Tuesday Alabama head coach Nick Saban divulged a few nuggets following the Tide’s practice as efforts now turn to preparation for Virginia Tech.

Bama receiver Amari Cooper was said to be nursing a strained foot. Said Saban about his sophomore receiver:

“[Cooper will be] out for a few days and then day to day. I don’t think he’s going to be hurt for a long time.”

More news on the injury front, cornerback Deion Belue’s hamstring issues from the summer have carried over into practice.

“We’re trying to nurse him along so that he doesn’t have another setback,” said Saban.

Inside linebacker Trey Depriest has been suspended “for a short time” according to Saban for violating team rules, and could return to the team within a week “if he does what he’s supposed to do.”

“I don’t have to suspend any player,” Saban said about the suspension of a veteran player. “I don’t like suspending players. If we’re going to suspend any players, it’s going to be in their best interest to change their behavior. We only do it in the best interest of the player. We have a lot of respect for Trey. He’s played very well for us. He made a mistake. He didn’t do the right thing. Wasn’t a very smart thing to do. There has to be consequences sometimes. Hopefully he will learn from it.”

The tightend position continues to be somewhat of a mystery on this team, as Saban said today they played with the possibility of moving OL Brandon Green to the position. Saban has already experimented with DE LaMichael Fanning there. Though today he did say Brian Vogler “has done a good job.” The thought is a bigger tightend is needed to help in short yardage situations.

Along those lines, tight end Malcolm Faciane has rejoined the team following a 30-day suspension.

Experimentation continues as well with Arie Kouandjio, as Saban put it, “we’re trying to see what the best combination of guys is to try to give us the best opportunity.”

The elder Kouandjio brother had battled knee injury in years past, but appears to be healed and playing with power as the coaching staff places their confidence in him securing a spot somewhere on the starting unit, at “left guard or left tackle.” If he took the left tackle spot it would mean he unseated his younger brother, who many have said is the projected #1 tackle prospect in next year’s NFL draft. Interesting…

Saban also had much praise for the Tide’s freshman stable of running backs, saying “all the freshmen running backs are really good. I think they will all contribute.” But he took a moment to single a couple of them out.

“Some the guys have shown a little more maturity in learning and being able to sustain performance. Derrick Henry being here in the spring helped him. Altee Tenpenny is a guy who seems to get it. He’s grounded and seems to grasp things and sort of learn quickly. The other guys have done a good job as well.”

Across the state, I found it interesting that “Cam Newton, Jr.” as he was tabbed by the Auburn delusionalists is now playing in an entirely different kind of backfield…on defense. Kheil Frazier has apparently moved to safety.

Meanwhile the remaining possibilities at quarterback appear to be a true freshman and a converted defensive back who threw 19 picks in junior college. Roll Tide.

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15 thoughts on “Practice Report: Cooper hurt, Depriest suspended, Falciane back…and Cam, Jr. is now a safety”

  1. What’s the deal with OJ Howard at Tight End? I know he’s only a Frosh, but he was supposed to be an early contributor?
    Auburn annoints all new African QB’s as the next Cam, part of being a narrow, simple-minded hick fanbase. If Kiehl wasn’t light-skinned they wouldn’t be able to distinguish any 4 of their current QB’s

    1. Now ask yourself, does it really matter what color his skin is? It won’t matter who it is or what his skin color is cause the kitties in Lee County will always compare their q-backs to their Messia Cam! its all part of their ‘culture’ and anything else they may have…… RTR

  2. And the sad part is that they weren’t the best team in the nation in 2010, and Cam really wasn’t their Messiah. The best team in the nation in 2010 handed Awbie the Natty on a silver platter by having way too many star players with their heads up their asses – that and an immaculate conception of a fumbled oblique spheroid rolling ten+ yards straight as an arrow and then through the end zone. You could set that one up 200,000 times and it would never happen again. Damn Chicken Chokers. RTR!

    1. It’s about “never again,” having an elite team that doesn’t play at their best.

      Ever since, Alabama hasn’t let anyone else win a national championship, so it seems to be working.

  3. Sometimes on rare occasions there is the National Champion and then there is the best team who because of some circumstance didn’t make it to the championship game. ESPN and many others after all was said and done thought the Alabama team that slaughtered Big 10 Champ Michigan St 49-7 in the Cap 1 Bowl ended the season playing the best football in the nation. Considering how other teams have played consolation bowl games after having their dreams shattered (Bama-Utah, Florida-Louisville, LSU-Clemson comes to mind), the way Bama came together after the expectations of the 2010 season and the heartbreak of the Iron Bowl is truly amazing. Awbies should be able to associate with these thoughts because of the 2004 season. Although I will never believe they could have beaten USC, I do believe they should have had the opportunity to play for the Natty. The game would not have been the farce that Oklahoma was. Who knows how long this run can last. I personally hope we can win this year to cement the dynasty as the greatest ever, but also we need to win the first playoff next year or all the fucking homers around the nation will cry that we wouldn’t have won 3 in a row or 4 out of 5 if there would have been a playoff. It’s possible with this young talented team that we can win it in 2014, but I am slightly skeptical what with losing McCarron, Mosley, Belue, Fulton, the Kwandijo brothers, DePriest?, Mr. Clinch – Norwood, etc.

    1. ESPN has shown so many times that they don’t know what they are talking about. Case in point, 2010 Bama playing the best at the end of the year. the last 5 games Bama was 3-2, with losses to LSu and Auburn. One of the 3 wins was against Georgia State. I will admit Bama looked really good against Michigan State, and in that game, anyone would have been hard pressed to beat them. However, I could also say the same about us in the SECCG. If we played like that every game that year, we would have won every game by two touchdowns or more. However, that is not how the game is played. Every good team has that one game where they are unbeatable, but it is about every game, and not just one.
      As far as other posts on down below, 2011 LSU won more games, and against a tougher schedule, so they were the best that year. Oregon was the best team week in, week out last year. it is not always about who is best, but who is best on a given Saturday.Oregon got robbed in the Stanford game last year, but that is the breaks sometimes.

  4. Well we know the past two years Alabama wasn’t the best team in the nation. They lost.

  5. You goobers keep telling yourself you were the best in 2010 too, if it makes you feel better. Probably in 50 years you’ll claim 2010 as a NC year too.

  6. Go fuck your dog again smurf. Everybody lost at least one game the past 2 years. So who else with 1 loss was better you retarded goat fucker? LSU? Oklahoma St? Stanford? Oregon? Notre Dame? Let’s see. 2011, LSU got their balls removed by Bama 21-0 in the Natty game. Oklahoma St lost to a 6 win Iowa St, needed overtime to beat Tex A&M by 1 who Arky beat by 3, and needed 3 overtimes to beat Stanford who did not win the Pac 12. 2012, Stanford lost to Notre Dame. Oregon lost to Stanford who lost to Notre Dame. Notre Dame, well nuff said. If you can’t comprehend the English language then hang up your little sisters computer.

  7. Crimsonite you are purple headed wart fucking boar felcher. I hate this blog and all you redneck FUCK holes. I hope your whole town and football stadium gets struck by lightning and burns to the damn ground.

  8. All you do is down other teams who beat you fair and square on the field. You afterwards label them cheaters cause you got beat. That is why every fan base in the country hate you. AU hates Bama fans, no surprise; LSU fans hate you cause you call them names, Texas fans hate you, aTm fans will soon hate you mainly because of this egotistical retarded blog site. Get a fucking hint and win with a tiny shred of class, which is obviously beyond you and this sewer blog site. Bottom line Go fuck yourself.

  9. While we’re calling the pot black how about lets just do it truthfully. Aubie hates us because you’re nothing but our red headed step child who has to eat our shit far too often. LSU hates us because they think their shit doesn’t stink and can’t live with the fact that we get all the glory even over their best team of all time. Texas hates us because, well, Texas hates everybody and besides once again, the Tea Sippers can’t stand anybody being better than them. So to put it in terms that even you can understand – you all hate us because we whip your asses. What’s more dumb fuck, it’s YOU who pissed ME off. I was actually complimenting Aubie before. Stupid! But let’s get back to your bullshit above. As usual you’re just an Aubie living in denial. If you spend some time roaming the blogs around the country you will find that the truth is there are a few homers who really hate Bama, but the majority of people respect Bama. You will also find that strangely enough, all the teams you just mentioned are way, way ahead of Bama on the Hate list, and Aubie is #1. And finally, the truth of the reality is that everybody hates a winner that just keeps on winning. Therefore I just love it when I feel the hate – bring it! RTR!

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