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Alabama Football: Will Katherine Webb distract A.J. McCarron?

Katherine Webb in black lingerie

Katherine Webb in black lingerie photograph from Vanity Fair.

In the best Auburn plan to destroy Alabama football since Gene Jelks (it is obviously better than the inept scheme to get an Auburn fan to give Julio Jones and Mark Ingram a boat ride), the Tigers have unleashed a Honey Trap on A.J. McCarron.

The Alabama quarterback is the key to Alabama’s offense, and Auburn has found a way to disrupt the juggernaut in Tuscaloosa. After all, it is their only hope. Only the most delusional Auburn fan believes Gus Malfunction Malzahn stands a chance. So, the double-naught spies in Auburn unleashed the ultimate weapon.

Katherine Webb wearing Alabama football jersey and bikini from Sports Illustrated

Katherine Webb puts most Bond Girls to shame. The former Miss Alabama modeled a swimsuit for Sports Illustrated and now models for Vaniety Fair—wearing sexy black lingerie. You can view more of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit photographs here.

Doubt Webb is a distraction? Look at the picture of her in the lingerie. Or the Katherine Webb in the white bikini. Or Webb wearing the red bikini.

I’m not thinking about football.

And neither is A.J. McCarron.

If you want to know more about Webb, check out the Vanity Fair article. In it, Webb explains what people say about her and the Alabama quarterback: “People call us the Romeo and Juliet of Alabama.”

As Shakespeare or Brent Musburger might say: “Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.”

Or something like that.

But, the really important thing here is football. Can this type of hottie be anything but a distraction for the Alabama quarterback?

Again, look at Katherine Webb’s photograph in nothing but black underwear and judge for yourself.

In other A.J. McCarron news, the Alabama quarterback played through the final six games with injured ribs. According to USA Today, McCarron said the injury limited his ability to practice during the week before the LSU game and was a problem up till the bowl game. According to the report, “McCarron said the five weeks between the SEC championship game and the BCS title game allowed him to heal. And he played much better against Notre Dame, throwing for four touchdowns in a blowout victory.”

In all seriousness, that shows how tough mentally and physically McCarron is.

5 thoughts on “Alabama Football: Will Katherine Webb distract A.J. McCarron?”

  1. Of coutse she’s a distraction. No way around it. I’m not even going to get in to all the ways. And I’ve been warning him about it since Jan 7th. The question is, how much will he let it distract him. No doubt he’s had all the prime ‘snatch’ he wanted since he took over the starting QB job at St Paul’s – and it must not have been distracting him too much since he on the cusp of becoming the greatest college QB in history. RTR!

  2. Tom Brady has managed a to have a decent career while dating lingerie models. Here’s hoping AJ does the same…and good for him. Every man in America would swap places with him right now.

  3. This won’t be the first whore to ruin something. And comparing AJ McTattoo to Tom Brady is laughable.

    1. Wow. Such anger at her. I would ask she dumped you, but clearly, you couldn’t land a girl like that.

  4. “I don’t go to sleep with no whore and I don’t wake up with no whore. That’s how I live with myself. I don’t know how you do it.” – Carl Fox

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