Can Texas A&M repeat the success of its first year in the SEC? Will the Aggies be able to so what no one has been able to pull off in the modern era…defeat defending national champion Alabama for a second straight season? It’s our 2013 Texas A&M Football preview…

2013 Texas A&M Football Preview
2013 Texas A&M Football Preview

2013 Texas A&M Football Preview

Texas A&M had a remarkable 2012 season. Will the Aggies be as good in their second season in the SEC? Find out in our 2013 Texas A&M Football Preview.[/caption]

After one of the most surprising performances in NCAA football history, there’s no doubt that this year’s Texas A&M Aggies squad will have a huge target on their backs. Much like with the Alabama Crimson Tide, the Aggies’ opponents will prepare for them more than they do other teams and will work extra hard to beat the reigning Heisman Trophy winner. But against one of the most prolific offenses in the land, designing a theoretical gameplan for the Aggies is one thing. Executing it is another.

When talking about the Aggies offense, it starts and ends with the only freshmen to ever win the Heisman. Johnny Manziel is now a sophomore, and will now enter his second year with a better idea of how his offense works. And although the argument can be made that teams now know what to look for, Manziel is only beginning to learn the ins and outs of college football. Hence, he’ll likely be no easier to prepare for in 2013. Johnny Football accounted for over 5,000 yards last season, and now that Kevin Sumlin has beefed up the talent surrounding Manziel, though it’s hard to imagine, that number could improve drastically. This spring Sumlin touched on Manziels ability to read defenses and how it has improved in the off-season.

If this is true, Manziel would in theory be able to counter almost any defense with a high probability of success. Johnny will always have his mobility, but as he improves his aerial attack, Texas A&M will have a legitimate shot at the final BCS Championship Game…at least as long as Johnny Manziel is in uniform.

If Manziel were to play without a capable supporting cast, that team would probably win six or seven games. But with the Aggies’ roster, the only teams that will be able to challenge them will be Alabama, Georgia, and maybe a South Carolina. From top to bottom, this offensive unit is absolutely loaded with explosive talent at every position. One quick look at their depth chart will say it all.

For starters, Johnny Manziel will get to play one more season with his favorite receiver, Mike Evans. Almost six-and-a-half feet tall, it’s easy to imagine how Evans could lead the Aggies in receiving yards. But, much like Manziel, Evans has limited experience and is getting better with time. As Evans learns how to body-up against much smaller cornerbacks, his size and speed give Manziel a very easy target downfield.

Speaking of size, many would think Evans would be the tallest receiver on the roster. But at 6’7″, JUCO transfer Cameron Clear will have that title. A hair over 270 pounds, Clear is the quintessential new-age tight end. Of course, Cameron will be a huge red zone threat; his size makes him hard to miss. But Clear will really be able to help the Aggies in their protection schemes after losing one of the best offensive tackles of his class in Luke Joeckel. Clear’s strength and size are similar to that of a slightly undersized lineman, and his blocking ability will greatly aid in the rushing game of Johnny Manziel as well as the pocket protection, the one weakness of the team this season.

But Clear and company will be doing more than just blocking for Manziel, but also Oklahoma transfer Brandon Williams. With similarities to that of an Adrian Peterson, Williams has the tools needed to be great. With a keen sense of working his way into the secondary, his success will make defenses stack the box. The problem is, the Aggies can easily handle a blitz by passing, having Manziel scramble, or have Williams sweep to the outside.

Manziel and Williams should complement each other well this year as the Aggies will be able to gain yards any way they see fit. A defense’s best option will be able to limit the success of the Texas A&M offense with an exceptional defensive line that can pressure Manziel by themselves.

With so much offensive firepower this season, it’s obvious that the defensive side of the ball isn’t going to live up to the same hype. Built to rush the passer, this Aggies defense has great blitzers in linebacker Nate Askew and defensive lineman Tyrell Taylor. When both defenders line up on the same side of the ball, it’s virtually a guarantee that one of them will force their way to the quarterback. The problem with the Aggie defense is, when these blitzers can’t hit the quarterback, they simply don’t have the secondary to cover receivers effectively. If Manziel were to face his own defense, he would rip them to shreds.

The real question is whether this Texas A&M team can win without a great defense…something that isn’t commonplace in the SEC.

With the exception of Auburn, the BCS champions of late have all had stellar defenses. So it remains to be seen whether a team can sustain wins without being able to consistently stop their opponent. Cam Newton did it. But if Manziel is really worth all the hype, and can win them all (not just a big game here and there), the Aggies will be contenders. But if the sophomore slump is real for this Heisman winner, Texas A&M may be left wishing they never joined the toughest conference in college football.

Thanks for checking out our 2013 Texas A&M Football Preview. We continue our look at other SEC teams on Monday with a preview of Florida.

—Special to the Capstone Report by Alex DeRemer.

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  1. Johnny Football may go down as one of the greatest quarterbacks in college football history, so first things first, enjoy watching him this year. Whether or not he ever wins a championship remains to be seen and may even be incidental (see Peyton Manning), but one characteristic of the TAMU team in 2013 that has to be mentioned is their schedule. No ranked out-of-conference opponents, only four away games the entire season and no opponents with a bye-week before facing TAMU (special note, Alabama has played three times as many opponents after a bye-week than any other team in the SEC since 2007, and every loss since 2010 has come to a team with a bye-week).

    Nobody cared much about Baylor, but we all watched Robert Griffin the 3rd. Kellen Moore didn’t have the toughest competition, but we all watched him play more than we would have if he wasn’t such a unique talent. Johnny Manziel is the same way, only in a conference with more top-level competition (even if they aren’t playing many of those teams in 2013). The fact that everyone seems to be able to correctly spell his name says a lot, and he’s arguably the most talented player in the league. He’s been training in San Diego with some of the best QB trainers in the world, including the QB coach who trained Cameron Newton, RG3, and I believe Andrew Luck as well. It starts and ends with Johnny Manziel.

    So for the Aggies in 2013, that means he’s the target. Take Johnny out and you can win a football game. Get pressure on him and he can do whatever he wants, but after enough hits he might reconsider. The problem is hitting him. Alabama gets him fresh after opening the season against powerhouses Rice and Sam Houston State, and Alabama doesn’t typically deliberately attack QB’s. We’ll get Manziel at his best, and TAMU will absolutely be throwing out trick plays they’ve practiced through the summer. They know they have to get past Alabama to stand a chance, and they will play some of the most un-fundamental football to do it in spite of the talent and size on their roster.

    But again, if Manziel gets injured, the Aggies are doomed, at least certainly against the top-level teams. He can’t afford to sprain a finger or get a cramp, but if a freak accident happens like did with Colt McCoy, it’s game over. AJ McCarron may be one of the best QB’s in Alabama history and our backup QB’s haven’t yet been tested, but Johnny likes to run when things get fishy. And he produces results, so he’ll be eager to run whenever he thinks he needs to, and that opens the door a little wider for injury.

    I want to also say that I understand how defensive the Aggie fans can be about TAMU, especially now after their switch to the SEC and a good season last year, so please, don’t interpret this as saying I want Johnny Manziel to get hurt. I don’t. I didn’t want Colt McCoy to get hurt, either. But the simple truth is he takes risks and he has a giant bullseye in the shape of a Heisman trophy on his back. He’s confident and he wants more than a trophy for his talents. Alabama doesn’t play tricks. Alabama plays football. Football hurts.

    1. As an Aggie, I’ll say that your comment is top-notch and right on the money. Without Johnny Football, we wouldn’t have a chance at a NC or even a top 25 ranking.

      1. Not an Aggie but I don’t recall them using any trick plays to beat Bama last year so I don’t know why that would be a strategy. And as far as them needing Manziel to win it all, that’s a pretty genius statement. Kind do like texas needing Vince, auburn needing Cam I guess?

        1. @Grant Taff——TAMU ran a crazy pace for their offense designed to confuse, but it’s within the rules and isn’t considered a trick.

          Lining up 5 linemen 40 feet away from the center and hiking the ball with 26 seconds on the play clock seems like a trick play to me though. They didn’t do a lot of “trick” plays (we can debate what a trick play is defined as I suppose) but every one of them were successful, and again, the point is they know they have to do more than play fundamental football to win against teams like LSU and Alabama.

          1. Again, as a college football fan in general with no dog in this fight, I think the majority of America would agree that the Aggies beat Bama without tricking them in any way. They lined up and beat you. You obviously are looking at this as a Bama fan, but you look like a homer when you make those type of comments. My guess is they can line up and do it again, however you want them to. And that’s why I will watch because it should be a great game.

          2. @Grant Taff——–now you’re saying I don’t think TAMU earned the win against Alabama and only won because of trickeration. I didn’t say that. Even if my glasses and my panties are crimson, I never said that or meant to imply it.

            If you really want to know how I feel, I’ll tell you so it’s on the record—-it was one of the most epic games of the season nationwide and it defined the Heisman race for the first freshman to ever win the trophy. It put a stamp on TAMU’s induction into the SEC and it’s a game TAMU fans will never forget, and that’s what college football is all about to me.

            If you think TAMU was a better football team in 2012 than Alabama I would absolutely argue against that, crimson-colored glasses or not, but TAMU threw out all the stops against Alabama last year including hurry-up rather than fundamental football and, yes, some trick plays, or, at the very least, trick formations (I’ve never seen the offensive linemen closer to the sideline than the center when the ball is hiked with 26 seconds on the play clock, but I think it’s a good example).

            We can argue about the gamut Alabama faced the five weeks leading up to the game, or even the impact (no pun intended?) of the LSU game alone the week before, or how close the game truly was, but it’s incidental—–TAMU earned the win against Alabama, and Alabama was still comeptitive enough to be in the title race and prove to be the best team in 2012.

            Regardless, I fully expect TAMU to run trick plays and/or trick formations again. They are simply not willing to risk the game in four quarters of fundamental football the same way LSU, Georgia and Florida are, but even if they do, none of those three teams have a scheduling advantage leading into their respective games, most notably Alabama and TAMU since it’s so early in the year. It’s impossible to say just how much the impact of the games leading up to the matchup last year had on the final result, but this year we don’t have to worry about it, and that’s a very good thing, something both teams and all college football fans should be happy about.

          3. So you are saying the Aggies do not play fundamental football? Color me confused.

          4. Yes, I’m saying the Aggies’s success in 2012 and likely 2013 is not explicitly reliant on fundamental football.

            What I’m not saying is they don’t sometimes play fundamental football.

            They do that well enough, as a matter of fact. But their success is predicated on a hurry-up style of offense and a once-in-a-lifetime talent with an ability to both run and throw the football from outside of the pocket and create plays after a called play breaks down. It is a part of who they are and absolutely helps define not just their success but their staggering numbers and plays-per-game.

          5. I went to every home game last year and the pace of play is the norm for us. According to the coaching staff you can and will see an even quicker pace of play as our QB now has another year under his belt. I think one of the things people fail to recognize is the intellect and composure of JFF. He is the throwback “field general” we used to associate with the QB position. The offense was only installed the spring before and every week the machine was tuned and altered to perfection as they became more familiar with it. It will be a great game(got my seats) between two proud programs.

    2. The only thing wrong with this is saying that no one has a bye before A&M because Alabama and LSU both do.

      1. @LJG———-I digress, it seems LSU has a bye-week both before and after Alabama. Both Alabama have a bye-week before each other, as they have I think every year since 2007 so I’m not sure how it worked that Alabama got an early bye for the first week in September. It may be incidental since it’s so early in the season and TAMU doesn’t plays two weeks of cupcakes before Alabama, but the football for all four match-ups should be brilliant and scheduling shouldn’t be a factor like it was for Alabama last year before losing to TAMU after a 5-week gamut including 3 conference rivals and 3 teams with bye-weeks and one cupcake.

  2. Nice blog post Conduit. In the words of the great American Sweet Brown- “ain’t nobody got time for that”

  3. no misinterpretations, but a couple of corrections:

    no opponents with a bye-week before facing TAMU (special note, Alabama has played three times as many opponents after a bye-week than any other team in the SEC since 2007, and every loss since 2010 has come to a team with a bye-week).

    First, Alabama has a bye before they play A&M this year. Second, A&M did not have a bye week before they played Alabama last year. In fact, quite the opposite, it was their third straight road game and they did not have a bye after their first game of the season.

    1. @John D———I didn’t say TAMU had a bye-week before Alabama in 2012.

      Alabama did have a 5-game gamut including 3 conference rivals and 3 teams coming off bye-weeks, including the season-defining LSU game the week before the loss to TAMU. I’d take Auburn and MSU before Alabama, too, though, even on the road.

      Regardless, the point is it’s not an issue this year. TAMU plays only 4 road games, and gets Alabama when both are at their best, plus they get two consecutive bye-weeks before LSU. Between LSU, Alabama, and TAMU there should be four guaranteed-incredible football games this season.

      1. Actually, you did say that A&M had a bye-week by saying “(special note, Alabama has played three times as many opponents after a bye-week than any other team in the SEC since 2007, and every loss since 2010 has come to a team with a bye-week).” If you say that every loss since 2010 came to a team with a bye-week, and Alabama lost to A&M in 2012, then logically, yes, you said that. I’m not really too concerned, only trying to help you to not make factual errors like the two you made in your opening paragraph. Those will make others outside of your normal audience lessen the value of your analysis. Blessings.

        1. I suppose I left off enough information, I meant before that loss, all the more reason why it was significant that TAMU won (see previous comments above)

          Sorry. It’s a blog. I think you know what I meant to say, and that I’m not a reporter, and this isn’t CNN, and I don’t have to quantify and qualify every statement, so for what it’s worth I’m conciously making an effort to keep my comments shorter and this is the side effect. But you are absolutely right, and I should have thrown more words in there just to be safe, and for that I apologize.

  4. i think it is well said honestly. As an Former Student at A&M, we all agree that this season rides on JFF and how healthy he is during the season.

    The only disagreement I have with the post is that on the defensive side I think most in Aggieland think you have it backwards on D. Last year we played a lot of young talented DB’s who improved week over week and are looking to be a strong part of our defense. The issue is in the front 7 where we need to replace quickly 3-4 good players quickly.

    This is the advantage for Alabama. Playing us early before those guys really get equipped to play in the SEC is strong if you focus directly on running the ball with Yeldon. Keeping JFF off the field will be key as I have serious doubt any defense included Alabama will be able to keep A&M from scoring now that the RB stable.

    If you don’t get down early like last year and are able to stick to the ground game with success you could throw the rhythm of the offense off and keep your defense fresh into the later parts of the game. That is how Alabama should approach the game to see a potential win.

    Maroon glasses on me I just dont see your offense being strong enough with youth on the OL to consistently run for 4 quarters but it hopefully will be another classic between two potential rivals.

    1. RedDean,

      I think your analysis about the importance of the Alabama offense is critical to beating A&M. Last year, it was clear the gameplan from Alabama required more efficiency from the offense both in scoring and converting. For whatever reasons, the offensive inefficiency in the first quarter was fatal–probably more so than anyone could have imagined during prep that week.

      1. True, but don’t lose site of these facts:

        1.) Where the game fell on the schedule

        2.) Who Bama played the week before

        3.) The emotional toll it was on them to get that win

        4.) The still relatively unproven nature of JF and A&M

        5.) Bama was the one wearing the target

        6.) A&M at that point was hungrier

        7.) September 14th Bama will be hungrier

        8.) No one has beaten Saban in consecutive years in ages

        9.) Saban goes to bed and gets up to A&M film and game planning

        10.) A&M has as much youth on their OL, and Bama’s youth is deeper and more talented than A&M’s youth.

        11.) Bama has 3-4 NFL receivers on this team

        12.) Last year’s game was decided by bone headed play calling in Bama’s lastr possession inside the 7 at the end of the game; Manziel was shut down from the 2nd quarter on.

        Bama 30-20, and Manziel may not finish the game.

        Bank it.

        1. TAMU missed 2 extra points and 1 field goal. If converted the last drive and subsequent interception would have been irrelevant . If not for missed kicks against LSU and Florida, TAMU is stomping ND for title

          1. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts we’d all have a Merry Christmas.

            Win your conference, hell, your division, then we’ll talk.

          2. 1. Crystal football (3) 2. A complete season, more than just one rogue big game win 3. We own Florida 4. We own LSU 5. You don’t (3a & 4a)

  5. Capstone,

    Hope you plan on making the trip to Kyle Field in the Fall as it is a great experience and you will be treated really well. Hit up TexAgs a couple of weeks before the game and you will be invited to several tailgates without a doubt.

    Great write-up and hate the next 3 months until college football kicks off.

    1. Thanks for the note RedDean. I’m considering a trip. I have a few friends in various spots in Texas that I could visit if I made the trek out there, and a couple of friends (plus a family member) who went to A&M that would enjoy a chance to show me their school.

      BTW, I trust you guys are enjoying not having to deal with Texas. I don’t think anything speaks to the supremacy of the SEC over the Big 12 other than the revenue split today that was divided EQUALLY between the members.

  6. Vast majority of us are glad to be away from the arrogance and propaganda that is tu.

    Miss the rivalry a bit since it would give us a final crushing blow to them and solidify the presence of the SEC in Texas more than it is already developing.

    Saw the write up on the payouts and amazing to think where all of the schools will be when the SEC Network hits in ’14.

  7. Pretty good article until he got to the part about the secondary. A&M’s defensive backs will be the strength of this years defense without a doubt.

    1. Bama’s play action passing game featuring the best quarterback in America (not a backyard tip-toe artist) will eat your defensive backs alive.

      We’ll have 3 touchdowns through the air. Guaranteed.

      The biggest challenge A&M will have will be rebounding and waiting for Bama to lose two games the rest of the year so they’ll have a path to Atlanta.

      1. I was confused for a minute I thought you were referring to JFF as a “backyard tip- toe artist” and to my amazement you were. I respect the SEC and feel it is the best conference in NCAA historically. So enlighten me unless your opinion of the SEC is different from mine, how can the QB who smashes the all- time offensive numbers in said conference and is the first Freshman to win the Heisman be referred to in such a way. I think your QB and Universities records speak for themselves and we aspire to reach that level of greatness, but unless your on crack to deny what you witnessed last year of JFF eating your defense alive is really quite amazing.

        1. Johnny Manziel was amazing, and had an unreal year. So did Cam Newton, and we didn’t get to see teams scheme for him in year two in college since be bolted for the draft. But we did get to see teams scheme for him in year two in the NFL, and what you saw was a somewhat neutered Cam Newton. Year three will be interesting to watch with Cam.

          The offseason is where coaches scheme for the “knowns” they’re dealing with. In the brunt of the season time is much more limited. So last year you saw a JF running free through the SEC (but still losing to LSU and Florida) taking opposing coaches by surprise. As late as August they didn’t know what a Johnny Manziel was.

          I’m not saying he isn’t amazing (but yes, he does look like a small boy tiptoing around in socks). What I am saying is, if he matches it in year two the discussion begins as to his place in college football history. If not, blind hog, nut and all. Come on…if you can’t at least acknowledge this fact you’re giving yourself away in this discussion.

          The great thing is, in a few months this argument will be lived out for us to watch and enjoy. It’s fun watching the guy, there’s no doubt about it.

          1. You act as if JFF did everything with smoke and mirrors. You call him amazing from one side of your mouth and call him a small boy tiptoeing around in socks from the other. As to the history it was already written last year and can not be erased. I understand that one year is not enough to define anyone’s place in history. He had a year unparalleled by any Freshman QB before him, period. Saban is a brilliant defensive mind but Sumlin is great offensive mind with just as much time to game plan as Saban. I truly believe whoever wins this game wins the Natty(of course I know your pick and you know mine). I hope they come in at full strength with no injuries before or during the game. The ATMU family would love to return the hospitality Bama extended to us last year(best atmosphere on the road by all accounts)

          2. Bostwick, if it helps you, I’m currently in the middle of a building a monument to Manziel in my backyard so I can pay him the homage he is apparently deserves. Facts are facts. Flash in the pan years with instant success can happen to anybody. Even Auburn pulls that off once a decade or so.

            Sustained success, however…that’s another thing. That’s why even for a second mentioning Sumlin in the same breath as Saban..a four-time national champion and the author of a current unreal 62-7 streak since 2008…is ridiculous.

            Respect is earned, not afforded or given. We’re watching, but A&M, Manziel and Sumlin still have a ways to go before they’ve earn it. Fun to watch? Yes. Arrived? Heck no. Has Saban and Bama arrived? Not only have they arrived, they’ve amassed massive amounts of property at the apex of college football and are subletting it to schools like A&M.

          3. @ Bostwick58 “You act as if JFF did everything with smoke and mirrors.”

            But you act as if JFF did everything without smoke and mirrors.

            Without the trick formations and hurry-up offense, TAMU doesn’t win against Bama last year.

            Without the LSU game the week before, or the final play calls being the 3 worst of the entire season, Alabama wins, or at least you can argue it. Without it, Manziel doesn’t win Heisman last year. Every single Manziel fan has to at least respect the pounding LSU put on Alabama the week before.

            To say that Manziel has the talent at his position is an understatement, but to suggest it’s his pocket passing and play-calling that won the games is a complete oversight. It’s just not accurate.

            Johnny Manziel won games because of his ability to run and create plays when they were broken, and it worked very well since more plays are run when the ball gets hiked with 25 seconds on the play clock.

            I call it magic. Lining up Mark Ingram in the wildcat was football. It worked, and it wasn’t a trick. They saw what they were going to do, and they tried to stop it but usually couldn’t.

            Lining up half the offense too far away from the QB to hear and hiking the ball as quickly as possible is magic. It’s within the rules, sure, absolutely, and nobody is arguing that it’s completely unique to TAMU or has no place in the SEC.

            But stop trying to say it’s fundamental smash-mouth SEC-style football. TAMU didn’t face up to Alabama the way LSU and Georgia did. TAMU played that kind of football well, too. But the reason why they won so much is they used everything else they could outside of fundamentals to confuse and deceive, ie, smoke and mirros, ie, magic tricks. It doesn’t mean we’re butt-hurt. It doesn’t mean TAMU isn’t allowed to play some kind of west-coast hybrid football on offense either. It doesn’t mean Alabama wasn’t the best team in the nation last year.

            But it also doesn’t make a better football team. At least in 2013 it will be as even as possible and both teams will have everything to lose.

    1. Yep. 3 BCS National Championships in 4 years makes us just plain ass dumb.

      When’s the last time A&M even won their conference?

      1. I’m not an Aggie you silly redneck so I couldn’t care less. I went to a school where people actually have brains and teeth.

        1. Yeah because at Alabama the fact that we have one of the highest graduation rates in the country (top 10) AND dominate the landscape of college football means we don’t have brains or teeth.

          You should be ashamed for not using the brain you claim to have (but have illustrated otherwise) to not come up with something more original.

          So what school do you pull for? Bet you won’t say.

          1. I went to Vanderbilt if it matters to you. So I don’t honk it’s a good idea for you to talk academic smack. But you sound like someone Saban should hire with the knowledge you are dropping on us. I’m sure he would hate to have that back yard tip toe artist on his team over Mcarron.

          2. You don’t “honk” it was a good idea… ? You sure you went to Vanderbilt?

            I’ll never forget going to the Vandy-Bama game in Nashville in 2001 when at halftime they awarded two scientists from the school at midfield for their findings that Vandy’s black uni’s were hotter than visiting teams’ whites on hot, sunny days. Really broke new ground there, Copernicus.

            Yep, a group of geniuses they are. I’m sure that award is just as satisfying as three crystal footballs since Obama was elected. Now quick, come back at me under a new screen name.

          1. No what’s rich is one person posting under multiple screen names to give the impression that others agree with him.

          2. What does Alabama have to do with anything? That sounds like a “you people” connotation.

        2. Stan, sounds much like you are a bit flustrated, calling folks names like you do. Could it be your problem is because your Crotch don’t stand?

  8. Well based on this article we know the writer, Alex Deremen, must be a typical bama fan, because he either does not know the facts or just plain ignores them.

    He starts his article out by asking the question “Will the Aggies be able to so what no one has been able to pull off in the modern era…defeat defending national champion Alabama for a second straight season?

    Well to him either the modern era just started in 2012, or he has blocked out of his memory that LSU beat Alabama back to back in two staright seasons on November 6, 2010 and on November 5, 2011. And lest not even talk about that acient non-modern era of 2003 – 2007 when LSU beat alabama five straight seasons.

    1. LMAO, you mean when Bama was crippled by NCAA sanctions? Got it.

      Man that 21-0 whipping and 21-17 heart wrencher has you butt hurt!

      1. ITK I can almost here the tiny violin music playing in the back ground while you make all your sad excuses. But I’m sure to you Alabama did nothing wrong to deserve any of those NCAA sanctions, right?

        And besides you won a national championship in 2009, did you not? So you couldn’t have been too crippled when LSU beat bama back to back in 2010 and 2011, right? Wait….. start the violin music here comes more excuses.

        My butt doesn’t hurt, but you being a bama fan and based on the comments on this blog, I understand why you are overly concerned about another man’s butt.

        Maybe you should be concerned about your own butt hurt after bama dropped two to Troy in the NCAA regional this past weekend especially considering the way they lost the last one. Oh yea, bama fans don’t care about baseball or any other sport besides football. Right ITK? You saw to outcry from bama fans to yesterday’s Sunday Cup of Coffee article! LMAO

        1. Sing it with me LMAO…

          Like the corners of my mind
          Misty water-colored memories
          Of the way we were
          Scattered pictures,
          Of the smiles we left behind
          Smiles we gave to one another
          For the way we were…”

          That’s all you have partner. Memories of significance, while we bask in the warm sunlight reflecting on our collection of crystal footballs (not one backed into with 2 losses half a dozen seasons ago).

          I get why that makes you insecure, I just don’t get why it makes you come on Bama websites to make yourself sound stupid. We own you. We…own…you. 21-0 and 21-17 is just the beginning. Those are the kinds of losses that eat at the core of your program. Devestating, sickening losses at the hands of a program that hasn’t even peaked, but is only getting stronger. Has LSU peaked? Hell yes. You know it, and so does everyone else.

          So sing with me friend…

          “Can it be that it was all so simple then?
          Or has time re-written every line?
          If we had the chance to do it all again
          Tell me, would we? could we?
          Memries, may be beautiful and yet
          What’s too painful to remember
          We simply choose to forget
          So it’s the laughter
          We will remember
          Whenever we remember…
          The way we were…
          The way we were…”

          Goodbye LSU significance. Hello #3 in the West and a nice trip to the Peach Bowl. Hello Mike Archer years. Good to have you back!

          If you need us, we’ll be vying for #4 in 5 years. 🙂


    2. lamo Alabama wasnt the defending national champs in 2011, Auburn was, but with as usual as it has become for Alabama to be the defending champs and your admittal that you routinely assume, I understand how you once again are proven wrong. Still laughing at you. Hahhahaa, this cant be made up!!!!!

      1. You are right Yellowdumber, Alabama wasn’t the defending national champs in 2011, but you were in 2009 correct? And LSU did beat bama back to back in 2010 and 2011, correct? But then again maybe you are like the writer and don’t think the “modern era” of football started until 2012.

        If the writer and you don’t count the 2009 national championship, how could any team have beaten the “defending” national champion Alabama for a second straight season, since there has only been one season, 2012, when bama was the “defending” national champions. So either the writer was wrong by forgetting LSU had beaten bama back to back, or his question is stupid like you.

        Now who’s laughing at who? Your are right about one thing though Yellowhammer, you can’t make up the stupid stuff that comes out of some bama fans!!!! “Hahhahaa”

        1. lamo, what are you blabbering about? Do you comprehend as you read? It seems that you have a real difficulty understanding even the simplest of posts. The writer pointed out that no team had ever beaten Alabama for a second year in a row when they are the defending champs? In other words after Alabama wins a nc (common I know) they haven’t lost to a team the next year that they lost to the previous year. (by the way Lsu was the only team that has had a chance to do it but got drilled in the nc game which kinda throws an unusual kink in the stat I know but then stunk it up in death valley for a twofer so it doesnt matter either way)Is that really that hard to understand? Really? Are you 3 years old or just your comprehension skills on one’s level?I stand by my earlier post that stated you are easily the most fatuous clueless illogical flamer to ever EVER comment on Capstone.

          1. Yellowdumber let me prove how dumb and wrong you are.

            Would it really be anything to brag or boast about to say ““Will the Aggies be able to do what no one has been able to pull off IN THE MODERN ERA…defeat defending national champion Alabama for a second straight season?” when as you rightfully state, LSU is the ‘ONLY” team that has had a chance to do it based on the criteria you claim?! Why did he use the term “in the modern era” if he was only talking about 2011? Answer that you dumb ass.

            I mean asking a question in a misleading and boastful way by asking “can A&M do something nobody else has done in the modern era” when nobody except LSU has even had a chance to try and do it, would be a stupid thing to say. And if that is what the writer was saying than he is just as stupid as you.

            I mean if that is what he meant why didn’t he say “Will the Aggies be able to do what LSU couldn’t pull off in 2012…defeat defending national champion Alabama for a second straight season?. Why mention other teams and the modern era, if thats what he meant? I’ll tell you why, because that is not what he meant you dumb ass gump.

            Also bama was not the defending national champs when LSU lost to them in the national championship game, so you were wrong about that also gump.

            And if you think LSU stunk it up in death valley last year, then you must not have thought much of your own bama team since it took a litteral last minute score for bama to get a come from behind victory from a team that stunk it up. LMAO at your stupid gump comments.

          2. Here ya go:


            Tell the truth. Did you cry after that game? Did you do it openly, or did you kind of like, you know, muffle your tears in a shirt or something? Bet it was hard to sleep that night…just going over and over in your mind all the almosts and coulda beens to avenge the 21-00 curb stomping just a few months previous. Dang, I really am sorry. Just was curious about the crying. Don’t feel bad though. Mourning is a natural reaction to a letdown like that.

            Just think, we’re gonna get #3 in a row this November, or is your totally depleted defense going stifle us in our own house. Get the crying towel ready, coonass. We in ‘dat head a’gin…I gair-own-teeeeee!

  9. Everybody who wasn’t being punished for cheating lost at least 1 game last year. So just because aTm edged Bama the week after Bama’s most emotional, most physical game of the year does not give aTm the right to claim they were better. First place while your QB was having a Heisman Moment, our QB was secretly playing his second game with broken ribs. That is one reason aTm got off to such a fast start. It wasn’t until the team realized they might lose the ge that AJ had the determination to ignore the pain and let it all hang out. For 45 minutes we outplayed you badly. This time we’ll do it for 60 minutes on YOUR field. aTm doesn’t exactly have a home field record that strikes fear into the hearts of their opponents. Furthermore, last year by aTm game time Bama had lost 2 RB’s and 3 WR’s who were good enough to start on any SEC team. I predict a blowout. Bama by 17. One of these posters said Sabans’ brilliant defensive adjustments will be countered by aTm’s coaches brilliant offensive adjustments. I beg to differ. Saban is a proven defensive genious. Your coach runs a no huddle spread offense. It takes no genious to plan that type of offense. Its design is to helter skelter the football field so as to allow inferior athletes to compete with superior athletes. Doesn’s take much smarts to confuse the situation. Anyway Bama posters, we are in the heart of the greatest dynasty in football history. We don’t have to defend ourselves from any of these rat turds. They are the ones scrambling for the scraps we drop from the table. But bring it on anyway losers. You make a booring time more interesting. RTR!

  10. Right on Crimsonite! Until Manziel I had never heard of a Sumlin. To mention him as even similar to Saban is a real stretch and taking license. After this dude has proven himself over a few years in the SEC then we might talk. After the hot-dogging QB has moved on then we will see how hot Sumlin is….We shall see!

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