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What happens when you take an average guy, put him in a tuxedo and drop him in an exotic location? Heineken’s “Dropped” series answers that question. This video series takes men from places like Madrid, Spain and Brooklyn, New York and places them in the cold, wilds of Alaska and the warm desert of Morocco.


Of course, Heineken makes it more difficult by taking the participants outside their comfort zones. For instance, the Spaniard is Rikard Gil—and he wants to be dropped in a warm, tropical location. Heineken Dropped sends the obviously beach-loving Gil to the cold of Alaska.  He must deal with the challenges on the glacier having nothing but a tuxedo, a giant life-ring and his plane ticket to return to Madrid. The series follows Gil’s adventure in making it to the airport, which by the way is several hundred miles away.


Heineken calls this a social experiment. It allows viewers to follow the typical men dropped into these exotic locations. These characters face fears and are forced to deal with their own expectations and limitations. Heineken’s Voyage TVC was the inspiration for the “Dropped” series. These typical men become legendary explorers in these episodic travel adventures.


“With Voyage, the fifth installment of our Legends campaign, we want to go further than inspiring men to be resourceful and open to the world. We are giving a few of them the opportunity to go beyond the borders of their comfort zone. Dropped is a social experiment that will challenge the participant to display their true character and if they do, have a legendary travel experience,” said Sandrine Huijgen, Global Communications Director, Heineken.


Viewers are not left out of the adventure. You can participate in an online game that tests your own navigation skills by purchasing specially marked packages of Heineken beer.


Heineken is a beer available across the world. You can find it in most locations here in the U.S. It is a popular and recognizable brand. The Heinkeken Lager is brewed in Holland using the same method developed in 1873.


Take a look at the videos that look at the “Dropped” in Cambodia and other exotic locations. What do you think about the concept? And, if you were “Dropped” do you think a tux portrays the right attitude of being able to overcome any danger?

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5 thoughts on “‘Dropped’: Heineken places average men in exotic locations”

  1. Is this what we’ve come to on A&M week? A story about another dumbass reality show? Please! Heineken isn’t even a good beer. Get yourself a real beer in a green bottle. Get a XX’s lager and become the ‘Most Interesting Man In The World’. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

  2. To each his own. A few weeks ago I thought I remembered in another era in High School that I liked Heinekin. Since I hadn’t drank one in 40+ years I just went and bought me one. To me it tasted like shit. So much for youth memories. I didn’t even finish it. Hell, I even finish Schaefer. XX’s, Carlsburg and Beck’s are all much better green bottle beers.

  3. Totally agree Crimsonite . Heineken doesn’t taste that great to me. Didn’t want to say taste like shit because some smart ass barner would say I know what shit taste like.

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