The Alabama football team is favored to win its third straight national championship, according to oddsmakers who have posted the 2013-2014 BCS National Championship Odds. Alabama is a 3-1 favorite, according to Bovada. Ohio State and Texas A&M follow the Tide at 13-2. Oregon comes in at 7-1 odds to win the BCS National Championship. Georgia comes in next at 14-1.

What are the chances an SEC wins another title? Here are the 2013-2014 BCS National Championship Odds
What are the chances an SEC wins another title? Here are the 2013-2014 BCS National Championship Odds
Other SEC teams included in the BCS National Championship Odds were LSU at 18-1, Florida at 20-1, South Carolina 28-1, Ole Miss at 125-1, Auburn at 150-1, Mississippi State at 200-1, Arkansas at 250-1, Tennessee at 250-1 and Missouri at 300-1.

Are there any values in these BCS National Championship Odds? Both LSU and Florida have some issues they each must address to contend in their divisions. LSU must also face strong SEC West challenges from Alabama and Texas A&M. Georgia seems to be in a good spot in the SEC East. South Carolina also seems to be in a good spot in the SEC East. As the Georgia Bulldogs proved last year, getting to the SEC Championship Game gets you very close to a chance to play for a national championship. One or both SEC East teams could be contenders this year. What do you think? Check out the BCS National Championship Odds List below and share your thoughts.

BCS National Championship Odds

Odds to win the 2013-2014 BCS National Championship via Bovada.
Alabama 3/1
Ohio State 13/2
Texas A&M 13/2
Oregon 7/1
Georgia 14/1
Stanford 16/1
LSU 18/1
Florida 20/1
Louisville 22/1
Clemson 25/1
Miami 28/1
Michigan 28/1
South Carolina 28/1
Florida State 33/1
Oklahoma State 33/1
Texas 33/1
Notre Dame 40/1
Nebraska 50/1
Oklahoma 50/1
UCLA 50/1
USC 50/1
TCU 66/1
Wisconsin 66/1
Boise State 100/1
Michigan State 100/1
Oregon State 100/1
Mississippi 125/1
Auburn 150/1
North Carolina 150/1
Northwestern 150/1
Virginia Tech 150/1
Washington 150/1
BYU 200/1
California 200/1
Cincinnati 200/1
Georgia Tech 200/1
Kansas State 200/1
Mississippi State 200/1
Pittsburgh 200/1
Rutgers 200/1
Arizona 250/1
Arkansas 250/1
Iowa 250/1
Tennessee 250/1
Missouri 300/1
West Virginia 300/1
Boston College 500/1
South Florida 500/1

2 thoughts on “2013-2014 BCS National Championship Odds”

  1. From a scheduling standpoint, the 2013 schedule sets up better for Bama than did 2009, 2011 or 2012. Their depth at every position is much better than it was in 2009 or 2011. So who knows. Maybe the run is just beginning.

  2. Auburn 150-1?!?!? Obviously Vegas is nothing more than a bunch of Bammers. Dont they know the Gus bus is coming? Havent they heard whats being spread on the recruiting trail by Coach Craig and co.? According to 4* safety prospect and Auburn target Cortez McDowell and I quote “This year they are going to get back to a championship contender”. Where are these supposed oddsmakers getting their information, and to think they somehow profit billions every year. Go figure.

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