Missouri enters its second season in the SEC. What are the important things you need to know about this year’s team? Find out in our 2013 Missouri Football Preview.

2013 Missouri Football Preview

As one of the newest teams in the SEC, Missouri will have an advantage over SEC teams of having a play style the SEC isn’t used to. But every SEC team will also have that same advantage over Missouri, and rule of thumb says team usually need a couple years to adjust to the gritty style of play that occurs week in and week out. And while Mizzou says that they’re sticking with the spread offense, their offensive roster has such little talent that it would hardly even matter if they ran the wildcat exclusively.

2013 Missouri Football Preview
2013 Missouri Football Preview

The one name to know on the offensive side of the ball is Mizzou quarterback James Franklin. Granted the starting role because Missouri has no depth at the qb position, Franklin is an average quarterback that really has no skills that will make his team better. In fact, Missouri will have to have expert gameplans every week just for Franklin to be able to manage the game. Sure he could come out and have a stellar season, just as any quarterback can, but even if he did, Missouri has no supporting cast and they would still only seven games max.

As sad as it may seem, Missouri may have a better offense in their defense which is simply loaded with talent and experience. Even though defensive coordinator Dave Steckel lost All-SEC tackle Sheldon Richardson, Steckel was able to return six starters as well as 11 of their 18 top tacklers.

Just like every team aspires to do in the SEC, Mizzou is built with an emphasis on the front four so they can stop the run game of their opponents. Kory Ealy and Michael Sam are the leaders of the defense, and their brute strength mentality means that they will look to physically intimidate opponents and focus on great tackling. Mizzou makes playing defense seem much more personal than it is, and they treat every offense like their worst enemy.

And the talent doesn’t stop there. With athletic linebackers and competent corners, Missouri should create a large amount of turnovers because of the overall teamwork they use when they play great offenses.

Much like Kentucky, Mizzou has a good atmosphere and a great following without much talent. Once Mizzou has had time to scout the talent that fits their style of play, they will be able to put up a fight against better teams. But until then Mizzou will have a lot of struggles trying to stay off the bottom of their conference.

Thanks for checking out our 2013 Missouri Football Preview. Come back tomorrow as we look at Mississippi State.

—Special to the Capstone Report by Alex DeRemer.

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  1. It’s pretty simple why Missouri stunk in their SEC debut season. They had no linemen—on either side of the ball. Even Vanderbilto was able to control the line of scrimmage against them. I think the writer of this article overrates their defense. They have some talent, to be sure, but the better teams in the SEC will light them up like the 4th of July. Hopefully, their coaching staff has learned that you can’t win in the SEC playing Mike Leach ball and that recruiting better linemen is a must. Maybe then Mizzou can compete but until then their fans will have to be content to ogle those gorgeous Golden Girls at halftime.

  2. This guy is a total dumbass you’ve spelt our players names wrong and had no idea what you were taking about when out came to our offense. “James Franklin has no support” yeah he just has the nations top ranked recruit in 2012 which is dgb at wr and he has the big 12’s leading rusher in 2011 Henry Josey who despite playing only half the season due to an acl tear against Texas and he still lead the league

    1. There is nothing funnier than someone complaining about spelling while using the word “spelt” in a sentence. You just made my night.

      And until DGB comes out of his hole and proves he’s a college football player, something he sure didn’t do against competition of note last season, I’m going on record saying he’s the JaMarcus Russell of college football. “Overrated..clap, clap, clap-clap-clap…Overrated, clap, clap, clap-clap-clap…”

      1. Obviously you didn’t see DGB in November last year where he had 4 TD’s in the last 3 games. Without a consistent QB it’s hard to post great numbers too. DGB with a healthy QB will be one of the top recievers in the SEC. This is football not basketball, it takes more time to adjust to the size and speed difference at the college level. He was also facing some of the best defenses, Mizzou hass a much easier schedule this year.

    2. “the big 12’s leading rusher in 2011″…hmm…and in 2012 Mizzou was n the SEC, and again in 13′ they are in the SEC….let’s compare oranges to oranges my friend.

  3. Henry Josey wasn’t available last year. all he needs is a glimpse of daylight to hit a hole. and sometimes he will get there before the light. no doubt he’s fun to watch. DGB will prove everything he needs to prove this year. our quarterback and our offensive line are both healthier and deeper. this is the first time we’ve ever had 300 pounders all along our o-line. Mizzou wins 8 unless we’re able to upset somebody. I would consider vandy or ole miss an upset, just the way it should be. Nor a&m ,we beat them 4 of the last 6 contest. half of those were at College Station. look last year we were broken before the season ever started. this year we’re healthy. . .so far. more experienced in the SEC and a little deeper. will go to Georgia 5-0.

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