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Sheridan: Alabama 5:1 to win BCS title; A.J. McCarron 25:1 to win Heisman Trophy; Auburn to underperform

Sports analyst Danny Sheridan set odds for Alabama or LSU to win the national title at 5:1. (You can read his entire article here.) The University of Southern California (USC) is his favorite at 4:1 odds to win the BCS title. Oregon comes in at 8:1, Oklahoma 10:1, FSU at 12:1. Other SEC teams mentioned include Georgia and Arkansas at 15:1 and South Carolina 25:1.

In Heisman Trophy odds, Sheridan has Matt Barkley as the favorite at 5:1. Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron is 25:1 to win the Heisman Trophy, according to Sheridan’s odds.

In other forecasts, Sheridan predicts the Auburn Tigers will underperform. According to Sheridan, “These are teams that I predict will underperform, and win seven or fewer games this season: Auburn, California, Georgia Tech, Iowa, Kansas State, Miami, Missouri, North Carolina State, Penn State, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Virginia and Washington.”

Sheridan’s article examines the ten worst BCS conference teams.

What do you think? Does A.J. McCarron have a shot at winning a Heisman Trophy in Alabama’s offense? Would you bet on Alabama or McCarron? What do you think of Sheridan’s prediction about Auburn? Will the Tigers underperform?

32 thoughts on “Sheridan: Alabama 5:1 to win BCS title; A.J. McCarron 25:1 to win Heisman Trophy; Auburn to underperform”

  1. I think McCarron will win several awards and possibly another title ring.

    But I don’t think he’ll win the Heisman. I don’t think he can.

    It’s the most public-driven award in a sea of merit and position awards, and by an enormous margin. The only way AJ would be a possible contender is if Alabama goes undefeated in 2012, but since it’s the Heisman, he can’t win.

    Alabama still represents to many people the reason why the upcoming playoff series is necesary, no matter how inaccurate that concept really is. The Heisman seems to go to the golden boy, the kid with the best story, the most purity.

    It’s not even AJ’s fault (not to mention Alabama’s), but his story includes what many people see as a blemish instead of a brilliant moment in college football history. It’s already written, and for what it’s worth, I don’t think it will be likely enough to get in AJ’s head, and that’s a good thing.

    Also, considering how little Saban allowed AJ to talk last year (I don’t think he was allowed to speak at all until after the title game, and then he was great anyway), I think the Heisman is out of reach. I don’t want to say it’s a popularity contest, but the most vocal on-camera candidates seem to end up at the top. I think AJ would be right there with him, but unfortunately for all of us, he probably won’t be doing any live on-camera interviews this year.

    Well, at least not until he wins another title. Roll Tide.

    1. “Also, considering how little Saban allowed AJ to talk last year……

      Coach Saban didn’t allow him to talk because he couldn’t trust him. after all, mccarron was just a sophomore last season. even after the championship, he still sounded like a kid.

      but you do have a great point about where mccarron plays. he won’t win a heisman BECAUSE he plays for Coach Saban and alabama.

      but i do hope mccarron will grow further into the game manager role. our offense is going to need some managing until our defense can catch up.

  2. Bama has the depth and the talent to repeat as National Champions…

    AJ has the ability to win the Heisman but in an offensive scheme that is “Take what the defense gives and eventually they will give you the game”…I don’t see Heisman numbers happening…Just sayin…

    He has the talent…Just not the scheme to exploit his talent…The scheme exploits the weakness in the other teams defense…

    Hey, it works…:Look at the number of games Bama has won since Nick Saban got there…He has brought us 2 National Titles and my money is on him to bring more of the same…

    As far as the Burn goes…I think T.S. is right on the money with his assessment of the Burners…They will lose at least four if not five games this year including a beat down in the Iron Bowl in which Bama will hang 50 points on them…Mark it down…

    Saban will turn AJ lose on the Burn this year…He is really going to run up the score…You won’t see him getting mad because the back up comes in and scores a touchdown on the first play he is in because Nick is trying to eat up the clock…Like he did in the Penn State game last year…

    He is going to have smoked Tiger meat for Thanksgiving Dinner this year and a deep fried Wah Dam Egull on the side…I can’t wait to see it ALL unfold…It’s great to be a Crimson Tider…
    Roll Tide Y’all
    Protect America, Build Submarines

  3. Everything Danny Sheridan said about the bag man and Cam will be proven by the end of the month. Stay tuned.

  4. The only reazon Mc won’t win the Heisman is because the fuking media have already given it to Barkley. If they would wait till after the BCSNCG to award it, which will be after Bama has gone undefeated and kicked shit out of USC and Barkley – not to mention three other Heisman QB candidates from Michigan, Arkansas and Georgia – he would be a shoein. RTR!

    1. Secondary Violations. You know, like the 500 Lane Kiffin racked up in 1 year at Tennessee. Where is Bryce Brown these days?

  5. Sorry Indian, but you and all the dumbassed media sensationalists are full of it. McCarron was the 7th rated QB out of high school even coming from a nationally obscure school like St Paul. He had only about 20 passes as a freshman backup, yet he beat out the 2009 #1 QB recruit to start last year. He is the only sophomore BCSNC QB. In a run offense he was 3rd in the SEC behind 2 pass happy QB’s. He was 1st in the SEC in completion %. He was #1 in the nation in fewest INT’s. Even though Adams gave LSU fits and had the best recievers in the SEC, McCarron ate his ass up head to head. Don’t even bring that not the best in the SEC shit over here. RTR!

    1. Dang Skippy Crimsonite…Don’t confuse The Barners with facts…They can’t handle it…Nor can they handle the truth…

      Roll Tide Y’all
      Protect America, Build Submarines

      1. Crimsonite never gives all the facts anyway, like the fact that as bad as the combination of Jefferson/Lee was last year, combined they threw for more touchdowns than McCarron threw last year while only throwing the same number of INT’s as McCarron. And the fact that Lee had a better quaterback rating than McCarron had.

  6. Àctually Flash you dumbassed Corndog, It’s you who is fuking with and leaving out the pertinent facts. Lee only played the first half of the season which included against the worst defenses in the SEC, a couple of sisters of mercy, and two of the nations worst AQ defenses in Oregon and UVA. He got his rating damn easy, then didn’t play any more. As for yards and td’s, I watched at least 5 LSWho games in which Miles left the starting offense in and was throwing for td’s during the last 2 minutes ahead by 4 td’s. Mac on the other hand only played in half of 6 games and tried to score after the 8 minute mark of the 4th quarter only only once. And dumbass try adding Simms totals to Macs like you’re doing with Lee and Jefferson. I’m not even gonna look up Corndog stats for INT’s. You shitheads had 3 against Bama alone. Mac had one against you. He had 2 in his first start ever against N. Texas and only 2 more aginst 11 other teams. Now run your fuking mouth some more so I can have more fun at your expense. By the way, is the LSWho football team practicing iin Baton Rouge? Just wondering since I heard there is still a 50 yardline painted across I-10 just north of New Orleans. Bwaa Haww Haww! RTR!

    1. Fact is Lee and Jefferson were terrible, I think you’ve said it yourself a few times Crimsonite, yet against the toughest schedule in the nation last year , regardless of what you say, and which included basically the same SEC schedule as Bama they combined to throw more touchdowns than McCarron and the same number of interceptions, 5. And yes you are correct they threw 3 of their 5 interceptions for the year against bama the toughest team on their schedule last year, while McCarron only threw one against LSU. That just means McCarron threw the majority of his interceptions against weaker defenses than Lee and Jefferson did!

  7. Wow, Barnie is having a really bad day! They just lost the guy from Memphis, Liner got kicked off his high school team, and Danny Sheridan took an FBI administered lie detector test to prove he has the Scam bagman. The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Bwaa Haww Haww! And I’m spending the weekend in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Oh happy days! Ya’ll want me to pass on any brilliant opinions to the good biggots of Central Michigan? RTR!

  8. Wow, Barnie is having a really bad day! They just lost the guy from Memphis, Liner got kicked off his high school team, and Danny Sheridan took an FBI administered lie detector test to prove he has the Scam bagman. The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Bwaa Haww Haww! And I’m spending the weekend in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Oh happy days! Ya’ll want me to pass on any brilliant opinions to the good biggots of Central Michigan? RTR!

  9. Yeah,Lee was real good against ‘Bama. So good in fact Miles didn’t even let him play in the championship game. RTR

  10. The facts are that this upcoming LSU football team would have beaten last year’s Alabama team, and the loss of the Honey Badger puts us at a disadvantage in the big games

  11. You’re about a fuking retard. This years Corndog team won’t even beat this years Bama. Bama shut down better QB’s than your damn rookie last year. The only reason we didn’t scull fuck you 50-0 was because of your defenzive secondary, mainly Claiborn. We made Horny Bastard our Bitch. Claiborn is long gone. Actually you will be better without Tongueprone. And with or without him you still have a rediculous advantage with the week off while we play Miss St. Your defense will not be as good this year. Even with an easier schedule you still won’t dominate the top 10 defensive stats like Bama did. If your minor girl molester was last years QB we would have 3 pick sixes. We will curb stomp you and then skull fuck you Nov 3rd in Bryanr Denny West!RTR!

  12. All that tough scheduling means nothing when your team blows its wadd all over the field in The biggest game of year. 21-0!!!

    1. It means something when you are talking about and comparing quarterback play, but you’re too ignorant to realize that RC. And don’t forget the score was 9-6 in the first “biggest game” of the year in tuscalooser. Of course I’m sure to you that game didn’t mean anything and therefore the game at LSU this year won’t mean anything eithter, unless you/re a hypocrit right RC.

  13. I already explained to you how those omparative stats are skewed a.d the main reason is because they had almost double the playing minutes. I also told you we don t count the 2 int’s from his first game ever and he was a sophomore vs your 2 seniors. Plus I believe his other 2 int’s came against Penn St and Vandy who had better defenses than anybody else on your schedule. But really it matters not what you think. Mac is on the Heisman watch and that says it all. Hell the man has been throwing 50 and 60 yard TD’s in scrimmages against OUR defense

  14. Double the playing minutes, yea right! You’re a moron. And even if it was true that just means McCarron threw as many interceptions in half the playing time which makes him look worse. And then you mouth off about the defenses of Oregon and WVA (not UVA moron) yet you don’t want to count McCarron’s int’s against NORTH TEXAS!!! NORTH Texas!!!You lose all credibility, if you ever had any, with comments like that.

    And moron if I combine Sims’ stats with McCarron’s like YOU suggest, it makes Lee/Jefferson have 20 touchdowns and 5 int. look even better than McCarron’s/Sims’ 16 touchdowns and 7 int. with the same combined playing minutes.

  15. And I just realized Crimsonite you’re either a liar or dumber than I thought, you choose, but McCarron’s first start was not against North Texas but Kent State, which is the game where he threw the two interceptions that you don’t want to count. But does it really matter, is there really a difference between the toughness of a 5-7 team from the MAC versus a 5-7 team in the Sunbelt? And you want to talk bad about LSU’s out of conference games of Oregon and West Va., one of which finished in the top 5 and the other finished in the top 20! LMAO That’s the weak schedule Lee built his rating against while McCarron was building his lower rating against Kent State, North Texas and Penn State none of which finished in the top 30!!! Put down the crack pipe crimsonite.


  16. It’s funny how ignorant you bama fans are with all your sexually obsessed comments that you don’t realize that they really take away from your team’s performance and accomplishment. RC, you like several of your other perverted redneck bama friends keep referring to LSU “blowing their wadd in therir mother’s basement” which indicates first of all what you rednecks know most about and what is obviously constantly on your minds, but secondly indicates that you know in your mind LSU losing that game had more to do with LSU beating itsself than bama beating them.

    And if you don’t think being ranked #1 eleven weeks of the season last year against the toughest and highest profile schedule, including a win against Nick Saban and alabama in the game of the century in tuscalooser, didn’t mean anything, I suggest you go look at the current recruiting rankings. I mean how else to do explain how it is even remotely possible that Les Miles and LSU could be out recruiting the GREAT Nick Saban and Alabama? And don’t say it is because of alabama’s superior current debth of talent that is scaring recruits off, because then you would have to explain and reconcile how it is that LSU is ranked of Alabama in preseason Coaches poll and was ranked ahead of them in the AP poll before Mathieu was dismissed from the team. Or maybe you should explain how that fact is even remotely possible seeing how Alabama has had the number 1 ranked recruiting classes 4 out of the last 5 years?

  17. @ fairandbalanced, its the end of the mth where
    is that bag man info you promised us all?
    The Tide is gonna win it ALL this season . RTR!!!!!

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