NIT, here we come.
NIT, here we come.

Tonight at 9:00pm on ESPNU, be sure to tune in to see who the Alabama Crimson Tide will be playing in the first round of the NIT, and if Andrew Steele will have the opportunity for another home game if the Tide plays host.

Don’t bother tuning in to that boring show tomorrow night, where (yawn) 68 of the nation’s “best teams” (who gets to determine that, right?) are selected to play for all the marbles…a feat Bama has never done in its illustrious 100 years of basketball. That archaic tournament is so passe.

No, give me the NIT any day of the week. Less media coverage means less pressure with less eyes on you …our guys can finally play to their potential!

And if you make it to the Final Four (the NIT’s version), you get to play in NEW YORK CITY!

Thankfully, when Bama had a chance to make a statement about being an NCAA tournament team, they lost to Auburn…the Tigers’ only win on an unreal 17-game stretch. When Bama could make a statement in Oxford, thankfully they gave a lackluster performance most of the game that eliminated suspense. And when the Tide faced Florida, a team it hasn’t beaten since 2008, thankfuly they squandered away a big lead twice in two weeks to go on a scoring drought and never recover.

I thought when that 50-foot prayer went in against Georgia the NIT would be out of reach. Or when they beat a hot Tennessee team in their first SEC tournament game.

Now, it’s safe to say, we’ll be seeing the Tide play in Coleman Coliseum at least one more time this season. Anthony Grant is earning that $2 Million annually to get his Bama team to the National Invitation Tournament, where they’ll again square off against 31 other teams not good enough for the “Big Dance.”

So if you need me Monday night, don’t call at 9:00pm. Because I’ll be GLUED to Dari Nowkhah on ESPNU telling me where my Tide will play.

Yeah, baby! It’s NIT time!

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5 thoughts on “What’s next for Bama Basketball? Here’s a hint…”

  1. Come on now, everybody knows Madison Square Garden has far more tradition, class and prestige than any state of the art 30,000 seat domed arena the pathetic Final Four could ever play in. By the way where is Villanova going this year?

  2. Whoops deh it is! Is there any better condemnation of the worthlessness of the NIT? Bama couldn’t even get a playin bid to the NCAA’s, much less a 16 seed – but they are seeded #1 in the NIT – WOW!!!!!! Maybe Florida will win the Big Dance and Bama the NIT and then we can have the two champs play each other. That way we can get our asses stomped 3 times.

  3. I hate to get down on Bama basketball, but facts are facts. We hired the wrong VCU coach. VCU is once again in the Big Dance. Believe they’ve been there every year since Grant left. This time they are a #5 seed. Are you going to believe that VCU can recruit better players than Bama can? I don’t. $2 millio + is WAY too much to pay for this shit. Tired of waiting. Why should we have to wait? Pitiful little VCU didn’t have to wait. RTR?

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