Imma go look ‘n see, k…

        1. Its in the transcripts. go read it. The guy was upset because a lot of people were seeing it.

          And this thing is about to get a lot bigger. this is just the tip of the iceburg. You really think your former player (Davis) was only paying ONE Bama player?

    1. You’re right Indiana Vol. Alabama could just forfeit the last 3.

      Still CRUSHING the competition for titles.

      I understand jealousy. But wanting to hurt people, I just don’t get it. I’m a football fan. If Auburn, for example, was playing great football the right way, maybe I could care. Charles Barkley was holding back “Roll Tide” as best as he could on live air just yesterday.

  9. Simms: “I am sending out the money transfers today. And along those same lines – what’s the plan to get the $8000 back from mb?”

    Phone number tied to Davis: “Honestly don’t know, what do you recommend?”

    Simms: “Probably just be normal and direct. Ask him if he is payin the $8000 back now. Or when. We’re not upset –– Tell him to do the right thing. I think he will. It wasn’t a gift. We helped him because he needed it and asked for it. We trusted him because he was your dude. Caa [sic] is giving him plenty of $. We know that.”

    Representatives of Mark Barron said the player had no comment. At the time of Simms’ text, Barron had already decided to leave Alabama and had signed with CAA.

    mb=Mark Barron, pay them back…

    So funny, this makes me laugh at all you high browed Mullet fans hating on Cam. You are truly the most corrupt program in the NATION!!!


  10. The fallout could be this, if the NCAA can find merit to the allegations: vacating of the 2012 national championship. And if potential problems arise from a second Yahoo Sports story indicating agent/runner interactions with safety Mark Barron during the 2011 season, it’s conceivable that back-to-back could be gone-to-gone.

    So, yeah, this is serious. Especially for a fan base that is as intense (and UNBALANCED) as any in America.

    That hit the nail on the head, Updykes!

  11. There will be no fallout from this you dumb fucks. So get your dicks out of your hairy hands and put up your little sister’s baby oil. Your masturbating fantasy is nothing but a wet dream. The whole thing is so much smaller than Miami, North Carolina, USC, Ohio St and Okie St, that it isn’t even worth talking about. Alabama knew nothing about what Fluker allegedly did. Therefore they could not punish him. They could not hold him out of any games. He was not paid to attend Alabama. The NCAA cannot take away games or Championships retroactively for something Alabama was not party to, implicated in, or knowlegable of. It doesn’t matter how many documents Yahoo comes up with. Fluker, Davis and everybody involved would have to talk and even then Alabama is not responsible for what they didn’t know. Anyway the NCAA has no power to make them talk, and they’ve already said they won’t talk. Moreover, you are not talking about a has been cash cow like USC and Ohio St. You are talking about the current and forseeable future cash cow. You’re also talking about an NCAA that is much weaker, under fire and nearly on the verge of elimination. So you little turd bitters go the fuck home and beat your dogs. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

    1. Uh, yes the NCAA can vacate these games. they’ve done it before. Hell, they made alabama vacate games over textbooks and remember, Alabama knew nothing about that either.

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