In a stunning display of dominance, the Alabama Crimson Tide took Northeastern to task last night in Coleman Coliseum in front of hundreds of rabid Crimson Tide basketball fans.

With the season on the line, Bama responded in powerful fashion, thumping the Huskies 62-43 to advance to play Stanford, who edged Stephen F. Austin 58-57 two hours later. It literally took 15 minutes to find that score online, as no one apparently cares about the NIT at

Sophomore Levi Randolph led the Tide in scoring with 13 points, joined by Trevor Lacey with 11. Retin Obashohan and Trevor Releford added nine points each. Every member of the Tide basketball team saw action, including four walk-ons.

Northeastern experienced travel delays due to weather, which included a 4:00am flight to Tuscaloosa the day of the game. But nobody really heard the story because so few people care about the NIT and were watching the broadcast when John Saunders was talking about it.

Alabama will play host to Stanford at 11:00am CDT in Tuscaloosa in the NIT’s second round. The Cardinal will be looking to avenge the 70-67 2004 loss to the Tide in the 2004 NCAA Tournament.

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4 thoughts on “Survive and Advance: Huskies drown in Bama’s Tide”

  1. It’s not really fair that you probably won’t get too many comments on this article, but you did a nice job in conveying the apathy of the average Tide basketball fan right now.

    1. Not everybody who views comments, but you’re right. It’s amazing to me to hear the Shula-esque mentality that so many aim at our basketball program. With their thinking Auburn would be working on 12 in a row this year.

  2. I’m not sure where you’re coming from with that comment. In the past two weeks there’s been three threads mentioning basketball and in total three people comme.nting with my posts representing 2/3 of the posts. The opinions you youself expressed are no different than what most people feel about the BB program, albeit you said it somewhat tongue in cheek. If anybody thinks basketball is something to be proud of right now, then they obviously missed the losses to the 200 RPI NAIA class schools and to Aubie and have been drinking WAY too much koolaid. A 2 million dollar coach who (last year) couldn’t beat a junior college in the NCAA first round, just doesn’t get it. Whicita St who stomped us in the NIT Champ game is smokin’ in the NCAA. Ole Miss of all people just stomped 5 seed Whiskey. VCU is there ffor the 5 th straight year. Nobody needs more than 4 years to build at least a
    #64 NCAA seed at the States’ flagship university. Grant is a goodan, but he’s missung something in the coaching department. That his assisstant at VCU is doing better than Grant did should tell you all you need to know. If I’m the AD I’m putting out feelers and he gets one more year max to get us to at least past the NCAA second round. RTR!

  3. And by the way – so far Grant and Shula are pretty much interchangable. Hell, pay me 2 million a year and even I cuold get us to the NIT. A dumbass coach with one leg could get ten players from Alabama high schools alone who could play Bama into the NIT every year

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